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Wrecking Ball.

Chapter Six

He hurt me but it felt like true love
He taught me that
Loving him was never enough
This is ultraviolence

The lights blinded me in a way that blurred my vision. I couldn't even breathe with all the thoughts going through my head. I glanced over at Erik who was whiter than my bed sheets. He was going to tell me about her, and than this happened. Maybe this was God's way of saying now was not the time.

"Dammit, Erik, you fucking told me this was okay!"

"I'm sorry, okay? Fuck I didn't think we'd get caught."

The cop car blocked Erik's car and his siren stopped but the lights continued to shine. The cop got out of the car and wondered around Erik's car before making his way over to us. I was so intoxicated I couldn't even stand up right to watch the cop stare us down. He beamed his flashlight in our faces that sent a pang through my gut.

"Do the words 'no trespassing' mean anything to either of you?"

Erik and I just both nodded. Neither of us could speak. I looked down at my feet, maybe if I blinked hard enough, this would go away. My glance wondered back over to the cop, I could see his eyes on our blanket that had empty booze bottles scattered on it. The pang in my stomach got worse. This wasn't looking good at all.

"Been drinking tonight?"

"Yes." Erik croaked as he looked down his own feet.

"Yet you drove here, doesn't seem smart."

"We were waiting to sober up, I promise." Erik replied, not breaking the stare he had on his own two shoes.

"I've heard that one before."

"I mean it," Erik snapped, "Give me a test, I'll pass it."

"Don't test me, boy." The cop spat back at him.

I felt like it was my time to speak up, "Officer, it was my idea."

Erik snapped his gaze over to me, "Emma, no it wasn't."

I didn't let him finish, "It was my idea. I've been here before during the day for hiking. This place seemed abandoned. I figured it was okay to come back at night. We won't come back, I promise."

"Bullshit." He snapped.

"You have to believe her, Officer."

"Please." I pleaded.

"Shut up sweetheart, I'm sure you're not the first girl he's brought up here. He seems the type."

"Don't talk about her like that." Erik gritted his teeth."

The cop just threw his head back and laughed, "I'd like to see you stop me."

Erik raised his voice and the cop lost it. I cursed at the wind as he demanded we get on the ground as he cuffed the both of us. I held back tears as I stared over at Erik. I wasn't the slightest bit worried about what was gonna happen to me, I was more scared for him.

"I'm sorry, Emma." Erik whispered as his eyes smouldered towards me.

"We'll be okay." I sighed.

Before I could say another word, we were both shoved in the back seat. We sat there in silence, lost in our own thoughts.

"I hope he's not right." I said, breaking the silence.


"About you bringing girls up here all the time."

Erik sighed, "Are we really getting into this right now?"

"I'm just asking."

"No, it's just been you, okay? Dammit I wanted to be spontaneous and plan an adventure for us, and now we're fucked."

"We should just make a run for it."

"Emma, you're crazy."

"I mean it. Fuck this guy, we weren't doing anything wrong."

"I'm not running out on something this stupid. He'll probably tow my car, make us pay a fine and we can leave."

"I still say we run."

Erik chuckled, "This is a shitty time to laugh."I smirked and looked over at him. I had to admit, this situation sucked and made us look like a bunch of rebellious teenagers, but it made me find Erik more attractive. The way his hair fell in front of his face, his leather jacket in the back of a cop car, and he was handcuffed. Erik scooted over and placed his lips over mine. Just like that, it felt like everything washed away. The way his lips kept grazing over mine erased my thoughts. His kiss was filled with so much eager it felt short of violent but it was driving me crazy. All I wanted to do was break away this chains and hold onto him for dear life. I pulled away on a count of my breath was gone, he remained persistent and continued to lightly kiss my swollen lips.

"Emma?" He whispered.


"I love you."
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Sorry it's short! Been crazy busy with work! I will try to get back into writing a bit more :)