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I Want You Back

Chapter 25: Do something

“Oh Marley yet another day out tanning in the sun?” Carles teased as he sat on the lounger next to me.

I rolled my eyes at him before turning my attention back to my magazine. It had been a month since I had left Cristiano and I was still no closer to figuring out what I wanted to do about us.

Junior meanwhile was flourishing being around my side of the family, especially since he was being spoiled by his grandparents everyday.

“Do you have any plans tonight?” Carles questioned as I glared at him.

“I don’t appreciate your sarcasm”

“Hahaha” he mocked as he lay back next to me. “Firstly I wasn’t being sarcastic, I was asking a serious question and secondly, the club is hosting a gala diner and I wanted to know if you wanted to come as my date. Its free food and drink and we both know how much you love free things” he teased as I grunted. As much as he was mocking me, he was also telling the truth. I would go anywhere that offered anything for free.

“Well I’d have to check my calendar but I’m sure I can squeeze you in somewhere” I said snobbishly as I turned back to the magazine.

“Whatever, we both know that you don’t have any plans. Be ready by seven, we can’t be late because it’s my farewell dinner” he explained before standing up and walking away.

As I started to plan for my first night out for the longest time, I could help but feel that tonight could be the start of a new me. It was time I stopped sitting around and did nothing. I needed to get my life back on track and now that I had memory back, I had nothing to hold me back from doing so.


“Can you please stop playing with your tie? It’s starting to get annoying and like I’ve told you many times before, there is nothing wrong with it” Gerard snapped at me as we waited for the dinner to get under way.

If only he knew that, the reason I was so nervous was not because I thought something was wrong but rather that I wanted to look good for Marley. She had come as Carles date tonight and apart from a greeting earlier this evening, she and I had yet to have a conversation since that day at Cristiano’s house.

“Is this seat taken?” someone asked as they picked the chair next to me.

I shook my head no, as I encouraged Marley to sit next to me.

“So you having fun?” she questioned me as we both ordered something to drink.

“Yeah there’s free food and drink so I can’t really complain” I explained as he laughed.

I raised an eyebrow at her actions as she explained.

“The only reason I’m here is because of the free food so its funny hearing you say that” we both giggled as we realised how similar we are.

We had more light conversation before keeping quiet and letting the protocol of the night took over.

“So how have you been?” I asked her as I realised the speeches of most of the board members where taking longer than any of us had anticipated.

“I’ve been good. I’ve been really good. I’ve enjoyed being back home as you can tell by my weight gain” she giggled as she continued to eat. It was great seeing her like this, so comfortable and happy without care in the world.

“I think you look great and its nice to see you so calm and carefree” I admitted as she nodded her head.

“Thanks Cesc I’m not going to lie. It’s felt good to be back home and with people that love me with no regulations” she admitted as I nodded my head.

“Does this new lease of yours mean that you’ve made a decision about your love life?” I tried to fish in an attempt to find out where she and I stood.

She shook her head no and I couldn’t help but feel my heart drop.

“Cesc its not that I’m saying no to you its just I’m saying I need some time. To find out what I want for myself but I especially want to make the right decision for Junior. My next choice needs to be right for both of us” she explained as I nodded my head.

“I understand Marley but I want you to know that no matter what choice you make, I’ll be right here waiting for you” I confessed as she smiled.

It was true. As much as I wanted her to pick me the minute she walked out on Cristiano, I knew she needed time and no matter how long it took her, I would be waiting for her to show her how much I loved her.
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To be continued…