A Dancing Bride

My name is Emma Parker. I'm from a very wealthy family in England, all thanks to the law firm my father owns. I'm what you would call a 'proper' girl. I get straight A's in all my classes, I play violin and Piano. But I want to be a dancer. My dream job would to star in the black swan play.

About two years ago when I was 18, I met a man called Ashley Purdy. He was amazing but he was 6 years older and he had long dark hair, he cursed like a sailor and he's from America. All the things my mother and father would shun. Doesn't matter anyway, he went back home after a month, back to his job as a Graphic Designer.

Turns out Ashley lied about who he was. Turns out he's in a rock band called Black Veil Brides. I don't think he expected to see me two years later auditioning as a dancer for one of his music videos in California. Trust me, I wasn't expecting to see him either.

A bit confused? Let me start from the beginning
  1. Prologue
    How it all began!
  2. Chapter two.