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I Want You Back

Chapter 12: We gonna have sex

“Marley I’ve missed you” Cristiano slurred as we kissed while making our way up to my bedroom.
My mind kept telling me to stop but the heat between my legs were telling me to let ego and enjoy the moment.
“Does Cesc make you feel this good?”
He said as he threw me on the bed. That comment made me move away as he lay on the bed.
“What’s wrong?”
He asked confused as I rolled my eyes.
“Don’t compare yourself to him Cris. It’s not a competition”
He smirked at mu answer before draping his hands over my waist and pulling me towards him.
“Of course it’s not babe. I’m a better man”
He covered my mouth before I could even answer. As his tongue fought with mine, I grinded my hips against his pelvic region to let him know what I wanted. He groaned at that and I couldn’t help the smile that took over my face.
Feeling confident over that, I flipped us over as I laid him flat on his back.
I covered his mouth before he could speak as I started unbuttoning his shirt. Once the material was open, I ran my hand down his toned chest and memorizing his sculptured shape.
Cristiano moved his lips to the side of my neck as he nippled on my skin. I just continued to undress him as I unzipped his pants and ran a hand over his erection.
“You can touch it babe”
He begged. I smirked before I sneaked my hand in his boxers and started to stroke him member. He let out a grunt at my strokes and I smirked as I watched him.
As his member hardened from my hand job I pulled away, much to his frustration.
Before he could speak, I unzipped my dress and threw it across the room.
He looked at my naked form before smirking and taking off his boxers.
“You still don’t wear underwear with evening dresses?”
I smiled as I nodded in conformation. He blushed at that before holding onto my waist and pulling me down on the bed so I lay flat in the bed.
He looked at me one more time before using his one hand to part my legs.
He kissed me roughly before slowly inserting himself into my centre.
I cursed as I he roughly started pounding into me.
“Shit Marley you always feel so good” he whispered as he pounded into me while his hands gripped on my breast with his fingers flicking on my nipples.
The sensation of his thrusts on the pleasure of my nipples was electric and my stomach began to contract as the beginning of my orgasm started.
Cristiano pulled out of me when he realised this. I was about to complain but I watched as he lowered himself between my legs and he prepared to lick me off until I reached my arrival. He inserted two fingers and his tongue as he pounded into me. I couldn’t hold it any longer as after a few more minutes of sucking and thrusting I found my release.
I breathed heavily as I tried to come down from my high. In between breathes I realised that Cristiano still hadn’t cum and his member was throbbing. I picked myself up off the bed as I forced him to lie down so I could return the favour.
I bend down, level with his erection before opening my mouth and taking all of him in.
He grunted as my bobs went deeper and my palm massaged his nuts. He grabbed onto my hair as the start of his orgasm took hold. He let out a few colourful words before he found his release. I swallowed everything up as his juices were released.
He panted as he tried to recover from his high, while grabbing hold on my hands and pulling me towards him. He kissed me on the lips before lying back onto the pillow.
“Damn Marley I’m so glad that we are back together” he huffed as he drifted off to sleep.
I tried to control the panic as I realised what he had just said.
Did this really mean we were back together or where we just having fun?
What about Cesc? Where does this leave us? Do I still want to be with him now that I know Cristiano wants me back?
Oh gosh I have a lot to think about
[to be continued…]
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