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I Want You Back

Chapter 20: Who are you?

“Why is no one saying anything? She’s being in there for over 3 hours and no one has said anything” Carles continued to rant as we stood in the hospital hallway waiting to hear anything on Marley’s condition.

Her parents cried as they thought about what would happen and I said nothing as I watched her family crying over what happened.

All we know is we got a call that a drunk driver had run her over and the situation didn’t look good because she had lost a lot of blood before the ambulance was called.

One of the medics mentioned how it had seemed that at least an hour had passed between the time she had been knocked down and the time that the medics were called. They admitted that something drastic would need to be done if she was going to survive this.

“Cesc baby here’s your coffee” Nabeelah smiled as she handed me the cup. I just took it as she sat down and held my hand.

“It’s going to be fine babe. Marley seems like a pretty tough cookie” she smiled as she leaned into my shoulder and sipped on her drink.

As we sat together, waiting on news on Marley, I couldn’t but feel guilty about the situation I found myself in. here I was sitting with my girlfriend and everything liking okay, while Marley, the woman I am completely in love with, lay on the operating table and fighting for her life. How did it come to this were despite how much I cared for her, I couldn’t really be with her in the manner that she needed me.

I stood up and began to walk to where her parents where but my movement was stopped when a ragged Cristiano came though the door and asked for Marley. For some reason rather than walking calmly over to Marley parents, I found my feet leading me to where Cristiano was and before I knew what came over me, I pushed him against the wall and began to punch him.

As he started to bleed, I continued to punch him and it wasn’t until Carles grabbed me from behind that I stopped and took in his appearance. He clutched his nose and began cursing at me but I said nothing as I walked away from him and the shocked faces around me. I just took the elevator from her floor and went to my car. I needed time alone to figure out why I had done what I had. I also needed time to figure out what I wanted.


“I’m suing him. I don’t care that his angry but I am suing him” I yelled at Carles as he sat with me as the nurse helped stopped my nose bleeding. “He is being ridiculous. What happened to Marley is not my fault. I didn’t see that come coming and neither did she. What happened to her is not my fault” I screamed again as Carles gave me a blank look.

“Why did you take an hour to call the ambulance?” he asked as he looked straight at me.

I swallowed, as I shook my head no. “Don’t do this Carles. I didn’t do anything wrong”

“I don’t care. I just want to know what it took an hour for the ambulance to arrive at the scene after my sister was knocked down?” he said more threateningly.

I just shook my head no before asking the nurse to leave so we could speak in private.

Once she left Carles stood closer to me and I stood up to let him no I wouldn’t be intimidated.

“Tell me what fucken happened Cristiano? Why did you take an hour to call the ambulance while she lay on the road bleeding and dying?”

“I panicked” I admitted as his jaw and fist clenched. “I watched the car hit her and I didn’t know what to do. When I saw her lying there I didn’t know what I needed to do so I stood there and just let the situation happen and I stood there and did nothing”

Carles moved even closer to me, forcing me to sit back down on the bed.

“The neighbours said they saw you walk back into the house after the car hit her” he stated rationally as his knuckles turned white.

“Look Carles I’m sorry, it’s just…”

“Save it Cristiano there is nothing you can say that will justify what you did but I’m warning you” he said as he moved forward and looked me directly in the eye. “If my sister doesn’t survive this I’m coming after you and ill make sure you regret the day you were born” he stated before walking out the room and leaving me shocked.

Deep in my mind, I knew that should Marley not survive this, Marley wouldn’t be the only one that would lose her life.
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To be continued…