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Monsters Are Human


Alex sat on the bed reading his book for as long as he could. Eventually, his eyes got tired so he shuffled underneath the thin blanket he’d been sitting on. The mattress was barely there. With every move, he could feel the metal of the bedframe beneath him. He longed for his warm bed at home with its wool blankets and thick downy pillows. He tucked his teddy bear under one arm and closed his eyes.
Just as Alex was drifting into sleep, the lock on the door rattled. He peaked up from his pillow, watching as the Sister as well as two male nurses dressed in white escorted in another patient. Alex got a good look at him. The patient was tall, with long lanky arms and legs that reminded the boy of the dead trees outside. His hair was dark and in a messy disarray atop his head. The workers dragged him over to the bed and strapped him down with the leather restraints on the side of bed. He was letting out anguished cries, kicking his feet and screaming.

“You took them away! Bring them b-back…Let them stay,” The patient’s yelling faded into a whisper as he allowed his cries to take over his screaming. Alex figured he was done with the ruckus and closed his eyes tightly, taking solace in the straps that held down his roommate.
The sun spilled in through the curtainless windows. Alex let his heavy eyes open, surveying the room. A moment of panic set in as he forgot where he was. But then he remembered. Reality crept back in as he looked about the room in despair. The walls were grey. Their dark bricks stretched up to the ceiling with matching concrete floors. There was a toilet in the room and two small desks. Atop Alex’s desk sat his books and change of clothes for the day.

“Who are you?” Alex heard a voice inquire.

The patient looked over, only able to turn his head due to the restraints pinning him down. His eyes looked puffy from the sobbing fit he’d had the night before.

“I’m Alexander. They put me in here.”
“Oh. That’s pleasant. I’m Jack, but I’m going to call you Alex.”
“But everyone calls me—“
“Alex suits you better. My name is Jack.”
“Nice to meet you. Sister said you like the Wizard of Oz.”
“I quite like it. They don’t let me read anymore…the doctors. They say books about fairytales only make my head worse.”
“What’s wrong with your head?”

“Nothing. Nothing is wrong with my head!” Jack squeaked out, his lip wobbling. “They say there is because they say what I see isn’t real.”

“Is it real?”
“Why do you ask so many questions?” Jack implored then, becoming impatient with the string of inquiries from Alex.

“Because…I’m curious.”
“Why are you here then?”
“They said I tried to commit suicide.”
“Did you?”
“I don’t remember.”

The door rattled yet again and a younger nurse appeared. She was dressed in white from head to toe. Her hair was pulled into a tiny bundle of curls at the nape of her neck. Her blonde hair reminded Alex of his mother. The nurse walked over and unstrapped Jack, who gave her a smile. “Good morning, miss Aggie.”

She didn’t give a smile, handing Jack his change of clothes. “Good morning, Jack. Now can I trust you to change yourself this time?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Help your new roommate get adjusted, yes? Breakfast and church service begin in half an hour.”

He nodded and hopped off the bed when she left. Jack sat on Alex’s bed, leaning close to him. “Hurry and get dressed! You’ll get to meet everyone. I hope they like you much, much better,” Jack stared uncomfortably close at Alex. He reached out and touched his nose and then his cheek.

Alex flinched away. “Better than who?”

Jack laughed like it was the funniest joke he ever heard, slapping Alex on the shoulder. “My last roommate, silly! His heart was sad so he hung himself with his bedsheet.”
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