Status: You Left Me

Everything You Want

Maybe it was the way you talked.
Maybe it was the way you laughed.
I don't know just what it is, but I know I want you back.
  1. Prologue: End of the Beginning
    Remember when...?
  2. Away Such A Long Time
    one & only
  3. Fashions Lead Her Down the Runway
    Rockin' her new shades.
  4. Growing Up Won't Bring Us Down
    In this together, we'll make it somehow.
  5. Feel My Bones Ignite, What I've Been Running From
    Moaning names.
  6. All Part of the Same Sick Little Games
    Bottles pop, lips lock, hips rock, don't stop.
  7. Blame It On the Alcohol
    We all feel a little ***ed up sometimes.
  8. I'll Keep You A Daydream Away
    Wouldn't know what to do, if I had you.
  9. Don't Listen to the Voices In Your Head
    Listen to the voice of your heart.
  10. Call It What You Want
    It was still love.
  11. A Stranger to the Lover
    She's my best friend.
  12. I Felt A Piece of My Heart Break
    I know there has to be a blue horizon somewhere, waiting for me.
  13. We Can Hardly Let Go
    My friends are a different breed.
  14. Made It Back To A Place We Call Home
    You're the kinda guy whose hand in mine sends shivers up and down my spine.
  15. You Could Make the Sun Burn Through the Night
    You could make the oceans all run dry.
  16. Through It All
    Note: Sean's Point of View