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You're My Drug


The hot water poured on to my imperfect and scarred body as I just stood there. Jayy was going to be gone all day at counseling (anyone remember his anger?) and so far I was thinking of stuff to do while he was gone. Of coarse he hasn't left yet, but I really needed something to take my mind off him leaving. I did NOT want to stay home all day only to here Ronnie and Richard getting it on. Yes, the happy couple's been good. Ronnie's kept his drinking in check and hasn't hurt Richard...well, in a bad way anyway.

Me and Jayy you ask? Yea, we're fine I guess. Nothing's perfect but it's good. Can't complain bout the sex. It's still rough and tough just how like it. Jayy's temper...yep, his temper.

I won't tell Richy or anyone else, but his temper's been worse lately. Now he doesn't beat me...like he did that night...he does get mad though and yells. Again, it's not perfect.

I sighed as I turned off the water. Maybe I'll just hang out and watch a movie. A loud movie to dull out Ronnie and Richy. I get out and I wrap a towel around my tiny waist tightly. I walked out of the steamy bathroom and into the rest of the house. I went into the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of lemonade.

A pair of hands wrapped around me "Hey, Av" Jayy whispered into my ear. I was utterly shocked. We were still fighting right? I mean about that guy at the bar last night?

Jayy sucked on my neck and I giggled "Babe, don't you need to head out?" I asked playfully.

Jayy pushed away "What?! I can't spend a moment with my boyfriend?!" He growled low enough so he wouldn't wake the other guys up. This house echoes when people yell.

I sat my lemonade down on the counter angrily as I cross my arms "Just go, Jayy" I snapped "You have plans"

He huffed at me and left the kitchen. Jayy grabbed car keys off the table next to the door "Taking Ronnie's car" Jayy said harshly.

I laughed a bit "You're funeral. Bye Jayy" I replied just as harsh. Like that he opened the door and slammed it. I winced a bit and sighed. Yep, perfect.

I hear a door open and Richy and Ronnie walk out. Rich looks tired as shit and Ronnie looks annoyed as fuck "Did I just hear he took my car?" Ronnie barked at me. I nodded while biting my lip and Ronnie sighed "That bastard"

Richy slugged my arm "Clothes dude. No one needs to see your junk" he snickered.

"He was probably getting it on with Jayy, Richy" Ronnie joined in.

I rolled my eyes "I'm gunna go get dressed" I stated and grabbed my lemonade. I went into my room and got dressed slowly. I put on a plain black tank top and my favorite skinny jeans. I grabbed my phone and put it in my pocket. I used my towel to dry my purple hair. Yea, I dyed it last week. I bet you could imagine Jayy's fit. All it did was start another argument. Looks like everything I do angers him. Not wanting to think about this again, I put on my shoes and socks. I went out into the living room with my lemonade and began to drink it. Ronnie and Richy were heavily making out on the couch and I felt depressed instantly.

How did this happen? Ronnie and Richy have literally become the perfect couple since that night and me and Jayy are only getting worse by the day. If he'd just tell me what's wrong we could fix things. I think I'm the problem. I mean, I must be right? All I do is anger him. Yea, I think I'm the problem.

I gagged as I swallowed my lemonade. I forgot I was drinking it and it went down the wrong pipe. I began to have a cough feast and Ronnie and Richy stop kissing. "You ok there, Av?" Richy asked me.

I nodded "Yes" I replied.

I threw my lemonade away and grabbed my car keys "You heading out?" Ronnie asked.

I nodded again "Yea, heading to the mall" I said while grabbing my leather jacket off the wrack.

"You sure spend a lot of time there for a guy that never shops" Richy hinted.

I gulped. I really didn't want them to know that my relationship was crumbling beneath me. I smiled "I'm just hanging with a few of the guys, Rich. Don't get so jelly cause I see them more than you do" I lied. I wasn't really seeing the guys.

Richy rolled his eyes "Yea, I'm pretty much too busy cause I'm getting laid my friend" he laughed.

I instantly felt awkward by his comment "I'm gunna go. You two have fun" I stated.

On leaving the house, my phone vibrated in my pocket. I pulled it out as I got in my Chevy truck. What? I'm a boy from the lone state...problem with my ride?

I threw my phone in the passenger's seat angrily after reading the text.

"Don't leave the house-Jayy"

Time for another drive. A long drive. I wonder if I could make it halfway across the country in eight hours. I put the key in the ignition. Let's find out, I thought.