Can't Fight This Feeling


3rd Person's P.O.V

Motionless In White had just got into stage to play another sold out show.
Chris couldn't believe what his eyes were seeing, they had played many shows in many venues but he never got used to see so many people in the crowd.
As they started to play "Abigail" the crowd screamed loudly and excitedly.

*Time Lapse*

"Goodnight Millvale, you were awesome!' Chris screamed into the microphone.
Devin, Ricky and Ryan started throwing their picks to the crowd, leaving fans hysterically running towards the objects. Brandon decided to throw his drumsticks being rewarded with the same reaction as before.
Once the boys had finished saying their goodbyes to the crowd they made their way backstage.

Chris and Ricky had almost no time to get ready, since they were going to be interviewed in about half an hour. So they made their way to the showers and showered quickly.
While Ricky was still washing his tired and sweaty body, Chris made his way into the little backstage room and started drying his wet hair.
Chris' heart almost stopped once he saw Ricky. His hair was wet and dripping water to his pale chest. Seeing such a sight Chris started to get nervous and having thoughts about the shorter boy.
The boy looked at him and Chris looked away nervously, leaving Ricky wandering why was Chris looking at him like that.
Shaking his head, he made his way to the mirror where he started to dry his hair and do his make up.

Five minutes later there was a knock on the door, it was a member of the staff to inform them that the interviewer had arrived.
'We're almost ready' Chris informed him and excused himself to go warn the other boy.
'Ricky... huum... the interviewer is here' he said and Ricky nodded.
They made their way to a small room that had a couch and a coffee table and sat down waiting for the interview to begin.

*Time Lapse*

It had been about a hour since the interview had begun and Chris was losing his brains because of Ricky.
Although Chris tired to avoid it, he couldn't help but to have fallen in love with the beautiful boy that was now talking and smiling to the camera. The boy would occasionally bite his pierced lip and that made Chris's head spin around as he was starting to get hot.

Chris was woken up from his daydream by Ricky. The boy had hit him with his elbow and was now looking at hi with warning eyes.
'Sorry, can you repeat?' Chris said to the woman that was interviewing them.
'These are the last questions okay?'
'Of course' Chris said flashing a smile.
'Fans want to know if you have any projects for the future'
'Well, right now we're just gonna be touring. And who knows if next year comes a new album. But for now, we'll just be touring and take a few days to rest' He answered.
'If you could go on a dream tour, what other bands would you chose to tour with?'
'I would love to tour with bands like HIM, Cradle Of Filth, Eighteen Visions and many more' Ricky replied.
'Cradle Of Filth, HIM or Slipknot. It would be so cool, and I would be very happy with it' Chris said.

*2 Minutes Later*

'Okay guys this was Motionless In White. It was a pleasure to meet you guys' the interviewer said.
'Same!' Chris said smiling.
Ricky got up and Chris followed him, both of them making their way to the backstage room.
Once they got there the boys were nowhere to be found. They got close to the table to grab drinks and there was a note.

"You were taking too long and we were hungry. So we went to grab some food, we'll be back in about 1 hour... - Josh" Chris read the note out loud and then threw it to the garbage.

'Well, it looks like we're alone' Ricky said biting his lip.
'Yeaah, I guess we are' Chris replied running his eyes through the smaller boy's body.
'You're so fucking hot Ricky' Chris let the words slip from his mouth without thinking and Ricky drooped his jaw a little.
'W-what?!' he asked biting his lip once again.
'Gosh Ricky! Stop with that biting thing'
'Humm, o-okay' the boy replied putting his eyes on the ground.
'Ricky... I just... can't take it anymore!'
'Take what?'
'The way you act, the way you are!' Chris paused and looked at the floor before continuing. 'The way I feel about you!'
'T-the w-wwayy y-you feel ab-bout me?'
Chris leaned in closer to Ricky, he grabbed his head gently and remained looking into Ricky's eyes for a moment, leaving the other boy looking at him whit those big blue eyes.
'I... I'm in love with you Ricky. I desire you, and I can't keep on pretending anymore'

Ricky bit his lip once again, something he did when he was nervous, and that's when Chris lost control. His lips attacked the smaller boy's mouth and they remained kissing for minutes, only breaking apart to breath.
Chris looked into Ricky's eyes, them filled with desire and need, he grabbed the boy and placed him around his waist. Walking towards the couch he laid him down slowly. Ricky pulled Chris on top of him and started taking his shirt off, exposing his beautiful tattooed body.
'You're so beautiful' Ricky said and Chris blushed a little.
'You too' the other one replied bringing his lips to Ricky's and kissing him passionately while his hands massaged Ricky's hipbones gently and slowly.
Ricky moaned into Chris's action and Chris took the opportunity to explore his mouth with his own tongue.

He began taking Ricky's shirt off, revealing the body he wanted to see so badly for too long. He then started trailing kisses on Ricky's body, licking and sucking on his nipple. Ricky began moaning Chris' name at the sensation of his tongue. Hearing Ricky moan in such a way made Chris feel really satisfied. He've been wanting to hear those moans for too long too.
He then began sucking on the pale skin of the other boy's neck, leaving marks were his lips touched.
'Oaaah' Ricky moaned. 'That's soo good'
'You like it?' Chris asked pulling one of Ricky's lip piercings.
'Yeeaah' the boy replied moaning once again.
'I can tell that by the way your cock is growing' Chris teased and Ricky blushed at his comment.

Soon Ricky's hands were travelling to Chris's belt, undoing it teasingly and seconds later undoing his pants. He looked at Chris for approval to remove them and the other male gave them nodding his head. Ricky then started to remove his pants, leaving Chris growing bulge exposed. Seeing that pleasant sight the boy bit his lip and smiled teasingly to Chris. Ricky had no reaction other than that, so Chris pulled him to him and started undoing his pants, taking his shoes off and after taking his pants.
Both boys were now in nothing more than their boxers, and they were examining each other's bodies.
The first step, surprisingly, was taken by Ricky, who slowly started trailing kisses through the taller boy's legs. He kept going up until he reached Chris's boxers, he looked at Chris and then kissed his member through his boxers. Chris moaned and seeing that he was enjoying what he was doing, Ricky decided to put his hand on the inside of Chris's boxers, he began caressing his member, slowly at first, and then increasing his movements a little bit. Minutes later he took Chris's boxers off slowly, when reaching the end of his legs he started kissing his way back to his penis, looking at Chris he took him in his mouth and started bobbing his head up and down slowly. He continued bobbing his head slowly for a few seconds until Chris grabbed him by his hair and started fucking his mouth. Ricky gagged and Chris couldn't hold on, he came with a growl.
'Damn, you've been holding that for too long' Ricky said smiling.
'Yeaah, I was' he replied.

Chris pulled Ricky for a kiss, which minutes later turned into a big make out session. Ricky backed away a little bit and looked Chris in the eyes.
'I want you to fuck me!' he said.
Once he said that Chris felt himself hardening once again. He grabbed Ricky and placed him on top of his lap.
'Ride me!' he demanded.
Ricky grabbed Chris's dick and placed it at his entrance, starting to ride him slowly. He throws his head back and places his hands on Chris's chest, scratching it hardly. Chris grabbed his waist, pulling him in sync with each thrust he made.
Both boys were a moaning and sweaty mess.
Chris turned them around, being now on top and started thrusting in the other boy harder.
'Ooah fuck Ricky... Soo-o go-ood!' he said grabbing Ricky's face and kissing him passionately. He started thrusting even harder and faster, leaving boy underneath him a screaming mess.
'F-fuuck Chris!' he screamed and the other one went harder.
'Aaaah!' Ricky screamed while Chris kept on hitting his prostate.
Ricky pulled Chris by his waist, kissing him and biting on his collarbones.
'I'm cumming!' he said.
Chris moved a few more times before him and Ricky came at the same time.
'Fuck! I love you Ricky' Chris said while kissing him. Ricky smiled and kissed back.
'I love you too' Ricky said shyly.
'God, I've been wanting to say and do this for too long' Chris laughed.
'Well... I've been wanting you to do that for too long. I'm just glad you did it' the smaller boy answered cuddling into the other one's arms.
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