‹ Prequel: Truth or Dare
Sequel: Hope
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You're My Drug

Read Truth or Dare first.

This takes place two years later.

-Rough sex

Ft. Richy, Avery, Jayy Von Monroe, Ashley Purdy, Jacky Vincent, Ronnie Radke, Ron Ficarro, Derek Jones, Ryan Seaman, Andy Biersack, and Mike Fuentes.

This is a Wadke/Javery story.
  1. Lovely
    Avery's Pov
  2. Hate ***
    Richard's POV
  3. GodDamn Need Some Help
    Avery's POV
  4. You Like It When We Oh, Oh, Oh
    Richard's POV
  5. Oh damn...
    Avery's POV and Jayy's POV
  6. Six
    Richard's POV
  7. Without You
    Avery's POV
  8. Teaser part 1
    Richy's POV
  9. Psychosis
  10. Save Me
  11. Reconnecting
    Avery's POV
  12. Angry
    Richy's pov
  13. Roller Coaster of Memory
    Avery's POV