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I Want You Back

Chapter 19: Bad things happen to good people

I watched as Marley ignored yet another insult that my mother threw her way. As much as I wanted to defend my fiancé, I just couldn’t bring myself to open my mouth.

Not because I thought she deserved what my mom was saying to her but because I thought that if she was hurt enough she would turn to me for comfort and I could finally be a hero in her eyes.

I know it sounds twisted but over the past few months I noticed that whenever she looked at me, she was looking at me with hatred rather than the love that once used to be in her eyes. I knew a lot of that had to do with how she felt about a certain Spanish midfielder.

I had done everything in my power to get her to forget about him but no matter what I did, it was never good enough. Even the ring on her finger, which was supposed to represent our love, had become to look like a heavy burden that surrounded her finger.

But I had one more fool-proof plan that would make sure Marley was mine forever and there was nothing she could do to stop what I had in mind. First, I needed to see someone before I took that step with Marley.

“I’m going out” I stated as I looked between the two women. My mom had a look of pure despair as she realised I would be leaving her with Marley, while Marley herself just nodded without even acknowledging me.

“I love you…both of you” I said loudly. At my utterance, Marley finally looked up at me and she scoffed.

In the week we had been in Portugal, she and I had barely spoken, so I was taken aback by her dismal of my declaration of love.

My mother just stood up and walked away, leaving Marley and me to speak in private.

“What is that…”

“Are you going to see her?” she interrupted, as my eyes grew triple in size.


How did she know?

“You’ve always been a bad liar Cristiano” she answered the question I had yet to verbalise. “How long have you been seeing Irina behind my back? Or did you even stop sleeping with her even though you claimed to love me?” she began ranting.

My heart pounded as I realised that no matter how hard I had tried to lie to her about what was happening she always knew what was happening.

“Marley I’m so…”

“No. Just no. I am tired of hearing you saying that. All you ever do is say that to me. I’m so sick of hearing that. I give chance after chance and you always throw it back in my face. I have lost myself respect cause of you. I’ve given up everything I love because of you”

“You mean Cesc right?” I snapped, feeling sick of hearing about all she had to give up. “That the one thing that you love that you gave up right Marley. That’s why you hate me so much and we haven’t had sex since we got back together no matter how hard I try to please you, all you do is compare me and him and guess what Marley, I know I don’t match up to him”

“That is not true” she snapped at me as tears fell sown her cheeks. It seemed that no matter how much I had tried to avoid having this conversation with her, we were going to get everything out in the open. For me, not matter what was said I knew that I would end up with Marley, even she wasn’t convinced that she wanted to be with me.

“Yes it is. I saw it that night I proposed to you. I saw how you looked at him to save you from making a commitment to me. Marley I want to spend my life with you but you still don’t see me as good enough for you. I mean I know I’ve screwed up a few times but trust me when I say I love you. I love you more than words can describe” I pleaded as I walked up to her but she just walked away from me.

“Cristiano I can’t do this anymore” she continued to cry as she pulled away from me. “I just… I want Junior to have a normal family upbringing but I can’t have him growing up in a home where his parents always fight and lie to each other”

“No” I yelled at I banged my fist on the table and she flinched. I moved closer to her as I gripped onto her shoulders. I could see the fear in her eyes as I held on tightly to her but I wouldn’t let go until she understood what I was saying.

“We aren’t breaking up Marley, do you understand that? I love you and I know you love me. We just need to make a commitment to each other and then we’ll understand that we need each other. And baby that why…” I smiled as I realised my grip on her. “Baby, that’s why tomorrow, surrounded by all our friends and family, we are going to get married. It was supposed to be a surprise but because you need me to show you how much I love you we are going to make a lifetime commitment that bounds us together for life” I told her as a smile broke on my face, however Marley looked at me in horror as she realised what I said.

“Cristiano, I’m not marrying you” she stated as she tried to crawl my hands off her shoulders.

“What do you mean? Baby I love you and I know you love, so why won’t you marry me?” I threatened, as my grip grew stronger. She began to cry as she asked me to let go of her but for some reason my grip wouldn’t loosen as I held on tighter.

She continued to fight me as my grip got tighter but she found some strength as she kicked me in the balls, forcing me to let go of her. Once my grip let go she ran out of the house and despite my pain I ran after her.

“Marley please stop running” I begged as she opened the gate and ran into the street. My breath hitched and I stopped in my tracks as I watched what happened next.

Marley gave one quick glance at me but before she had time to react, a car came speeding out of nowhere and hit her.

The only thing I heard was her scream before the drive of the vehicle stopped and came out of the cat to see what had happened.

He started to panic as he watched a lifeless Marley lying in the middle of the road.

I couldn’t handle watching her body laying on the ground as I turned around and ran back into the house, without looking back.
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To be continued…