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Boston Garden High School


After the first period, the teachers all gathered in the faculty lounge again. David and Zdeno both went up to the coffee maker and began conversing in some strange language.
"jste se dozvěděli, proč Tyler opravdu přišel o práci zde v loňském roce?" David asked. (Did you hear why Tyler really lost his job here last year?)
"Jo, zřejmě, že by šel ven párty." Zdeno replied. (Yeah, it was because he'd go out partying)
"Slyšel jsem, že používá homofobní nadávky ..." (I heard it was because of the homophobic slurs...)
"Samozřejmě, že je jeho součástí," Zdeno began. (Of course that was part of it) "Ale to bylo hlavně proto, že Chiarelli ho našli příliš nezralá, aby byli schopni vyučovat zde." (But it was mostly because Chiarelli thought he was too immature to teach here)
"Tak přinesl tři dvacet roků věku.. Skvělý úsudek." (So he brought in three 20 year olds. Great judgement). David rolled his eyes and took a sip from his coffee.
"Pfft. Jsou stále vyspělejší, než byl Tyler." (Pfft. They're still more mature than Tyler was.) Zdeno stirred sugar into his coffee as he talked.
"Hey guys." Torey said, walking up to the two. He grabbed a coffee mug. "What were you talking about?" He asked.
"Just old teachers." David said.
"Anyone I know?" He asked as he poured coffee from the adjacent coffeemaker into the cup.
"Do you know Tyler Seguin?" Zdeno asked as he sipped from his coffee.
"I've heard of him. He was the guy who moved down to Texas, right?" Torey asked uncertainly. He took a spoon of sugar and stirred it into his coffee.
"He did indeed." David said. "Apparently maturity was an issue so Chiarelli canned his ass." He explained taking a sip from his coffee.
"Krech, do you speak any languages besides Czech and English?"
"Boy, you ask a LOT of questions, don't you?" David put his coffee down. "What languages do YOU speak?" He asks.
"I speak a bit of Spanish. And French." Torey said.
"Z here, he speaks EVERYTHING!" David slapped Zdeno hard on his back, causing him to choke slightly on his beverage.
"Krech, come on man. Don't do that." Zdeno said once he recovered.
"How do you think the rookies are settling in?" David asked after a short pause.
"I don't know, I wonder that myself.." Zdeno looked over at the three new teachers who don't appear to be mixing with anyone, not even themselves.
"They're just nervous." David picked his coffee back up. "Do you remember your first day, Z?."
"Nope! I'm so old, I've forgotten!" Zdeno laughed. "What about you, Krech?"
"I remember being scared." David said. "That's about it. Torey, you must remember your first day surely, it was only a year ago."
"Oh. God yeah. Z, you were the one who made me feel comfortable and welcome." Torey took a dip from his coffee and saw one of the new teachers inching towards them.
"Hi. I'm Matt. People around here call me Fraser though. I don't know why." He said nervously.
"Because of Matt Bartkowski. They call him Barty now too." David said.
"You're scared to talk to someone." Z said, putting one of his big hands on Fraser's shoulders. "That's cool. I get it. But we're all friendly over here."
"That's right." David said. "We're not gonna bite."
"If you're THAT scared to talk to someone, go talk to Tuukka." Torey suggested.
"Yeah. Yeah!" Zdeno said enthusiastically. "He's pretty cool. His taste in music's not that bad either." He shrugged.
"Ugh, Z. He's alright if you like Slayer..." David winced.
"Slayer aren't Finnish, Krech. He likes Children of Bodom, Amorphis and Him." Zdeno said smugly.
"I like Slayer too, Z." Tuukka said, setting his coffee mug near the sink. "But you're right, they're not Finnish."
"How long have you been there, Tuke?" Zdeno asked, wearily.
"Eh, about the time you mentioned my name, I was like 'whoa, I gotta make sure they're not bitching about me' and you're not." Tuukka smiled and noticed the nervous Matt Fraser standing next to Zdeno. "Tuukka Rask." He said offering his hand. "You're the new Spanish teacher, right?" Fraser took Tuukka's hand and shook it.
"Uh yeah."
"I... I have no idea about any languages beside Finnish, English and the odd word in French, Czech, Slovak and German." Tuukka smiled. "I teach music. You know, fun stuff?"
"Not those horrid, squeaky recorders?" Fraser asked, flinching at the mere thought.
"No. Thank god. Screw them, right?" Tuukka laughed. "No, more musical theory. I also produce the end of term Christmas musical-it's not like, Broadway, but it's..."
"Decent enough." Zdeno finished. "I help out sometimes, but he usually works with Fran in the drama department for that one."
"Who's..." Before Kevan could finish his sentence, David grabbed him and put his hand over his mouth.
"You don't wanna know." He whispered.
"Krech is right. Your REALLY don't." Torey emphasized.
"So, you going to see Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with the rest of us later?" Tuukka asked, eager to change the subject.
"Nah. I'm already shelling out enough to see the Red Sox this weekend."
"Oh man, Z, you're gonna see the Red Sox?" David said partly excited and party ticked off that he couldn't go.
"Yes and you're not coming because I'm taking my wife and kid." Zdeno said tauntingly.
Over on the other side of the room, Milan was in a heated debate with Patrice and Brad over who would win the-still months away-Super Bowl.
"Come on! The Patriots are SO better than the Broncos!" Milan hissed.
"Yeah, if the Broncos had a tight end and a wide receiver seemingly made of glass." Brad rolled his eyes.
"Guys, come on. You're both forgetting about the explosiveness of the Colts. Reggie Wayne, Coby Fleener, Adam Vinatieri, ChuckStrong and they have Luck on their side." Patrice said he folded his arms.
"Bad pun, Bergy." Milan rolled his eyes.
"No pun, Looch. Luck is a Colt, therefore, he's on their side." Patrice smiled smugly.
"Come on guys, what about NFC teams?" Patrice and Milan stared at Brad for a few moments.
"Packers." They all said, seemingly simultaneously.
"No contest, right?" Brad laughed.
"Got that right, Marchy."
"So," Brad began. "Some of the staff are going to see Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles later, before it ends its run. Either of you going?"
"Yeah, I am." Patrice said. "I've been married a grand total of a year and two months and I feel I need to get away from my wife!" The three laughed.
"Welcome to the club, Bergy." Milan said, clapping him on the shoulder. Patrice winced in pain. "Y'okay buddy? Still hurting after your accident?"
"No, this is a different accident. See, my wife and I..."
"I don't wanna know!" Milan put his hand in front of Patrice's face. Patrice lowered it.
"We went camping..."
"I don't wanna know!" Milan looked away.
"I had an accident while I was pitching my tent..."
"Shut up now, Patrice! Too much information!"
"What's up with him, Marchy?" Patrice asked after one too many outbursts from Milan.
"Oh he thinks... He thinks you're talking in sexual innuendo." After a few seconds silence, Patrice and Brad burst out laughing.
"Looch, buddy, " Patrice said putting his hand gently on his friend's shoulder, desperately trying to suppress his laughter. "Take a look at my photos." He said, thrusting his iPhone into Milan's hand. On the screen was a picture of Patrice with an ice pack on his shoulder with an arm around his wife and behind them was an unsuccessfully pitched tent. "My brother took the photo."
"Oh... REAL camping." Milan's cheeks went red. "With your brother and his family."
"Yeah, what happened was, I slipped in the mud and hit my shoulder on a rock. Lucky it wasn't my head really. We moved the tent and my brother pitched my tent for me. Apart from that one accident, my weekend camping went fine."
"When was this?" Brad asked.
"Just this past Friday to Sunday."
"Yeah, Guill is going back to Quebec City on Sunday."
"Does he want to see TMNT with us?" Milan asked.
"I thought it was a faculty thing?"
"Yeah, but you hardly ever get to see your family any more. You should spend as much time with him as possible."
"Huh. Maybe I'll ask him." Patrice said, pulling out his iPhone as the bell rang to indicate second period.
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Apologies if it's inaccurate, in my school they had 4 periods separated by break times so that's the day layout I'm going with.
And yes, I speak fluent Czech, Slovak, English, French, Spanish and Welsh. I thought it would be fun to have a brief conversation between David Krejci and Zdeno Chara in Czech, seeing as they speak the language with each other anyway and in the conversation they speculate about why Tyler Seguin got 'fired'. Beside the Czech is the rough English translation.