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Sequel: Hope
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You're My Drug


I woke up with a small headache. Not to big and not to small. I knew exactly who gave me the damn headache. Ronnie fucking fuck Radke. I have no clue why I'm still with him, oh. I do know why, I'm with him! It's because he's got so much dirt on me, and I'm still in love with his fucking ass.

Okay, yeah I was wrong for cheating on Ronnie, and there's no excuse for doing it. I was set up by Craig and Jacky also.

So Craig and I were in the middle of having sex when Jacky comes into the room with a video camera. Craig didn't even stop fucking me! He just kept going, even when I was begging for him to stop. He actually slapped his hand over my mouth because he was tired of hearing my voice.
Of course Ronnie had to take Jacky's side in all this. Jacky told him that he walked in on me and Craig having rough sex. That's only half true. We were having normal sex. Not making love, and not rough sex. Just normal sex.

I tried to tell Ronnie what happened, but he wouldn't even listen. I hate Jacky so much right now. Actually, I've always hated him ever since he became my stalker.

I was snapped out of my thoughts when my stomach started hurting. I was hungry, but I couldn't go out there. Who knows what he'd make me do.

My back hurts so bad, and I know Ronnie's going to make it hurt worse tonight. Sadly Jacky's spending the night since they're going to be writing songs all night.
I walked into the living room, and that's when I noticed Ronnie was on the phone.

"Jacky, when you drive here, pick up some duct tape and bring one of your vibrator. We're making another video, but this time we're going to put it all over porn sites and it's going to ruin his career. That'll teach him to fuck Craig. Then I will be on top again. Him and his band will go down in flames." Ronnie said, but I know he's just drunk. He never do this if he was sober.

I decided to go out for some drinks... by myself for once.

I quickly get dressed, I run out the door to my pink Lamborghini with black stripes. Don't ask, Ronnie bought it for me when he got his taxes. It was sort of a 'sorry'.

I made my way to the bar down the street. Every time I have a fight with Ronnie, one of us come here to drink it off. I went up to the bartender (one of my good friends). He sighed and said hey. It's only because he knows why I'm here.

"Hey Richy" he says with a smile "let me guess. Usual?"

"Yes of course, actually I want four." I say as he puts four glasses on the counter. He takes out a bottle of tequila and pours it into all four glasses.
"That bad?" he asks and I nod before chugging the first glass.

Once I finish the last glass, I tell him I'll see him around, and he sighs and waves. Yeah, I really shouldn't be driving, but I have to get home before Ronnie notices that I'm gone.

First I decide to smoke a cigarette before going. That's when a guy comes up to me, and I recognize who it is.


"Yes Rich?"
"Are you here to bring me back to Ron-nie?" God damn this stutter.

"Of course not. I'm not going to let you get murdered." he smiles. Oh god don't smile Maxie.

"Th-then we're am I going to go?" I giggle. If you don't remember, I am a giggle-box when I'm drunk.

"My apartment. If that's cool with you." Max says and I nod.

He takes my hand in his, and he leads me to his house. He only lives a block away from the bar, and two blocks from me and Ronnie. That's why I adore Max. He's so sweet, he understands me, and I've always found him attractive.
Once he gets me into his apartment, I kiss him on the cheek and I giggle. He rolls his eyes, but smiles. I rip my shirt off and he takes his off. Luckily it's summer, and it's not freezing. I seductively walk up to him, and once I reach him, I throw my hands around his neck. We look into each other's eyes, and he leans in and kisses me. I maybe drunk, but I'm not shit-faced drunk. I don't kiss him back, so he pulls away and looks down.

When he kissed me I felt a tingle, and I've never felt that before when I kiss Ronnie. Or it could be because I'm drunk.

"I-I'm so sorry Rich. I kno-" max was saying before I cut him off.

"Shut up and kiss me Maxie." We then start to make out.
Maybe I love Max?