Beautiful Soul


Casey walked along the streets of London to her best friend, Liam's flat. She needed someone to talk to after she caught her boyfriend, Micah, cheating on her with her roommate. She should have listened to Liam. He told her that she deserved better and maybe he was right. She just didn't know who would love her because apparently Micah didn't. It always seemed to work that way. She was never loved and none of them were faithful.

Casey shook her thoughts as she reached Liam's flat. She took a deep breath before walking in, seeing her best friend sitting on the couch.

"Hey Li, " Casey said, plopping beside him and laying her head on his shoulder.

Liam chuckled and rapped an arm around her. "I think this is called breaking an entering."

She rolled her eyes and sighed. "He cheated on me with Deanna."

Casey felt Liam tense up. She felt she was about to hear 'I told you so' but was surprised as she was pulled into a hug.

"I'm sorry Case. You don't deserve to be cheated on," Liam said, burying his face in her hair. He was always there for her, from her first boyfriend to the current douche bag. The two have been friends since they were three and even now that Liam was in One Direction, nothing changed.

Casey bit her lip and sighed. "Maybe I do deserve it. I have had almost every guy that I've been with cheat on me."

Liam hugged her tightly and sighed. "I would never cheat on you," he muttered, barely audible but enough where Casey heard him.

"What?" Casey said in shock, looking at her best friend. She didn't think she heard him right.

"Look, Casey this may not be the right time-"

"You're right, Liam. It's not the right time. I come to you for comfort and you say something like that?" Casey sighed and got up from the couch. "I need to go."

Liam sighed and looked at her with a hopeful look. "Where are you going to go?"

Casey bit her lip. He had a point. She told herself after her roommate slept with Micah, she didn't want to see either one of them again. She then touched the door knob.

"I'm going to Zayn's," she said before flinging the door open and walking out of Liam's flat.


Casey sat on Zayn's couch with her knees to her chest. She was confused about everything from everyone cheating on her to Liam's words.

"Your being melodramatic, Casey," Zayn said, sitting beside her.

Casey ran a hand through her light brown hair and sighed. "Zayn, he could have any pretty face he wants. He could have a supermodel girlfriend and he says that to me. I feel like he said it just to make me feel better."

Zayn rolled his eyes and looked at her. "Did you talk to him about it?" he asked and Casey shook her head 'No'. "That's what I thought. I swear you guys could talk for hours but now that you have to talk about each other, you're going to hide out in my flat?"

Casey looked at him and opened her mouth to speak before there was a knock on the door.

Zayn got up and moved to the door and looked at her. "This isn't over," he said opening the door to reveal Liam.

"Is she here?" he asked, looking at Zayn who just nodded and moved aside for Liam to get by.

Zayn looked at Casey for a moment before going to his room, leaving her with Liam.

Liam looked at her and sighed. "Case, I know what you're going to say and-"

"No you don't know what I'm going to say Liam. I don't know if what you said was to make me feel better or if it was to toy with me like everyone else does but I don't want it from you," Casey said, managing to keep her voice even with the tears threatening to fall.

Liam walked over to her and looked at her with a soft expression. "Casey, I said that because I've been in love with you for years and I was tired of seeing you get hurt. I would never hurt you."

Casey looked at him dumbfounded. "Liam, you could have any pretty face you want."

"I don't want just another pretty face," he blurted out in frustration. "I don't want just anyone and my love to go to waste."

Casey looked averted her eyes to the floor. "I'm nothing special, Liam."

Liam smiled and made her look at him. "You are something special. I've been what you always needed and I hope you see the heart in me."

Casey stared blankly at him and moved off the couch. "I'm not good with relationships. I'd end up messing things up."

"I'd always be faithful and I would never hurt you. I know you may need time to think about it," he said, grabbing her hand and smiling.

Casey bit her lip. "I don't see why you would want me, Liam. I'm just the nerdy girl from Wolverhampton."

Liam rested his hand under her chin and smiled. "You're not just a girl from Wolverhampton. You're the girl from Wolverhampton that I'm in love with and I want you and your beautiful soul."

Casey looked in his eyes as he spoke and smiled lightly. Maybe he did care. She looked at him as he finished and lightly pressed her lips to his, sending an explosion of fireworks through her body. She pulled away and saw the dopey grin on his face.

"You can have my beautiful soul as long as I can have yours," she said and he wrapped his arms around her waist.

"Deal," he said and pressed his lips to hers.
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Thanks for reading this. I had to write a one-shot that revolved around Beautiful Soul by Jesse McCartney. I can honestly tell you that I wrote this one-shot 50 times before I decided to keep it. I hope you like it.
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