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I Want You Back

Chapter 16: Moving on

“Oh come on Cesc. This isn’t fun if your wearing a face like that” Gerard snapped as we watched yet another group of girls walk into the café.

I just shrugged my shoulders at his assessment before downing yet another cup of juice. In reality I had wanted something stronger but considering what I did for a living I couldn’t exactly be downing vodka shots during the day.

I knew Gerard was right but no matter how hard I was trying I just couldn’t get over Marley and that fact that her and Cristiano were back together. it had been almost 3 months but a day didn’t pass where I hadn’t thought about her everyday.

I was tempted quite a few times to go to Madrid and fight for her but I knew that I needed to respect her decision. She wanted a family for Junior and being with Cristiano meant that she would get that chance.

“Oh she’s here. She’s here” Gerard yelled excitedly as a brunette short woman walked in.

I felt nothing as she greeted Gerard and made her way towards us.

I took one final gulp of my drink before putting on a smile and prep\ring to enjoy this date that he had set up for us.

“Oh Nabeelah I’d like you to meet my friend Cesc. Cesc this is my friend Bea” Gerard smiled happy as we all exchanged greetings before she sat opposite me.

“Hello Cesc” she smiled sweetly as a slight blush crept over her cheeks.

I could help but smile at her reaction as I greeted her back.

This may not have been the woman I wanted to be with but I was willing to give it a try.


2 weeks later

“Are you sure you want me with you” Bea asked as we sat in the car on our way to a charity gala.

I laughed at her nervousness before speaking.

“Babe I think it’s a little to late to be asking that don’t you?”

She laughed nervously as she nodded her head before taking my hand and squeezing it tight.

I gave her a light peck before the car came to a halt and we made our way.

I took one final breath before stepping out and posing for the paps with my new lady.

We did the whole picture thing for a few minutes before walking into the building and mingling with guests. Gerard was the first to come over and greet us. He was acting like a kid as he enjoyed watching us together.

However the fun was put to a halt when Cristiano and Marley walked into the room. I watched the two of them mingle but I couldn’t help but notice how she never Cristiano in the eye.

Was something wrong between the two of them?

I shook my head at that thought as I reminded myself that me and her were over. Whatever was happening in her life was no longer my concern.


I smiled at all the guests that were coming towards me and Cristiano and congratulating us on our reunion. There were times where I wanted to laugh as people commented on what a perfect couple we were.

If we were so perfect why did he spend the night away from home, ye again, last night?

This is what we had become. After that day at the restaurant he confessed all the little indiscretions he had done since we got back together. He also vowed not to do it again but in less than a fortnight that he had made that vow, he had already spent 2 night away from home.

As he held my hand as walked us across the room I held in the rage that was boiling up inside me.

“Cesc Fabregas” Cristiano called as my head snapped up and I looked at my ex-boyfriend.

If I wasn’t already regretting my decision to leave Cesc, seeing him with another woman added to my guilt. But rather than let him know I put on my best fake smile and prepared to have my first conversation with a man I hadn’t seen in almost 4 months.

“Cristiano. Like always it’s a pleasure” Cesc liked as the two shook hands.

He then turned to me and shook my hand before introducing me to his lady friend.

“Marley. Cristiano. I’d like you to meet my girlfriend Nabeelah. Bea this is Cristiano Ronaldo and Marley Puyol” he introduced as the sweet girl smiled.

“Marley I’ve heard a lot about you. You are much prettier that Cesc described” she joked as we all exchanged tense laughter.

I opned my mouth to reply to the compliment but was interrupted by Cesc.

“Bea we should go. The ceremony is about to start and I don’t think we want to miss it” he said as he apologised and moved them along.

I realised, as I watched him walk away, that in the entire time we were standing together he never once looked me in the eye.

Had I hurt him that much that he could no longer stand to look at me?

And as for me I needed him to be there as a friend, but after everything I had done to him in the past, I doubt he would give me the time of day.

I had let Cesc walk out of my life and know I’m wondering if that is the biggest mistake I have ever made.
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To be continued...