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I Want You Back

Chapter 2: Seeing Old Faces

"Carles why do you have chocolate crunchies in your cupboard? You know Tito won’t approve. Imagine the headlines when the press finds out perfect Capita likes to eat sugar. Oh gosh the fans would go nuts" Gerard continued to ramble as he looked through Carles cupboard for breakfast.

It had been a couple of days since I had been back in Barcelona and out of all the things I had missed while being away from home, this was the top of the list. Having my brother two best friends in his house rummaging through the cupboards for breakfast always made me laugh. Not because they were rich footballers that could afford anything, but because no matter how perfect the breakfast Carles created was, Gerard and Cesc always found something to complain about.

"Those aren’t his crunchies they are mine" Junior announced as he ran into the kitchen.

I stood behind the wall as I watched the two men try to deal with the little boy.

"Who are…? They are…Uhm. Who are you?" Cesc finally squeaked out as he stood up from his seat and walked over to Junior before bending so they were eye level.

"Cristiano Aviero Puyol Junior and you?" he answered proudly.

"Well I’m Francesc Fabreges Soler but you can call me Cesc. This is my friend Gerard" he said pointing to his blonde friend who looked dazed.

"So you are Carles son?"

"Nephew" I quickly corrected as I walked into the kitchen. "Junior’s my son" I announced as both men looked back at me in awe.

"Marley…you’re back" Cesc breathed as a smile broke over his face.

He didn’t even wait for my reply before walking to me and giving me a suffocating hug.

"You are squishing my mommy" Junior yelled causing me and Cesc to pull apart.

"I’m sorry little man" Cesc apologized as he picked the boy up. “Is there anything I can do to make it up to you?” he asked as the little boys smile grew wide.

From that smile I knew that Junior just wanted his crunchies, so I told him to go to the living room while I made him breakfast.

"Marley when did you get back? Why haven’t you called us? Where is Cristiano?" Gerard questioned as I walked around the kitchen making everyone food.

"I got back a couple of days ago. I wanted to settle in first before I called and he isn’t here" I answered without looking at them. From the corner of my eye I could see them exchange looks before turning back to me.

"Oh so this is just a holiday?" Gerard continued

"Nope. It’s a permanent stay" I announced before walking out the kitchen and heading to the living room.


Cesc’s POV

Permanent! Did she just say this was a permanent stay? Oh my gosh I can’t believe that she’s back. After 6 years out of my life she was back in my life. Maybe if her and Cristiano where really over I could finally have my chance with her.

"Cesc. CESC" Gerard called snapping me out of my thoughts.


"Why are you looking into space like a weirdo? Did you hear what Marley said? She’s back PERMANTLY. Do you think her and Ronaldo are over? Maybe this time you can finally admit your feelings towards her” he teased as I punched him lightly.

"Firstly I do not having feelings for her…anymore. And secondly I really doubt that she is ready to move on just yet" I tried to reason in an attempt to get my heart to beat properly again.

"Whatever Cesc I saw the way your eyes light up when she walked into the room" he continued to tease as I rolled my eyes.

"Whatever Gerard. Where’s Carles I’m getting hungry" I answered as my stomach grumbled.

"Maybe if you ate at your own house you wouldn’t be so hungry" Carles groaned as he walked in.

"Ooh Puyi you gentle soul" Gerard mused in an attempt to get our captain to cheer up.

He merely rolled his eyes before taking out a pan and preparing to make us breakfast.

"So uhm Marley’s back" Gerard noted as he smiled at me.

"Oh really?! I hadn’t noticed" Carles mocked as he looked up at him before turning back to prepare breakfast.

"Uhm OK. So what is she doing back? Her and Ronaldo split?" he began questioning.

Carles merely looked up from what his was doing before shaking his head no and continuing with what he was doing.

"I know what you are trying to do Gerard. Just stop it. She hasn’t told me the full details about what happened yet. And I’m waiting for the moment when she’s ready but until then stop trying to hook her up with people" he answered before shooting a look at me.

"Hey what do I have to do with this?" I said trying to act innocent.

Both men looked at me before I gave up.

"OK fine maybe I’m still into her but I’m not gonna force her into anything. She’s obviously still hung up on him. And anyway why are we still talking about this? It isn’t like me and Marley have a chance of being together?"

Or do we?

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