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I Want You Back

Chapter 3: Making Contact

Cristiano's POV
"Baby why do you look so sad? Stop mopping about Junior. We could make our own baby tonight" Irina purred as she pulled me closer and started kissing on my neck.
I grunted at her actions before pushing her off and getting off the couch.
I didn't push her off because I didn't want her but with Marley and Junior both gone from the house it felt wrong having another woman here.
"Baby come on" she continued to whine as she followed me into the kitchen. "Let’s go upstairs and start on our own little family" she smirked as she rubbed on my chest. I rolled my eyes before turning to face her.
"Tell you what? Why don't you go upstairs and start getting ready. I'll be up in a few minutes to join you" I kissed her before watching her walk up stairs.
I waited until I heard the bathroom door close before doing what I had been dreading for the past three weeks.
Ring Ring
"Uhm Hello" she grumbled over the phone.
"Hey Marley it's me" I whispered as I heard shuffling. From that I knew that she was positioning herself to sit upright on her bed.
"Hey. Haven't heard from you in a while" she whispered as a silence grew over us.
"I-I'm sorry about that. I've been meaning to call" I answered lamely.
"What do you want Cris?"
"I mi... I just wanted to know how you and Junior where doing in Barcelona. It's been 3 weeks since you left and I just wanted to make sure you were OK" I offered.
"We're fine. Junior keeps asking about you and I promised he'd see you soon. The Classico comes up in a few weeks and we'll be there" she rambled.
"That's great. Really great, I can't wait to see him... and you" I whispered out the last part.
I heard her give an awkward laugh before speaking again.
"You are kidding me right? You cheated on me repeatedly over the 4 years we are together and when I finally find the courage to walk away from you, you decide to miss me?" she cried as I sat down and listened.
She didn't deserve the pain I caused her and it wasn't until she left that I really understood how much I hurt her. Even though I didn't want to get back with her it didn't mean I didn't feel guilty for what I did.
"I'm sorry" I breathed once her crying subsided.
"That's not good enough Cristiano. No matter how many times you apologize it will never be enough. Until you admit to yourself and me how long the cheating and lying went on I'll never forgive you. I'll be civil in regards to all issues that are about Junior but I refuse to smile and pretend that you didn't hurt me" she admitted as I nodded.
"I understand. I just hope that one day you can forgive me"
"Yeah maybe but today is not the day" she said before hanging up
I looked at my phone before putting it down and leaning back to take a deep breath.
I have no regrets about what I've done because I know as well as Marley does that we are not made for each other, but that doesn't mean that I'm not disappointed at how things ended.
♠ ♠ ♠
Marley is having regrets. Will she take Cris back or will Cesc win her heart?