Status: Completed

Break My Heart

Chapter 1

When you walk away from the one you love why does it kill you? Just because you love someone doesn’t mean it’s sane, but still despite all the reasons that show it could never work there is always that one reason that is yelling at you to stay. So when you walk away to preserve yourself shouldn’t it be easier knowing your saving yourself worse heart break in the future? It seemed that life just didn’t work that way. It’d been two months since I had left Josiah and I still cried myself to sleep at night. I thought by now the pain would have faded. I smiled and acted like it had, but my heart was still shattered and longing for him. Maybe I had just driven myself insane and no one could see it.

“Elle come on were here. Thanks Mrs. Pierce.” My best friend Anisa said as she pulled me out of the car.

“Be good girls! Call me when you’re ready Eleni.” My mom yelled as she drove away.

Anisa thought that I just needed to get out more so she dragged me to the mall, but I still wasn’t up for much though I tried for my friends. After all they were looking out for me because they knew my relationship hadn’t been the best for me. So now here I was being dragged from store to store, and I tried to be excited, or convince her I was at least. I knew she meant well.

“We should buy you something to change into.” Anisa told she looked me over.

“Why? What’s wrong with what I’m wearing?” I asked as I sat down while she browsed dresses in Melrose.

“You’re wearing t-shirt and jeans like you do every day. Dress up girl. There are cute guys here, and you just seem so casual.” She said holding up a few dresses to me to see how they would look.

“I’m not really trying to get noticed. Ani, you know I’m not big on dating right now. Plus, I like being casual. It’s comfortable.” I rolled my eyes at her.

“Still come on… I mean at least look at this red blouse? It’s gorgeous, and it would look great on you.” She said pouting as I looked at the smooth red material she held in her hands. It was beautiful, but it just made me think how red was his favorite colors. Was I really turning into one of those girls where everything reminded her of him?

“Fine I will try it on and if it looks ok I will buy it and change.” I said heading towards the dressing rooms muttering as I passed her, “Bossy.”

“I heard that!” She called after me. I rolled my eyes and laughed.

The blouse did fit great and it didn’t look bad. I mean I could get it and then Anisa would at least shut up about being too casual. I mean, what harm could it do? He didn’t own the color red and I could wear what I wanted. I mean it’s not like I even saw him anymore so it’d be safe. I sighed as I changed back and went to pay for it much to Anisa’s glee. I rolled my eyes and told her I would meet her in the food court as I left to go change in the bathroom. This was just a big nuisance. I mean what was wrong with dressing casual anyways. I just sighed fixing my braids as I walked out of the bathroom to find my crazy best friend. I sighed looking around to see where she could’ve been, and then I felt a hand on my shoulder. What do you know for once she found me first? I turned to make a joke, but instead I felt my heart drop and shatter all over again.