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You're My Drug

Roller Coaster of Memory

Getting unhooked from my hospital IVs was the best feeling in the world right now. Or at least I think it is. Hell, I don't remember. Just feeling all these tubes out of my skin made me feel relaxed and safe. They bloody hurt, but it doesn't bother me. It's the best feeling now for me and that's all that matters. Damn this memory thing is a bitch right now.

Dr. Collins finally released me today, and I'm ecstatic. I get to finally see my brother, Richy. Which Jayy said is in the hospital now in room 304. Just a couple rooms down away from me. Means I don't have to walk far to get to him. Not that I'm feeling lazy, but more like I'm still feeling the sharp sore pain in my legs. The doctor gave me painkillers for it but I still want to feel the pain. To me it felt soothing like, an old friend.

From what Jayy’s told me, Ronnie was finally caught and is now in jail for all the wrong with Richy. I applaud my “so-called-boyfriend” for this. I don't know the full story, but I'm glad. He fucked me and Richy over. Ronnie gets what he deserves. Hopefully that special pace is still warm when he gets to hell.

So far I'm coming to grasp well with the fact that me and Ollie are no longer together. To be fair though, I hated our sex life so much. It was so vanilla! No thrill, just me fucking him. No pain. No real love. We'd argue all the time over who was top and I'd eventually give in by screwing him. It completely sucks when you're in a relationship with two needy power bottoms. No matter how I cared for him and loved him, I'm glad I didn't have to suffer through that again. Maybe my one with Jayy is better? God, I hope so. He's so sexy. I couldn't keep my eyes off him today. I was craving to kiss him silly til neither one of us could breathe. I kept fantasizing him fucking me up against the white hospital wall till I really couldn't walk for weeks. He seems like the type to be so dominating by the way he carries himself around me. He seems to want to protect me. It's obvious that he loves me. Maybe enough to fulfill my every need to be abused and used?

Though after hearing I could be released my brother came first and I threw to the thoughts of using Jayy into the back of my head.

Jayy helped me sign off on forms for my counseling and release from the hospital. There were so many, that I started to lose count. Just paper after paper. Like, seriously. I didn't want to sign anymore. And that's coming from a guy who's in a band and are use to signing things all the time on tour. I wanted this to be over.

After I finished off the last one, I shoved it towards the nurse with some force. “Done!” I exclaimed happily, slapping the pen down on the counter.

Without any hesitation, I started to make my way down the narrow shiny white hospital hallway. Jayy slowly followed behind cautiously. Probably afraid I'd snap at him for invading my personal space. In all honesty, I wanted him so much closer in my personal bubble. Like making a perfect mess of me in the janitor’s closet that we just passed. I just ignored it for now and shook those thoughts out of my head. He wasn't a real priority right at this moment so I really should stop thinking that way for now.

Once I made it to the doorway, Jayy grabbed my upper arm softly to stop me in my tracks. I looked at him curiously as he had a concerned look on his face.

“Look, Av, he's gonna be mad at me...I'm the one who ratted out Ronnie.” He said carefully in a low voice.

“So?” I snapped at him in question. “He can stay mad. You did it to protect him. If I knew exactly what happened, I'd do the same thing. Ronnie’s dangerous, and Richy deserves better!”

Jayy nodded hesitantly before letting my arm go. “Okay, Avery.”

Turning away from him, I made my way inside the room. The door was wide open so I just walked in. Jayy seemed to stay outside the hospital room, and I get why. This is my brother we're dealing with.

I came in to see Richy holding hands with some guy, one I didn't seem to know, or maybe remember. “Richy!” I called out, a smile spreading across my face.

Richy’s eyes met mine and I saw him jump up a bit at my presence. “Avery!” He exclaimed back at me.

I walked over to his hospital bed to where I was close and looking over him with a bigger smile. “Hey, how are you doing?” I asked softly.

“Could be worse. Could be a hell of a lot better.” Rich said, trying to smile back. Pausing, he added, “I'm not mad at Jayy, but I wish he would have talked to me first.”

I nodded at his statement. “I agree..but you also gotta think. Jayy really cares for me, and...and I just got hurt in the worst way imaginable. I know he hates what happened. I don't think he'd let you go through that too. Over and over again.” I said with a small frown, grabbing his other free hand.

“I know, but I love Ronnie, and I know that sounds crazy, because he beat the shit out of me every chance he got. But I knew it was time to tell, or he'd kill me.” he said, frowning the best he could.

“I know. I don't know how I do, but I can relate.” I replied. “And I'm glad you're not angry with him anymore.”

“You're the best, Av. I love you, and I'm glad you're okay.”

I smiled once again at him. “I love you too, Rich. And I'm happy you're okay.” I said in a sing songy voice. I looked over to the stranger with a glance. He made my mouth water, just as Jayy does. Just delicious. “Who's this handsome, guy, Rich?” I asked, eyeing the man like I wanted to be at him whole.

He gave me a huge smile, and said, “This is Max, he used to be in Escape the Fate with -- y'know,” he said, not trying to say Ronnie’s name.

“Ohhhh!” I said. I turned to this Max and smiled widely. Part of me felt jealous that Rich got such a good catch, another felt happy for them. I could see the heart eyes they were giving each other. I didn't have feelings for this guy, no way. Maybe I was just sex crazed. I mean, from my memories I haven't had crazy encounters. And I really just want one right now.

“Nice to meet you, Maxie Boy. I'm Avery. You better treat my boy right, or else you'll have a problem on your hands. And I'd hate to destroy that pretty face.” I introduced myself gritting through my teeth.

Max laughed, and Richy smiled and replied to my introduction, “Avery, he's sweet, and I like him a lot. You have nothing to worry about.”

“I will never hurt him, and it's nice to meet you too!” Max smiled.

“Okay,” I sighed out. “Good.”

“Hello Richard, how’re you feeling?” the doctor asked when he walked in.

“Good, ready to go home!” Rich said with a smile, and it made me smile.

I liked the idea that Max made my brother happy. In all honesty, with all the love in the air, I began to feel a part of my stomach turn. I could never make Jayy that happy, nor Richy. I mean, I'm broken. How can someone as broken as me make people happy?

I tried to keep my smile plastered on my face as long as I could. “Is he ready to be released yet?” I asked the doctor in charge as I let Richy’s hand go slowly.

I felt myself isolating myself away from everyone a the doctor simply nodded, “He'll be able to be released by tonight.”


Once we all got home, I started to avoid Jayy like the plague. Same went with everyone else. I helped Rich throw away all of Ronnie’s stuff to the road, but we didn't talk much. How could I? I didn't know what to say anymore to anyone. Max moved in with us for the time being, and that bothered me. All the doey-eyed looks between him and Richy almost made me sick to my stomach. They looked so into each other, and I envied that.

After almost a week, Jayy finally cornered me. Quite literally. As I was making my way down the short hall way, Jayy forcibly shoved me up against the wall. With a loud thud I felt a pain in the back of my head. It shuttered throughout my body and felt goosebumps raise from my skin by the excitement.

A smirk spread across Jayy's pale face as he leaned in close to me. “Like that, don't you, slut?” He growled out in a low voice up against my cheek.

I was so in shock by his move on me that I stood frozen like a statue for a moment. Sure, I've been thinking of him the last few days since I saw Rich at the hospital. Though, I had no clue he would corner me and offer what I wanted desperately. Part of me felt unsure by his actions. What if he was going to hurt me in ways that I wouldn't want? I know he loves me, but I don't exactly love him. I can see the appeal of why I would fall for him like a lovestruck teenager. Jayy is tall, dark, mysterious, and absolutely gorgeous. He seemed to have this darkness looming over him, and I wanted to swim in it.

His beautiful lustful eyes met mine and I gulped loudly. My breathing got heavier as I felt his breath against my cheek and slowly going down to my neck. He licked it roughly like he was tasting me, and I closed my eyes softly as my breath hitched.

“Come on, Avery. I know you want this.” Jayy said while licking up to my earlobe. I felt his hands lock around my wrists tightly as he pinned me to the wall, so even if I wanted to get away I couldn't. He sucked on my the bottom of my ear and nibbled on it between his teeth not so gently. “I know you want me.”

My dick jumped up at his actions towards me. How could it not? This beast— this monster, had the best of me. I didn't want to give up this chance of a good fuck. I could let him use me, just like I'd use him. I bit down on my lip nervously as I thought it out. At the end of the day, Jayy loved me and I didn't feel lovable right now. I felt like a mess and he doesn't deserve this from a man he loves. I can tell he'd do anything for me, even murder. Even to sleep with me because he can tell that I need it. I didn't need him, just the thrill.

The guilt started to eat me up inside. I wouldn't want someone to do that to me. I couldn't dare do that to Jayy!

As he started sucking harshly on my neck with his teeth, I took him off guard by throwing him off me completely. I threw him off me so roughly that his back hit the other side of the hallway wall. He looked somewhat frustrated with me, but he still held that smirk. “Fighting back now, are we?” Jayy asked.

I shook my head with a frown. “No. I don't want this.” I said softly.

“Are you sure? I can see you're so hard, TeddyBear.” He whispered back, making his way back to me closely. “I can see that you need a good fucking.”

I shoved him away again. God, it was so hard to say no to this man. Not because he wouldn't back off because I love that he won't back down. That he's challenging me to change my mind. What made it hard is that I didn't want to say no. I wanted to give in to it, but I just couldn't. It would hurt him and me.

I don't want to be loved right now. I didn't want to be loved at all. I was beyond that. I was damaged goods, and Jayy deserves better than me.

“No! I don't!” I exclaimed lowly. I kept of thing a that would make him back off from me for a while. Then it just popped into my head and I said, “Brian, Brian, Brian.”

Jayy then stood still at me with wide eyes. “You...you remember now? Or just our safe word?” He questioned softly, his demeanor changing now.

My head shook slowly, “I just...I just remember that word...I thought it would make you stop..”

“Well, I'm gone now.” Jayy snapped towards me and he turned himself around to walk away from me.

I finally felt myself catching my breath as Jayy walked down the hallway as I lowered myself down the wall. I heard the front door slam and I knew it was Jayy leaving the house after what just happened. It killed me to know that I hurt him like that by rejecting him, and the tears going down my face proved just that. I buried my head into my hands as I cried softly.


After a while, Rich helped me up and we both sat on the couch quietly watching Foster Home Of Imaginary Friends. Even though it was my favorite childhood show, I couldn't focus on it. I kept staring at the TV without any thought really. Rich appeared to be really into the show. Groaning whenever a character did something stupid, and he was laughing during Bloo’s cheesy jokes. I couldn't just content to watch it though. Especially after Jayy came home a few hours later. He seemed to stay hoarded up in our room for a while.

“Hey, Av, where's Jayy?” he asked, and I knew it was just out of curiosity.

I sighed out loudly at the question. “Should be in our room. Do you need me to go get him?” I asked as a reply.

“Yeah. I have to ask him a question about rent, if that's alright?”

I slowly lifted myself from the couch and stretched out my arms a bit. “Wanna go get him together? Then we can go find Max, and we can all sit down to talk about it in some kinda house meeting.” I said.

“Good idea, Avery.” Richy said with a smile, and I could tell he was still in pain. Even under his bandages.

“Well, I go get Jayy then.” I stated. I walked around the couch with a kind of slide since I wasn't wearing shoes and I was only wearing my odd mix matched socks. I carefully walked down the hallway with some sort of anticipation. Last time I checked, I hurt Jayy and he didn't want to be around me. Hence, him removing himself from the house when I was in it and avoiding me after he got back.

Once I got to the far end of the hallway, I thought about knocking on the door just in case he really didn't want to see me, or needed some privacy. But this is my room too. So I don't need to knock, I thought to myself. So I just reached for the shiny golden doorknob and turned it quickly before I changed my mind. I opened the door while saying, “Hey, Jayy, Rich wants us to have a house meeting to discuss—”

I stopped mid-sentence when I saw what was behind our bedroom door. It was Jayy looming over on top of Max in our bed, and they seemed to have been kissing each other very passionately. They were both fully clothed, but that didn't change on the betrayal I just walked in on. Both men looked directly at me out of panic as my jaw dropped at the sight. Jayy sat up off of Max and his mouth opened to say something to me. Some excuse for sure.

I felt angry— no, I felt betrayed. I don't know why, but I did! How could he just move on like this?! And with someone who supposedly has feelings for my brother! Before I could even think I shouted from across the house, “RICH!”

I could hear him rushing over by the pounding on the floor that echoed the house, and as soon as he approached the doorway and witnessed the positioned the other two were in, he said in a hurtful tone, “Max...how could you?”

They both seemed speechless to me and Richy. And damn it to hell, we needed to know what was going on! I saw the hurt look on Richy’s face and all of this just boiled me. I wanted to make these guys pay for the making out I just witnessed. I wanted to punish them both like whores they were being. I looked directly at Rich with a pissed off look. “Rich, I think these bitches need to know who they belong to.” I growled out. “It's not fair that they went behind our backs just to be sluts.”

“I completely agree, Av. You know, I have an idea…” he trailed off.

“Av—” Jayy tried to speak out to me.

“Shut up, Jayy, the grown ups are talking.” I said directly towards him and that quickly shut his trap for now. He seemed angry that I shut him up, but he had no right to throw a little tantrum over it right now. I turned back to Rich and nodded, image rested in his little idea. “Well, are ya gonna share it, Rich?” I asked him.

“What if we give them what they want? A foursome?” he smirked.

An evil grin spread across my face as I glared at the two who got caught in the act. “Hmmm...sounds like a great idea.” I said to Rich.

Leaning closer to me, Richy pressed his lips roughly to mine and then stopping to ask, “What are you two waiting for? Come join us,” with the biggest smirk that he could do. He then took off his bandages, revealing his stitches. I was a bit hesitant now.

Hesitant or not I kept kissing him as I pulled our bodies closer and slipping in some tongue on my part. I made sure there wasn't any space between us as I sucked the air out of both of us during this kiss. I gripped the back his neck roughly, trying to get more. More what? I have no clue. I was just a horny shit head wanting revenge and who didn't care right now what I wanted. I just wanted more.

When I really couldn't breathe, I pulled back. Taking deep breaths through my mouth I felt like I just had run a marathon. I really couldn't breathe through my lung and they felt they were to pop like a balloon. I turned to the chickens still panting. “Well, come on! Don't be shy now, assholes.” I exclaimed to them.

Both Jayy and Max looked at each other in questioning looks. Probably like; what the fuck did they just get into?

After a moment though, they rose up. Jayy made his way to me while Max went to Rich. Just like little bitches. No, I was gonna have the loyalty card now. They wanted other people, that's what I wanted to have. Put my hand out to stop them in their tracks and sighed. “Look, Rich! Now they want to be loyal to us!” I exclaimed sarcastically with venom in every word.

“Mm, I've always wanted to taste Jayy so this is gonna be more fun than I thought!” he smirked, and a nervous look overtook Jayy's face. Walking over to Rich, he was shocked when the redhead went straight to his knees.

I grinned as I walked over to Jayy as well and zipped down his skinnies while unbuttoning them for Rich. I looked directly at Jayy as I did this, and I don't know what idea he was getting. But he looked excited, like we were both gonna suck him. Little does he know, it's not working that way. I helped pull pants down to his mid-thigh and slid down a bit to Rich. Giggling evilly, I got back up and looked Jayy in the eyes and he started to get nervous when I stepped back.

I clicked my tongue at his reaction. “Jayy-Jayy, you've been such a bad boy. You and Max both.” I growled unhappily. “So now Richy is gonna suck you dry until every drop is gone. And I want you to look at me every step of the way as I do the same to Max.” I chuckled.

Jayy frowned heavily at me. “Av—”

“No!” I snapped. “You lost a say in this when you two started to kiss in our bed. Now you both are gonna pay for that mistake.”

Max didn't argue as he began to watch Rich start to stroke Jayy's cock. Pressing his lips to the tip, he gave me a wink. Rich bobbed his head up and down as Jayy’s pale blue stared directly at me.

I loved seeing the look on his face as my best friend took his dick into his mouth. After a minute or two, I was satisfied with him looking at me as Rich sucked at him. His breath kept hitching and at one point his hips leaned towards Rich. It was amazing to see his reactions.

Seeing Rich lick away at his cock made my mouth water a bit. I wanted a nice hard shaft in my mouth right then. I moved to Max and gripped the tent he was pitching in his jeans with my hands. Closely as I looked up to him I said, “Come on, Pretty Boy, kiss me.” I challenged. “Kiss me like you kissed Jayy.”

Rich’s boy seemed to take the challenge to heart because his lips touched mine harshly. But not harsh enough. I wanted it like there was no tomorrow. When he tried to slip his tongue into my hot cavern, I bit down at hard. He winced and pulled back a bit to stare at me like I was crazy. I chuckled darkly at him, “I never said I wouldn't bite, sweetie.”

With that I turned back to Jayy, who was still staring at us. “Good,” I said, “you're still watching. Now watch this.”

I fell to my knees before Max and yanked down his pants fully. I didn't wanna waste time with unbuttoning them. That's a pain. Through his soft grey boxers, I rubbed his erection while licking my lips. I looked up at Max as I yanked those down as well. Seeing his cock before me made me so hungry for it. I licked at Max’s tip softly.

“Fuck, Jayy, your boyfriend has nice lips!” Max commented, making me smile around his prick. I didn't care at this point, so I went to work on his nice, big cock. I brought the tip into my mouth and sucked roughly.

As I bobbed my head up and down, I tried my best to look at what Rich was doing. Then I heard Jayy say, “Let me suck your cock, Richy,” and my cock twitched at his words.

“I-I don't really have a big cock…” Richy blushed out, and I pulled Max out of my mouth.

I turned my head to my best friend. “Rich, Jayy's not going to judge you. He wants to make your cock hard,” I smiled, and he smiled back.

Richy had always been self conscious about himself, especially since Ronnie didn't help at all. But Jayy wasn't going to make fun of him, I just knew it deep down. Cock is cock to Jayy. It's me that's picky and a size king. Though, I didn't think Rich was small at all.

“Alright,” he smiled, and so I went back to sucking on Max.

I heard some tussling by the bed between Jayy and Rich, and I felt pleased. Then I remembered the task that was in front of me. I took whatever wasn't in my mouth in my hand and stroked it as my mouth went down on him. When I sucked my cheeks in tightly and started to move faster, Max’s hand tangled itself into my hair. As he started to fuck my mouth I loosened my gag reflex to let him. I felt blissful as he slowly fucked my mouth and my cock felt unbelievably hard.

I didn't want to not get off though. This guy is not gonna get off before me! I took his dick out of my mouth and took some deep breaths. Looking up at Max, I saw that he was frustrated by not letting him come. I knew he was close but I didn't care. I stood up and yanked at the top of his t-shirt to pull his face down to me. I bit at his neck roughly and I heard Max groan in pain.

Inside my head I felt so disappointed. Max seemed dirty, but not what I wanted. I'd have to push him and push him hard. I pulled back and rolled my eyes at the man. “Come on, Pretty Boy. I'm not weak. I'm not a porcelain doll. I know you can do better than this!” I challenged him.

“If that's what you want, that's what you'll fuckin’ get, boy.” he smirked, and I felt relieved. I needed something more than just some country lovin’. I was just hoping he wasn't all talk.

“Richy, come here really quick.” Max called the ed head over. I was beginning to get confused, but Richy seemed to know what Max was thinking and what he wanted.

“Both of you are going to suck my cock, got it?” he demanded, and before I knew it, Rich was already dropping to his knees. While Rich started sucking on his balls, I began licking up and down on his hard length. After a bit of being a cat by licking the cock, I took his entire length into my mouth and started bobbing my head to pleasure him. As we switched every couple of seconds, everyone could hear Max’s panting heavily and moans echo off the walls of the room. His noises sounded so whorish and delicious. I loved every sound out of Max. It went straight down to my groin. I was so hard it was starting to hurt. But when I looked to see that Jayy was smiling at me and my actions, I took Max’s cock in my mouth more eagerly to please him. He must've liked what he was seeing by the way he intensely stared at us while stroking himself slowly. One second Richy was deep-throating Max and the next I was. It was a high cycle every other second. I could taste Rich’s spit along with mine mixed in with Max’s precum pouring at the tip of his cock. When I finally looked up to Max as it was my turn to deep-throat him, I saw that he was enjoying himself with us on his prick. He had his eyes locked onto me and Rich as we took our turns, and he gripped both our hair to choke more on him. Not that we're complaining.

“Fuck, Jayy, you gotta get them to do th-this on you!” Max moaned out, and we took that as our que to stop playing with the delicious toy.

I watched as Jayy sat himself up and traded spots with Max. Jayy now stood where Max had been, and Max was sitting on the bed to watch us. Seeing Jayy's cock before us had me amazed and my mouth watering. Sure, I liked Max’s toy. But Jayy's made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Like, I couldn't keep my hands off now. Before Rich could even touch him, I was kissing the underside of his flesh and licking softly. I wanted to worship the dick in front of me. Finally I took him into my mouth and dug my nails into his thighs as I did so. I heard him hiss as my nails buried into his skin. I don't know why, but I was more into sucking on Jayy than Max. And for some reason, I felt more comfortable around him as well.

Once again, me and Rich were trading sucking positions. Me deep-throating, and then him doing so. I had thought Max’s moans were delectable, but oh god! Jayy's had me rutting up against his leg like a horny bitch. Jayy's moans and pants had me proud that I could pleasure him. I know that Rich was pleasuring him too, but I found myself delighted that I was part of those noises.

Thinking evilly, I smirked. It was Richy's turn to have Jayy's dick in his mouth, and instead of sucking on his balls I let my mouth trail to the inside of his thigh. Once I got to the said desired place, I nibbled on his skin and sucked around it tightly. I didn't hear or see his reaction, but he didn't stop me. So I continued to bite all on the inside of his sensitive thighs. For some odd reason, I hazily remembered that being his sensitive spots other than his neck. I find it weird that I remember small stuff, but I don't remember all the big moments.

After a bit, I felt Jayy shutter a bit like he was about to cum, and I yanked me and Rich off of him.

It must have scared Rich, because I saw him jump at Jayy's actions.Finally he said, “I want you two to finish what you guys started.” Rich smirked at me, and I nodded in agreement.

Watching the two men approach each other left me in anticipation. But I almost lost my head when Jayy tried to pull Max to the bed. Our bed. Oh hell no! I shot up to my feet and gritted my teeth at these actions. “Jeremy Brian, not in the bed.” I said. I was basically seething and I could feel my blood boil.

Both Jayy and Max looked over in slight confusion. I didn’t give any shits if they didn’t get why this was such a big deal to me. Frustratingly, I pointed over down the the floor next to the bed. “You guys wanted to fuck like animals, so you two get to do it on the floor!” I nearly shouted at them.

“Avie, babe, please calm down -- “ Jayy tried to say.

I shook my head at him almost violently, “NO! Not in the goddamn bed, Jayy. Floor. Now”

Jayy was either terrified of me right now because how angry I was or because he just wanted to make me in a better mood by pleasing me with my requests. Or maybe he was afraid of me leaving him. As bad as I felt with me using him earlier, I didn’t now. I liked having this power over him. He seemed uncomfortable as Max and him made their way to the floor where I was still pointing at. Seeing him feel awkward laying on the floor with max on top of him, made me smile a bit through my rage. “Go on, Jayy-Jayy, kiss him.” I encouraged him teasingly.

Jayy seemed hesitant but that didn’t stop Max one bit. For some reason Max was so into kissing my Jayy, that it rubbed off on him. Jayy began to get into the make out session and brought his hand out to pull on the other raven’s hair. In all honesty, it was really sexy to me and was an awesome turn on.

I felt a light tug on my wrist and I peered down to see Rich still sitting on the ground. He seemed to want attention, so I gave in towards him. I fell straight to my knees beside Rich as he held a needy look in his eyes while keeping eye contact with mine. As I sat to the floor, he let go of my wrist. Most likely because he knew he had all my attention and it wasn’t on the other men anymore.

Laying a gentle hand on his hurt cheek, I leaned in to kiss him. Except, gentle was not something that sat well with us both and we easily started a rough make out session.

Rich moaned against my lips, ignoring both Jayy and Max. I looked over just to see what they were doing, and sure enough, they were stroking both their cocks.

“This is the hottest thing ever,” Max admitted, and I went back to focusing on Rich.

Rich and I both then began our fight for dominance. The man tried to push me over to be on top, but I wasn't having this. I pinned his arms over his head and grinned with a smug intent. I started to attack his neck with my teeth. “I may be a power bottom, Richy. But I wanna wreck you so badly.” I told him slowly.

“Do it then,” he moaned, giving me a challenge. Pulling off his shirt, I was a bit hesitant when I saw his pale skin covered with dark bruises. “Don't be shy, our boyfriends are watching.” He winked, and I could feel his cock harden in his jeans.

Without second guessing myself, I pressed against the ginger’s bruises. “I'm not shy. You know that all too well.” I growled out and takes my hand to the hardening dick. I nibbled lightly on his collar bone. “Although, I think you need some new bruises.” I said seductively.

No warning came as I dug my teeth straight into Rich’s skin. He shrieked as I bit down hard and palming his cock. I could hear Max moan at the sight, and the thought of the two of them watching Richy and me had my cock growing harder in my pants.

“Oh, I know. I'm just being sassy- fuck,” he breathed, and I knew it was time for me to let his cock out of the jeans.

“Please, Avery.” he moaned out desperately.

I gathered the top of his jeans and yank them past his thighs and bites down his chest. “‘Please’ what? What do you want me to do to you? Cause I have a few ideas.” I said just before sucking on his left nipple.

“Please suck my cock, Av, please!” he begged, and I looked over at Jayy to see his reaction. He smirked while nodding, and I decided to give them what they wanted. I mean, Rich was being so good for me. And I had so much control over this situation. After losing control and my memories going to shit, this is what I needed.

I hummed at Richy, once again wanting more control over all this. “How about you suck my cock? And I open you up so you can take it good.” I suggested, slowly playing with his balls.

“Yes, please!” he said, and I shifted myself so my cock was close to his face. I didn't even need to tell him, because Rich began sucking my cock without hesitation.

Sucking on two of my fingers, I reached my hand around to get a better angle to his hole. Very slowly, I started to slip one finger in roughly. I smirked at my best friend, “You like that; don't you? So dirty, Richy~”

“Oh, yes, Av, I love it!” he moaned, and I couldn't help but smile. Smacking his upper thigh with my available hand, I watched as his pale skin turn a pretty, bright red.

Watching Rich flinch at my harsh act, I gripped his hair to take more of my dick in his mouth. “I bet you do love it. You make such a perfect slut.” I growled roughly.

I tried to be careful about how I addressed Rich, especially after how Ronnie treated him. But I wanted to assert myself and let him know who's boss. Though I was doing it nicely as possible.

“Mm,” he moaned against my cock, as I fingered his ass with a single finger. Making sure to let him breathe once in awhile. Slipping in the second finger, I could feel his muffled moans against my hard cock.

“Fuck, this is so hot to watch,” commented Jayy.

“Definitely!” Max agreed.

I smirk at their comments, and get back to focusing on Rich. As I finger his ass, I rock my hips to cause a choking sound coming from Rich’s mouth. The sound made my eyes roll in the back of my head. Letting Rich come up for air, he had strands of spit hanging from my cock to his mouth and chin. He looked like a beautiful mess, and it was time.

“I'm going to fuck you now, Rich.” I said, turning so my stomach was touching his. Spitting on my hand, I rubbed it all over my cock. And god was I excited.

Like the good boy he was, Richy spread out his legs just for me. It was a good invitation inside his tight hole. Slowly sliding my dick into him, I grabbed his wrists and pinned them over his head. He began to let out soft little moans as he bottomed out. Seeing his expressions had me panting harshly. I was joking when I said I wanted to wreck him. Leaning over slightly, I took his left nipple in my mouth and sucked softly. I just wanted more. I was starving for the sounds.

Richy squirmed a lot as I played with his nipple in my mouth. Me biting it harshly, licking, and sucking seemed to get him all hot and bothered. More than he already was.

“Ple...please, Av...fuck me..” The ginger almost pleaded.

I let go of is pretty pink nipple and giggled lightly, “What's the magic word, princess?” I asked teasingly. I gently moved my hips and gave a small thrust. That got him begging even more.

“Please...daddy!” Richy cried out.

Now, I was just expecting another ‘please’ or even ‘pretty please’. But damn, ‘daddy’ worked just as much. If not better.

Without hesitation, I began thrusting into him harshly. “That's right, take it like a good boy.” I groaned as I shoved back into his warm, tight. Cause fuck, it felt good. The face he was making made it even better. He had his eyes closed shut tightly and his full cheeks were flushed red.

As I let one hand go off his wrists, I used my free hand to grip his hair roughly. He was taking my dick so good, and I finally got angry. Not at him, but Ronnie. Richy must have looked like this below Ronnie, and he took so much advantage of the guy. Made him cry, and hurt him without consent. Maybe that's why he had his closed? Because of Ronnie.

Out of my anger, I kissed Richy’s cheek softly as I fucked him hard. I guess it shocked him because he finally opened his eyes and looked up to me. Especially when my hand left his wrist to free him. “Good boy, look up at me as I wreck your ass.” I told him sternly. Kissing down his neck and licking his chest, I said, “Look up as I worship your body.”

That must have clicked something in his mind and after that he pulled my head to kiss him. And that I did. I kissed him with every need we both had. We both were broken, used, and people tended to treat us like shit. Hell, we probably deserved each other. But we both knew how to treat each other because of how people treated us. That's why we were brothers. Us against the world really.

“Mm, more,” he moaned against my lips, and I was going to give him what he wanted. Pounding into him as hard as I could, I decided to grip his length. Stroking him to a specific rhythm, I could tell he was close to his orgasm. Looking over, Jayy was on his knees for Max, and it made me closer to my own orgasm.

“Gon-gonna--” Richy’s moans cut himself off as come seeped on my hand, and all over his stomach. He rode out his high as I was coming closer to mine.

Pulling out, Richy hurried to his knees and began to suck my cock. I noticed that Max had gotten behind his boyfriend. “You okay with my fucking you, babe?” Max asked, which made me smile.

“Oh, yes.”

Spitting on his fingers, Max gently rubbed Richy’s ass. He never stopped sucking on my cock, and that's what I liked. He could multitask. I watched Max push in slowly, and Richy moaned against my cock. Sending me over the edge, I came inside his mouth. Once he swallowed it all, I pulled out. Jayy bent me over so me and Richy were face to face. And I watched as Max did the same and not taking his time to splitting into the guy. Maybe considering he was just passed from me to him.

I saw the ginger’s face in utter bliss, and smirked. Just that face just did things to me.

When I felt rough fingers start to tease my entrance and I rolled my eyes. Seriously? Like, I could see the appeal of me possibly falling in love with Jayy. But damn, why gentle? I'm obviously pent up and in need of a rough, dirty fuck. Twisting my head to him, I growled, “I'm not some gentle, love-making bitch. Seriously, just fuck me.”

An uneasy expression rested on the raven’s face, almost hesitant to hurt me. I bit into the inside of my cheek before making a decision on how to make him comply. “Jayy,” I say slowly, “please, I need it. Ever since the hospital, I wanted you to split me open with your cock.” I begged.

“Av...it's gonna hurt…”

I nearly wanted to get up and slap him in the face. So the begging approach didn't work, and hearing Rich’s moan echo the room wasn't helping. I wanted to be wrecked.

I sighed loudly, “If I wanted gentle, I'd be fucking Ollie again. So do you want me to go find some guy who will give me what I want?” I sneered. “Maybe some guy in a dirty bathroom stall can do me hard-”

My attempt to make him jealous didn't go far, because the next moment I felt my ass nearly split in two from his dick. His large hand gripped the back of my head as he heard my moans. “Let's get one thing straight, Avery. Only. I. Can. Fuck. You.” He said, pounding into my ass with every word.

The burning sensation felt so good. Nothing like I've felt before, and I never wanna give it up.

“Say it. Tell me you're only mine to fuck.” Jayy demanded as he scraped his nails from my neck all the way to my tail bone.

I arched to his fingers and took in all the pain. Pain. My head started to get blurry as I remembered pain. Getting slapped around, broken bottles, and fucking in a hard cold tub. The cries of me wanting him to stop as he pounded into me behind the bus. Everything was hitting me so hard.

I felt tears well up as Jayy’s hand tightened in my hair. “Yours...yours to fuck….always” I whimpered.

With all the strength I could muster, I gripped his wrist that was in my hair. “Stop. Let me turn around.” I commanded, and for good measure I added, “Jeremy”

The older stilled and pulled out slowly. Once he pulled out, his grip in my hair loosened. I smiled as I wiped my tears and climbed up to my knees to be face to face with the raven. I yanked his jaw into my hand to look into my eyes. Without a word, I connected our lips and began to kiss his roughly.

Just with that, Jayy pushed me to my back and felt the pain. The pain only Jayy could cause. The pain I wanted. Once again though, his lovely cock was in me. Looking him in the eyes as I moaned along with Rich in the background, I tried to meet his thrusts. But Jayy playing with my sensitive dick and my prostate had me over.

I began to twist and turn as I felt myself cum, and I yelped out as he continued to play with my penis and pound into me. Hitting my prostate head on. The pleasure was beginning to be too much.

“Ple...please!” I whined.

By the this time my eyes are screwed together and I can only hear the smirk on his stupid sexy face. I felt my body feel numb with fire through out me. I couldn't stop squirming, desperately trying to get myself away from the torture. I could almost feel another orgasm burn through me. I never thought I could come back to back, but here Jayy is. Proving me wrong. Like usual.

That bastard.

Finally, in more of a shriek than before, I came again. I felt my throat scratch as I let cries out. When I wanted to be wrecked, I think Jayy took that as a challenge from me. He didn't want me wrecked, he wanted me destroyed.

With all my relief, Jayy let my dick go as he cummed inside of me. He gripped my thighs tightly as I peered to him and saw his “o” face. And damn! It was a sight to see you. Once he slowed after his orgasm, he brought me into a passionate kiss.

I don't think I could describe the eternity that it felt like he was kissing me, but when we came up from air, Jayy removed his beautiful instrument from me and rolled over beside me.

In deep breaths, I looked over to Rich and Max curiously. I guess because I was so caught up in Jayy, I tuned out the other duo. My curiosity was sated when I saw the two cuddled up next to each other. Fuck, they were cute together. Even curled up and covered in cum on the floor.

With all that happened, I smiled and let my eyes flutter into darkness. I guess a foursome take it out of you. Who knew?
♠ ♠ ♠
I had a bit of writer's block ^.^'' I hope you guys enjoyed it!