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I Want You Back

Chapter 24.2: Tell me what happened

“No Cesc you are lying. He would never do that to me. Cristiano loves me. Stop making excuses and tell the truth. Own up to what you did” I screamed back at him as he lied about the night of my accident.

Cesc shook his head in disappointment as he tried to explain what happened.

“No Marley he doesn’t. He is using your memory loss so he can get back with you. I wish I could tell you everything but I can’t. The man you are with right now is not the man you think he is” he said cryptically but I shook my head no, refusing to believe the things he was saying.

“Your lying Cesc, stop making things up” I begged him but he just looked at me in disappointment.

“Marley look me in the eye and tell me that to my face. Tell me that I would lie to you about this” he challenged as I did what he asked.

Unlike Cristiano, who often looked elsewhere when the topic of my accident came up, Cesc never once wavered.

I took a deep breath and started to cry as I realised what this meant.

“Marley I’m so sorry” Cesc apologised as he stood from his seat and knelt before me. “I didn’t mean to do this to you. I wanted you to figure out for yourself what happened” he explained as he comforted me.

I just nodded my head as I whipped the tears away.

Now was not the time to be weak. I needed to be in control because I had a feel that I didn’t yet completely know what had transpired before my accident.

“Cesc can I ask you something?” I whispered out as he stayed kneeling in front of me. He nodded his head as he allowed me to continue.

“Yes anything”

“Can you tell me what happened? I want to know everything that happened that day and why exactly he would lie to me about it?” I begged as he bit his lip.

From the way he scratched his neck, I knew he was uncomfortable with what I was asking him but then he took a deep breathe as he gave me the answer I had been hoping for.

“Fine I’ll tell you the whole truth but you have to promise me you won’t get angry okay?”

He bargained as I nodded my head and waited for him to speak.


Cristiano’s POV

The house was eerily calm as I walked in to find everything in place and Marley humming to the tune of the song that was on the radio. She was in the kitchen, cooking and looked happy and content.

I don’t know what I was expecting to happen when I got home but this was definitely not it.

Maybe Cesc hadn’t told her what happened that day? Alternatively, maybe he had gone along with my lie just to save her the pain of knowing the truth.

“Honey I’m home” I smiled as I walked closer to her and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

She smiled at me before turning her attention back to what she was doing.

“So how was your day out?” she began to question as I took a seat at the kitchen table were she had already set up a nice dinner for two.

“It was good. I always love hanging out with my mom and Junior. Some days I forget how much of a funny kid he is” I explained as she just nodded her head.

I watched her for a few more minutes before asking the question that was eating at me.

“How was brunch with Cesc?”

She froze up at my question before answering.

“It was fine” she shrugged as she took out two plates and dished up.

She placed one in front of me before putting another one on the side of the table where she would be sitting.

We started to eat in silence before I brought him up again.

“So what did he say?”

Marley chewed slowly as she looked up at me and prepared to speak.

“He told me what happened” she explained calmly as my heart thumped in my chest.

“So he told you how he left you to die like I explained” I tried to fish but with a shake of her head I knew I was in trouble.

“No Cristiano he didn’t tell me that. He told me how I got hit by a car and how it took you an hour to call the ambulance as I lay in the street dying” she elaborated as I bit my tongue.

“He’s lying” I stated as I prepared to go into a rant but from the shake of her head I knew it was no use.

“Stop Cristiano. Just stop. I called your mom while you guys where at the park and I told her what Cesc told me and she repeated his story. She told me how you used my memory loss to get me back because you’d realised when I got back with Cesc how much you loved me” she described without getting angry. “She also told me how you threatened him to stay away from me or you’d make sure he never saw me again” she continued to speak steadily.

I said nothing as I waited for her to explode but as she continued to speak, I realised that she would not be getting angry. She was just telling me the facts without getting angry or screaming at me for what I had done.

“I really messed up babe. Please forgive me?” I pleaded as she just looked on with no emotion. “Marley please? Say something. Yell at me if you want but please don’t just sit there”

She contemplated her thoughts for a while before clearing her throat.

“I’m not going to yell at you or throw things because that would be a waste of energy and time. I just wanted to see the look in your eyes when you realised that I had found out all your lies and that there was nothing you could do to fix things” she began as I waited to hear what the future held for us. “I know you probably think I’m angry at you but I’m not. I’m actually glad that this actually happened now I don’t have to feel so bad for what I’m about to do”

I looked at her in shock as I waited for what she had to say.

“I’m going back to Barcelona and I’m taking Junior with me. I don’t know what this means for you and me but I need some time alone. Time to adjust to what I’ve just found out and to make a decision about what will happen next”

“Marley please…” I interrupted but she shook her head no.

“Carles will be here any minute. Your mom and Junior and in the car with him, she’s staying with me for a couple of weeks to help me adjust while my parents are away on holiday” she described as I just sat there and said nothing.

“Marley I really do love you despite everything I did, I never meant to hurt you” I tried to assure her but she shook her head and stood up.

“Cristiano you don’t know the meaning of love and that’s why I will never believe anything you say” she stated before walking out of the room and leaving me alone…yet again.
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To be continued...