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Sequel: Hope
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You're My Drug

You Like It When We Oh, Oh, Oh

An hour after he had just given me head, he came out of our bedroom. I knew instantly why he came out here.

"Hey slut! It's time for you to owe me!" Ronnie says and I instantly tensed up.

I decided to be a dumbass, "no." I say, and I see Ronnie's face change from a smile to 'Oh really now' face. I knew I was in for it,

"Alright. If that's how it's going to be, then I'll just call Jacky... he'd love a piece of you." he smiles as he pulls out his cell phone.

"NO! I'll do what ever you want me to." I say with my head hung down. I had to, or I would have Jacky after me, and I really don't want that.

"Now get the fuck up, and get in our room!" He snapped, and I got up as fast as I could with my sore back.

As soon as we got in the room, he grabbed me by the shirt, and he threw me against the wall. Sometimes Ronnie can be abusive during sex, and today was one of those days. He smacked me in the face, and then he back handed me. I fell to the ground, and I could feel tears swell up in my eyes. I tried my hardest not to cry, but I couldn't help it. He didn't slap me hard enough for me to have pleasure pain, he slapped as hard as he could to cause me pain.

"Aw, the little slut is crying? Should have thought about that before sleeping around with Mabbitt." Ronnie said as he brought his fist down on my bare chest.

"You're going to pay for sleeping with Mabbitt, but I know you'll love it. You always love it." Ronnie said as he slammed me against the wall.

"Well, Craig's a much better fuck than you!" Oh I shouldn't of said that out loud.

"Now you're going to fuckin' get it." he said as he pulled out brass knuckles. I instantly gulped.

"Get on your fucking knees boy." Ronnie demanded as he put the brass knuckles on.

I know he's not going to use them on me, he's just trying to scare me. It's not working, but I still have the thought in my head. He's punched me with them in the chest before. I don't feel it when he does it, he knows I don't.

I got on my knees, and when I did he pulls me back to my feet by my hair.

He slams me back into the wall as he reaches in his bedside drawer, and he pulls out a pair of handcuffs out. I know what to do since I don't want to make him even more mad. Ronnie roughly grabs my right wrist, spins me around so my back was to his chest. He grabs my other wrist, and cuffs then he ripped my tank top off of me. I still have the pajama pants on, and he keeps them on me. He throws me onto the bed, and he puts me in his favorite sex postion. Ronnie then got off the bed, and left the room. I was so confused on what he was doing, then I saw that he had his briefcase, I knew what was in it.

He left the room, but when he came back, he had three beers. One for me, two for him, like always. When he opened his briefcase, I gulped, and he pulled out a little bag with two white pills. I can see he took one of the pills out of the bag, and he opens up one of the beers. Ronnie smashes the pill, and puts it into the beer.

"Drink this Rich."

"But I don't want to."

"Drink it or else."


"You're going to fucking drink it even if I have to force it down your damn throat!"

"Fine. But I hate your guts."

"Don't worry babe, I hate you too."

He put the long bottle to my mouth, and I drank.

"That's a good boy. Your daddy is very proud of you." I almost threw up.

Once the beer was gone, he threw the bottle on the ground, and he got on the bed.

"You look so nice babe. Jacky and the guys would love to see this." Ronnie said as he got off the bed. By this time I was out of it.

I saw him set up his video camera, and he hit the record button. Ronnie got back on the bed, I was in a very uncomfortable postion.

He pulled down my pajama pants, he didn't even bother taking them off. Ronnie slipped off his jeans, along with his boxers. By this time I was completely out of it.

Ronnie slammed in, and started pounding into me. 'Fuck Ri-ch' I heard him moan.

He hit my spot really quick, and I screamed his name.

"Yea, t-that's right"

"Ronnie! It was an accident!" I screamed as he quickly slammed back into me.

"You fucking liar!" he screamed out from pleasure,

"Ahh!" I screamed from the pleasure.

"You cheated on Me slut!" Ronnie screamed as he came in me.

I don't feel anything, I can't even pull details together, and I blank out. That drug is powerful I swear.