Status: On-going

I Want You Back


6 months later

“If you ever feel uncomfortable during the trip, just tell one of the ladies and I’m sure they can turn around and bring you back” my mother tried to explain as I laughed.

“Mom I’m pretty sure that airplanes don’t turn around just because a pregnant woman is felling ‘uncomfortable’” I explained to her as she shrugged.

Yes, 6 months after me walking out on Cristiano, I currently found myself 4 months pregnant with Cesc’s child.

The pregnancy was very much a surprise as well as unplanned, but considering everything that had happened between us, we took the news in our stride and began planning our lives together.

And our lives are now as man and wife because 3 weeks after our pregnancy discovery Cesc demanded that I marry him, and it’s not like I put up much of a fight.

“Babe you ready?” Cesc asked as my mother kept on fussing over me.

I nodded my head as I turned to look at Junior and Cristiano. In spite of our break up, relations between Cris and me have never been better and with his new relationship with Irina, it seemed like he had finally sound someone to settle down with.

“Junior its almost time to leave” I called to the little boy as he came running towards him.

Both our parents’ and Cristiano, looked on with tears in their eyes as they prepared to bid us farewell.

Carles could not be at the airport to say bye because he had some club business to take care off due to his new role on the Barcelona board.

“Ok you guys wrap up warm in London and make sure that you call me everyday, okay?” my mom asked as I rolled my eyes.

“Mom between Junior starting school and Cesc playing for Chelsea, I doubt we’d be able to call you every day but we’ll try for once a week”

“Oh so you go to a new country and forget all about me?” she tried to guilt trip me but I rolled my eyes.

Before I could even answer, our plane was called and Cesc, Junior and I had to leave.

We said our byes to our family, with Cesc and Cristiano even shaking hands before Cesc took my hand and walked away.

“You ready for a fresh start?” he asked as I rubbed my belly and looked at the boarding gate.

“As long as I’m with you, I’m ready for anything” I admitted as he gave me one final kissing before walking down the tarmac and into a new beginning for both of us.
♠ ♠ ♠