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You're My Drug

Hate ***

Avery left. He left, and he left me alone with satan. Oh, I mean Ronnie. Yes, we may look happy right now in front of Avery, but we are not even close. Every chance he gets to call me a fat whore, he takes it.

Why do I stay with him? He's got so much shit on me it's not even funny. I got caught cheating on him with Craig, well it was a set up because of Jacky.

Jacky is fucking obsessed with me, and it's really creepy. Ronnie knows this and he isn't doing anything about it! He just thinks it's funny to him!

So that's what he has on me, and a long as I do what he says/wants he won't hurt me. So, I have to act like nothing is wrong.

Avery doesn't seem very happy, but I can't understand why. Maybe Jayy's being mean to him again? I have no idea, I just wish I could see the guys with Avery, but satan won't let me. He says I need to just be with him or else. I don't want to find out what 'or else' means, but I think I have an idea.

Ronnie's been doing a number on my back lately, and it hurts every time I get up. I normally like it like that, but now I just want slow and steady sex, or maybe I could top him. Just this once. That will NEVER happen, and I know that.

“Rich! More ice!" Ronnie demanded, and I get up. I grab his glass, and I put ice in it.

I didn't want to make him mad because that wouldn't be very good for me. I'm just afraid that he'll have Jacky rape me again. I can't handle that again, so I try to please him in more ways than one.

I hand him his drink, and I sit down. He had a evil smirk on his face, and I wish I could just run. I can't though, and he knew it.

“What?" I ask as he countinued to stare at me with that evil smirk plastered on his face.

“Since you're being a good boy, I'm deciding to give you a reward. I'm going to give you a blowjob." he says as he made his way towards me, and he gets on his knees once he reaches me.

I'm wearing batman pajama pants that he bought me. I have no clue why he bought them, all I know is that he either bought them, or he stole them. He starts to slowly pull them down, and I tense up. He's never gave me a blowjob before, it's usually me doing it to him.

“Have I ever told you that you have a small dick?" he laughs, and I roll my eyes.

One of his best friends is my ex: Derek. Derek told me I had a good sized penis! Either Ronnie's lying, or Derek lied to me. As soon as he got my pajamas off of me, he smiled to himself because he noticed I'm not wearing any briefs. It's only because he demanded that I don't wear them in less we go out to eat.

He grabs my dick and he starts to slowly stroke it. I know what he's doing, and I am not about to play his fucking game.

He starts to lick my tip, and it actually feels good. Now I know why he likes blowjobs! He starts to suck on the tip, and it feels... it feels so good. I can't help but moan like crazy.

“Fuck, Ron-" I'm moaning as he starts deep throating.

He stops sucking, and he starts jerking me off. He looks into my eyes and licks his lips, this is enough to send me over the edge. I soon come on his hand, and he stands up.

“Lick." he demands, and I do what he says, trying not to make him mad.

Once his hand his clean, I pull my pants up, and he says, “Later, you owe me slut." There he goes with the damn name calling! Okay, I might have cheated on him once. Just once, and he acts like I fucked the whole wide world! I never did!

Sometimes he confuses me a lot.