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You're My Drug

Oh damn...

---Avery's POV---
My eyes flutter open to a pure white bright room. I hear some beeping but my hearing is a bit numb. My whole body feels numb actually. I look around and I see dark blue hair. I can't make out who it is and my whole head is spinning. "Where am I?" I ask, my throat beyond dry.

I hear silent sobs before I hear "You're in the hospital" it takes a moments and then I recognize that voice. It was Jayy. Why was in the hospital? Why was Jayy crying? And where was Rich? Was he even aware I was here? I wanted my brother and my boyfriend, not Jayy.

Jayy begins to pet my purple hair "Avery, is there anything you need? I love you so much, and..and I want to help you" he whispers.

I push his hand off of me "Jayy, why are you here?" I asked, a bit scared. Something about Jayy really gave me a bad vibe. "Where's Oli?" I ask about my boyfriend.

The last thing I remember was him packing and leaving me after the pictures Ronnie gave him. What happened anyway?

I search of something on Jayy's face as he bites his lip "Do-don't you remember Avie? Oli dropped you off at our house and you went for a walk?" Jayy sobbed.

I keep my eyes on him "What do you mean 'our' house? Oli didn't take me anywhere...he left" I begin to cry with Jayy "I don't blame him though! I'm a slut! And when Rich finds out..." I sob.

Jayy's sobs get louder than my own as he holds his face into his hands "Av...Rich already knows. He found out two years ago" he tries to say.

I shake my head "No, he couldn't have! We slept together a few weeks ago! That's impossible!" I shout.

Jayy gives me these soft and sad eyes "Av..." Jayy whispered "I'll go call Rich for you" He got up and I watch him about to leave.

"Ca-call Oli please...and tell him...I would like to see him" I say.

Jayy nods and bites his lip "Ok, Av" he replies.

---Jayy's POV---

When I leave the room I begin to loose all control of my sobs. My baby didn't remember we were together? The doctors told me this might happen, I was just praying it wouldn't. Sure, I've been mad at Av these last few weeks, and that's only because all does is try and make me angry. I refuse to take my anger out on his body again like before. My therapist agrees with me.

I pull out my phone and I call Rich. I bite my lip as it rings, but it goes to voice mail "Hay, Rich, it's Jayy. Um...I'm at the hospital with Avery...he was kidnapped and...and" I tried to say to the machine. I gulped and I continued "he was raped. They caught the guy...but...I just need some help. I don't know what to do" I break down "Just call me back when you get the chance" I then hung up.

Why...why my Avie? Why? Where did I go wrong? I cringe as I start thinking about how the hospital will call Avery's parents, who are big homophobics. I dial Oli's number quickly. As much as I don't want to call him, I promised Avery I would. I was going to cuss him out though!

"Hello?" Oli asks.

"You bastard! Why...why did you leave Avery alone like that?! The damage is done..an...and why?! Why do you always have be there when that's my job?!" I nearly screamed.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa Jayy what's up? What happened?" Oli asks me all confused.

I gulp "A-after you dropped him off...he was attacked...and raped" I choke on my own words.

"Oh my god....Jayy...I'm sorry. Is he ok?" Oli asked, almost like he was crying himself.

All the anger I had for him subsided. I was just...so shocked to be mad at Oli at the moment "He-he seems fine. He was found by some woman who lived next door to the rapist. It's..just..." I whisper.

Oli cleared his throat "What else is up? Did something else happen?" He asked, his voice shaking. He was just as scared as me. I can tell Oli still has feelings for Avery just by his voice. Which hurts me more.

"He can't remember these last two and a half years! Not even me! All he remembers is you walking away from him and the lies Ronnie told about them sleeping together! The guy hit im pretty hard and he's lost these last few years!" I cry to him.

There's silence before I say, "Avery even made me promise to call you and ask you to come see him"

I heard something on his end of the line crash and I hear him cry "Do-do you think I should see him? I...I mean...he's still your boyfriend.." Oli sobs.

I nod as hard as I can "please...I don't know how to tell him..and I don't think he needs to hear it from me" I whisper really lowly.
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