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Sequel: Hope
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You're My Drug

Save Me

~Richy’s POV~

Before I could grab my keys, I felt Ronnie grab onto my hair. He wasn't going to let me go that easily. “Let go, Ronnie!” I screamed, doing everything I could to get him off of me. I didn't want to be bloody when I went to go see Avery.

“You're not going anywhere, slut.” he spat, raising his fist, and slamming it on my nose. It started to bleed instantly again, and this time I started to cry. I hated him now, and I was going to have to fight to get out of there. “Aw, are you crying?” he asked, trying to get me angry.

“Let me go see Avery, Ronnie,” I said, and that earned me a slap to the face. He didn't want me to leave, because my attention wouldn't be on him.

“No way, bitch. You're not going anywhere. Ask again, and you'll never be to see again. I'll give you two puffy eyes, worse than what I've ever given you.”

“You can't keep me in here, Ronnie!” I screamed, throwing a water bottle at him. Which was the nearest thing by me, and Ronnie began to charge towards me.

“No, Ronnie!” I screamed as he began to choke me. He was going to kill me, and I knew the day would have come.

“If I can't have you, nobody can!” he yelled, raising his fist to start punching my eyes.

The first hit felt like I was going to die right then and there, but the second hit never came. In fact, he was pulled off of me. Looking up, I saw Max, who kicked Ronnie in the privates.

“Come on, let's go see Avery.” Max said, helping me get up from the floor. I didn't even bother to clean up, because I was done hiding all of my bruises.


When we got there, a couple of nurses came up to me. “Do you need help, Sir?” they asked, and I shook my head. I didn't need help, I needed to see Avery.

Walking down to the room Avery was in, I instantly saw Jayy with his head in his hands. But when the doctor went to talk to him, Jayy stood up. He looked as if he were going to punch the doctor in the face.

“Jayy, stop it!” I screamed before wiping the blood that was dripping down my nose.

“Richy? Max?” he said, walking away from the doctor. “What happened to you?”

I frowned before saying, “Doesn't matter. I want to see Avery.” I walked past Jayy, ignoring the doctors concerned questions.

“Avery?” I called out, and he looked at me with concern.

Before I could say anything more, everything went black.