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I Want You Back

Chapter 17: Rubbing it in

“I’ve invited some of the Barcelona players over for dinner tonight” Cristiano stated as he walked in the kitchen where Junior and I had been playing.

I stopped what I was doing immediately and turned to him.

“Why would you do that? You guys barely get along so I know you aren’t doing it out of the goodness of your heart” I snapped as he turned and opened the fridge.

He took out a bottle of water, drank it and finally turned to me when he felt like his thirst had been quenched.

“I just thought we should put to bed the rumours that you and I are having problems” he admitted as I raised an eyebrow.

I smiled at Junior before dismissing to go up stairs to play with his toys.

Once the little boy was out of the room I turned back to Cristiano.

“Cristiano what are you trying to so? You know we are having problems and I don’t want to have guests in my home when you and I are barely on speaking terms”

Cristiano laughed at my comment before walking up to me.

“Maybe if you fulfilled your role as your role as mu girlfriend we wouldn’t be having these problems” he snapped as he roughly grabbed my hand.

I held my breath as I expected him to hurt me but rather he just looked at me before letting go and pushing me back down on my chair.

“There will be a dinner tonight, you better make sure of it” he threatened before walking away.

I let out a sigh as he left the room before taking deep breathes. No matter what I said there would be a dinner tonight.


“Hello Carles” I smiled at my brother as he made his way into my house.

He looked at me suspiciously but didn’t say anything as he and his girlfriend Vanesa walked into mine and Cristiano’s home.

I kept up the laughter and continued to mingle as more footballers walked into our house for the dinner.

It turns out Cristiano hadn’t just invited the Barca boys but some of his Madrid teammates as well. The lack of warmth I received from the Madrid wives and girlfriends was easy to notice. Even Sara, who I used to hang out with during my first spell as Cristiano’s girlfriend, had gone cold on me.

I sighed as Cristiano cleared his throat to make a speech.

However before he could even say anything the doorbell rang.

I offered to answer in an attempt to get away from the glares everyone seemed to be aiming at me.

I gasped as I opened the door to Cesc who was kissing his shiny new girlfriend Nabeelah.

When I cleared my throat they stopped sucking face and turned to me.

“Hey Marley, how have you been?” Cesc asked as he took her hand and smiled in satisfaction.

I shrugged the hurt in my heart at that action before smiling and answering his question.

“I’ve been good and obviously so have you?” I laughed as I looked at his girlfriend.

“Hi I’m Marley. I don’t think we’ve meet” I smiled as she shook my hand.

She smiled sweetly before stretching out her hand to touch mine. As we made small talk I could help but feel jealous at the way he kept on looking at her.

It was the look of pure adoration and love that he used to have when he looked at me.

When Cesc saw me staring at him I excused myself to go look for Cristiano in an attempt to continue our charade of being a happy couple.


I couldn’t help but felt guilty as I watched Marley and Cristiano interact. She looked miserable as she faked her laughter at his jokes.

I knew she was uncomfortable because she kept on balling her fingers into a fist and that was one of the first things I had noticed about her anytime she felt uncomfortable in a situation.

“Babe Cristiano is encouraging everyone to take a seat” Nabeelah spoke, disrupting my gawking at my ex-girlfriend.

I nodded my head as I lead her to our designated seats. It turns out the happy couple had dictated who would sit where. We gracefully took our seats as we listened to Cristiano give a speech about how happy he was to have all his friends and family with him to celebrate this special moment.

“Oh he is so sweet” Bea commented as Cristiano began some soppy speech about how much Marley meant to him.

I just smiled back at her comment before turning my eyes back to Marley. Even though the man that she had loved for much of adult life was spilling his guts out to her, she looked so fragile and scored. If I dint know any better I would think that Cristiano’s words were making her very uncomfortable.

“…And Marley just to show you about how serious I am about doing things right this time around I have a present for you” he continued to speak as she gave a strained smiled.

He dug into his pocket before taking out a blue box. Everyone gasped as they realised what it was.

I held in my breath as I watched him push the box closer to her.

“So what do you say babe? Will you marry me?” he asked in such an nonchalantly manner that I was almost tempted to ask if he was joking.

Marley looked at me as if I had all the answers to her unspoken questions but I merely looked at Nabeelah and kissing her full on the lips.

That seemed to answer whatever questioned she had for me because she then turned back to Cristiano, ready to answer his questions.

“Yes Cristiano of course I’ll marry you” she cried before standing up and kissing him full on the lips.

As the room cheered in congratulations, I noticed the looks Carles, Gerard and Leo threw at me.

And I know they were right.

As I watched Marley and Cristiano revel in their new engagement, I realised something.

I was still completely and utterly in love with Marley
♠ ♠ ♠
To be continued…