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Boston Garden High School


Kevan Miller walked up the steps to Boston Garden High School, where he was now teaching at. It wasn't his first time here, he had been drafted in as a substitute teacher last academic year, to fill the place of someone who had an accident and couldn't teach. As Kevan had performed so well and was popular among the students, Principal Peter Chiarelli and Vice Principal Claude Julien decided to keep Kevan full time. This would be his first full year as a teacher and to say he was nervous would be an understatement. He was, after all, going to work with some of the finest and most accomplished teachers, he was worried whether or not he would fit in.
"I remember you from last year!" He heard a voice shout out. A man with floppy brown hair and a goofy smile walked up to him.
"Yeah, Kevan Miller... I teach math..." Kevan stood his hand out to shake the man's, but pulled back when the man raised his eyebrow at the gesture.
"You don't remember me, do you?" Kevan shook his head. "I'm Patrice Bergeron. The French Canadian? I teach French!" Patrice said enthusiastically
"Oh..." Kevan said as he went red. Of COURSE he remembered Patrice now. "So... How are you?" He asked awkwardly.
"I'm doing great! Just back from spending a summer with my family in Quebec. Come on, let me show you around, I doubt you remember anything much anymore!" Patrice laughed as he put his arm around Kevan and led him into the school. The two took a few lefts in the hall and Patrice opened the door to the faculty lounge. "Guys, I don't know if you remember him, but this is Kevan Miller. He's teaching math." Patrice moved aside to let Kevan enter the room. One thing Torey noticed was how the room was filled with mostly men. One of the men stood up and made his way to the coffee machine and the first thing Kevan noticed about him was that he was tall. Like... REALLY tall. Far taller than himself anyway.
"I remember him. He taught next door to me." The tall man said as he stirred milk into his coffee. He had a really thick east-European accent.
"Does anyone beside Z remember this guy?" Pretty much everyone in the room shrugged.
"I don't really remember this kid either, sorry Pat." A a wild brown haired man said and few other men agreed.
"To be fair," Patrice began "We don't know much about you either."
"I have an idea." The tall man said. "We're gonna do an exercise, like we do with the kids. To get to know each other better, we're gonna throw this baseball around the room and whoever catches it says who they are, what they teach and something about them. I'll go first. My name is Zdeno Chara, I teach math and I'm from Slovakia." Zdeno then threw the baseball and a young man with curly brown hair caught it and stood up.
"Hi, I'm Tuukka Rask, I teach music and I'm from Finland originally." Tuukka threw the baseball and someone caught it. They didn't stand up.
"I'm Milan Lucic. I teach English and coach the football and baseball teams and I coach the afternoon music club." He says, to the point.
"Music?" Kevan asked.
"I play the saxophone." Milan adds and the ball was thrown across the room to a short haired young man.
"My name is David Krejci, I teach physics and I'm from the Czech Republic."
"Wow. A lot of you guys are foreign." Kevan noted.
"Yeah, we are." David said throwing the ball to Patrice.
"I'm Patrice Bergeron-Cleary, but everyone calls me Patrice Bergeron. I teach French and coach the hockey team and I started teaching here when I was 18." Patrice threw the baseball to a young man who caught it with his left hand.
"I'm Reilly Smith... Or Smitty... I teach gym and... I just transferred here from Dallas." Reilly threw the ball and a young man with a black eye and stitches in his face and knuckles caught it.
"I'm Brad, Brad Marchand, but people call me the Nose Face Killah. I teach Geography. I'm also an MMA fighter." Brad says. "That's WHY they call me the Nose Face Killah." He adds before casually tossing the ball to his right. A young man with black hair catches it.
"I'm Chris Kelly, I teach Chemistry. My wife also teaches, but she teaches in elementary school." Chris tossed the ball to the young man standing next to him, who bounced it around in his hands as he dropped it. He picked it up from the floor and emerged with a smile on his face.
"I'm Loui Eriksson. I am from Sweden originally, but been here for a year and I teach computers."
Loui threw the ball to another young man. "I'm Torey Krug, I teach math too. Surprise!"
The warning bell rang as Torey finished his sentence and the teachers put their coffee mugs by the sink and started to leave the room.
"We'll finish the introductions now." Zdeno declared. "This is Johnny, he teaches advanced shop, these are Daniel and Greg and they both teach English, you probably don't remember Greg, he broke his leg falling down the stairs when you came, Dougie teaches US history, even though he's Canadian, Dennis, is German and he teaches German, the guy with the curly black hair is Adam and he teaches world history, the guy with the wild hair is Barty and he teaches shop, Niklas is new here also and apparently teaches graphic design, Jordan teaches math too, the blonde is Carl and he teaches biology, Fraser looks like Tukka-if you squint a bit-he's new too and he teaches Spanish because for some reason they decided we need a Spanish teacher as if German and French weren't enough and finally we have Chad and he teaches psychology. We also have Marc, but don't ask him about his accident..."
"Why, what happened?"
"He used to be the gym coach. He goes around wearing sunglasses, that's not to look cool, it's because he got hurt pretty bad in a car accident and now he doesn't like bright lights. He now teaches art. He has that room lit exactly as he likes it."
"Yeah, it bums everyone out." Zdeno put a hand on Kevan's shoulder. "Come on, let's go to the math department." The two walked together down the hallway and Kevan felt kind of uncomfortable in the process. Zdeno was much taller than he was. But then, Zdeno was much taller than ANYONE. "Here it is, buddy. Classroom 86." Zdeno said, gesturing to the classroom.
"Why is your Classroom 33, but next door to mine?"
"Eh... Something to do with individuality."
"This USED to be Classroom 34."
"And now it's Classroom 86." Zdeno opened the door and pushed Kevan inside. "Enjoy." He slammed the door shut and entered his own classroom. Torey stood at the front of his class looking awkward. After realising he probably should help the young man, Zdeno walked into Kevan's classroom.
"Alright! Attention students!" He said and commanded the attention of the room. "This is Mr. Miller! You will respect this man! He's a good person who is helping you better your lives. He's teaching you so you can be a productive member of society. Without him and people like him, where would you be?" The students looked at Zdeno in fear. "Exactly. Now listen to him." Zdeno exited the room leaving the students and Kevan in shock.
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I know it's kind of slow, and I'm sorry for that. I just wanted to get the introductions and what subjects the Bruins players teach out the way first. I just couldn't bring myself to leave Savvy out, he did so much for us, and he's still on the payroll, so why not include him?
It's also my first Bruins fic, so... You know, enjoy.