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You're My Drug

GodDamn Need Some Help

I didn't even make it over the state line before I ran out of gas. Literally. Not only that but I didn't have my wallet on me! I waited out by my truck for Oli to come and get me. I couldn't call Jayy because he said not to leave the house and I don't want to start a fight. Not only that but he's still at counseling. I tried calling Richy but he didn't pick up so I didn't try to call Ronnie....And I called Oli.

Yes, I called my ex. He easily complied to help me though which was good. I don't care if this starts a fight with Jayy. He can suck my dick and choke on it. I didn't have to wait long because soon Oli showed up. I jumped in the passenger's side and buckled up. Me and Oli don't talk; which I'm fine with. He doesn't ask what I'm doing out here or what's up. Just utter silence.

Once I'm home Oli looks to me "See you later, Av" he stated.

I nodded and got out of the car. I start to go in the door as I hear Richy screaming Ronnie's name. I roll my eyes and head inside. I huffed and grabbed myself a beer. Yea, I needed a nice good long sip of beer. Nothing could change it.

"Ronnie! It was an accident!" I hear Rich yell, making me jump up a bit.

I heard Richy scream in pleasure and Ronnie yell back, "You cheated on Me slut!"

My head begins to spin. Rich cheated on Ronnie? That's a new one, I thought.

I finish up my beer and head back outside to take a walk. Big city, I'll tell ya. Crazy.

As I head out Dow. The street I feel something bang my head and I'm consumed by darkness.
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4:20 in the morning. You be lucky bitches. I'm tired as shit so night