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I Want You Back

Chapter 24.1: Tell Me What Happened

“Do you have to prepare a meal for him? The man tried to kill you and here you are trying to feed him” I snapped walking into the kitchen to find Marley preparing brunch.

She just ignored my ramblings as she continued to cook.

“You know what? I’ve changed my mind, I don’t want you seeing him and I don’t want that man in my home. He has already hurt you once so I don’t want him to hurt you again. So please just call him now and tell him you’ve changed your mind”

Marley stopped what she was doing as she turned to look at me before holding my face in the palm of her hands and looking me in the eye.

“No Cristiano. I’m not cancelling on Cesc. I want closure on this and he is the only one who can give it to me. Now please respect my decision and let me do this?” she pleaded before giving me a light peck on the lips. When we separated, she had the cutest smile and looked so completely in love with me as I felt the guilt eat me up.

Would this be the last time she looked at me this way?

I couldn’t help but wonder that as I thought of a last minute plan to keep him away from her. Maybe I could just wait around the corner of the street and stop him before he could speak to her.

Yes, I’d have to leave now so I could be prepared to meet him.

“Babe I’m leaving to met the boys for something, I’ll see you later yeah” I quickly explained as I grabbed my car keys but my movements where halted by my mother who came into the kitchen with a hyped out Junior.

“Oh we can all leave together” my mother smiled as I looked at her confused.

“I’m sure Marley wanted to speak to Cesc in private so I thought we could leave and do something together. Like a family” she explained with a smirk.

Marley joined the conversation, agreeing with my mother.

“But babe I wanted to see my friends…”

“You can see your friends anytime you want too Cristiano. Junior would like to spend the day with you” my mother snapped before instructing Junior to run to the car so we could leave.

I gave up on fighting back as I said bye to Marley and walked with my mother to the garage, before we could get to the door my mother forced me to look at her.

“Today all your lies will catch up with you my boy” she warned before walking towards the car and letting herself in.

The voice in my head couldn’t help but agree with her.

By the time I had made it back tonight, I would be surprised if my world wasn't turned upside down.


“Just tell me what happened during the accident” I order to Cesc as he sat opposite me at the kitchen counter.

He looked on in confusion as he waited for me to explain.

“Marley I don’t know what you are talking about?”

“Cesc don’t you dare lie to me. Cristiano told me the truth about that day of the accident” I began but Cesc still seemed in the dark so I began to retell the story Cristiano had told me.

“He told me how we were both in the same car the night of my accident…how you were angry that I rejected you and how you wanted to punish me for having tur…”

“No wait” Cesc yelled, as he got angry. ”Is that what he told you happened? That I did this?” he challenged as I nodded.

“I need to hear you explain to me why you did it Cesc” I cried as he looked on in anger.

“So he told you that I was behind your accident?” Cesc questioned as I nodded.

“Do you believe him?” he challenged, as he looked me in the eye.

I looked away from him before I gave him my answer.

“I don’t know what to believe. I don’t want to think that you could do that to me but since my accident you’ve been very distant so it makes me wonder that maybe what Cristiano said is the truth” I explained as I glanced back at Cesc.

He just nodded his head in understanding before speaking again.

“I can understand why you would come to that conclusion but the reason I’ve been so distant from you is because I want you to gain your memory back with no pressure from me. I want you to know the truth without me having to tell you” he explained as looked on in confusion.

“What truth Cesc? There’s no guarantee that I will remember what happened so I need you to help me fill in the blanks” I begged him but he shook his head. “Please Cesc. Tell me what happened. I swear you won’t be angry with you, no matter what you did”

Cesc laughed at my statement before speaking again.

“Marley are you really sure you want to hear this?” he questioned as I nodded, knowing I needed someone to tell me the truth.

“You were in a car accident but I wasn’t the one driving. You got hit by a drunk driver and rather than trying to save you, Cristiano ran away and left you to die”
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To be continued...