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I Want You Back

This was supposed to be drama free

“You and him could stand in front of the paparazzi with Junior after the game and that will show them that everything is OK between you two” Vanessa, Carles’ girlfriend, suggested as we watched the teams continue to warm up ahead of the Classico.
I held in the urge to roll my eyes at her ridiculous comment as she continued to speak
“I mean you have a child with the man so that should count for something in your battle with her” she advised as we watched Irina Shayk make her way into Cristiano’s VIP box.
She gave me a curt nod before sitting down and swinging one of her long legs over the other. As she did that I think I realised why he had left me for her. I mean those legs could probably do things I could only dream off. And with Cristiano always needing a new challenge to keep him motivated I can see why he turned to her.
“Mommy I love you” Junior said unexpectedly before pulling my face towards his to give me a kiss, as he sat on my lap.
“Cristiano may have a model on his arm but I have the affection of the only man I could ever need. I don’t need to use the media to get his attention” I informed Vanessa as she took in the image of a smiling Junior on my lap. “And anyway maybe Cris just needs to play away for a bit before he releases what a good thing he let go” I hoped as she shook her head disappointedly.
“Oh sweetie a man like Cristiano does not go back to that” she said as she eyed me up and down. “Once he has had that” she said while pointing to the Russian woman.
I wanted to cry at how rude she was being but deep down I knew she had a valid point. Why did I think Cristiano would ever want to get back together with me when all his little play things looked ten times better than me?
The reason I had finally walked away from him was in the hope that he would one day wake up and realise that I am the woman he wants and needs in his life. And so far I have done nothing to convince him of that. Apart from that one phone call a few nights ago he had kept communication to a minimum and when he did communicate he mainly asked how Junior was doing.
If I really wanted him back I would have to show him what he was missing out. And that would mean steeping out of my comfort zone.
Yes, I want Cristiano Ronaldo back in my life and I will do anything and everything in my power to make it work, I thought as I reclined back in my seat and prepared to watch the first half of the game.
Cesc’s POV
I yelled in frustration as I watched Cristiano score the winning goal in the 90th minute of the game. Just another he is fucking great at; I cussed as he celebrated near his VIP suite and waved at his son.
As I looked in the direction he was celebrating in I saw Marley smile as she moved Junior close to the window so he could see his father.
Man how I would love it if I was the one to put a smile on that face. Today was supposed to be the beginning of my plan to get her to fall in love with me and so far I was failing dismissally. Not only had we lost but I was also having an awful game as I failed to make any sort of impact on my teams play.
“I love it when she smiles at me like that” Cristiano smirked as he walked off the pitch and make his way to the home locker room.
I gave him a glare before quickly walking to our own locker room and changing into my own clothes. Since traffic was always chaotic after games between Madrid and Barcelona, the coach allowed us to mingle in the players’ lounge while we waited to be driven back home.
As I made my way there Cristiano walked up behind me.
“Ahh Cescy. How does it feel to always be in my shadow?” he mocked as he put an arm around my shoulder.
I shrugged it off as I stayed silent.
“Oh don’t tell me you have nothing to say. And don’t think I’m dumb. I see the way you look at Marley. It doesn’t take a genius to see that you are in love with her. Maybe that’s why you and Danielle didn’t work out” he continued as I bit my tongue. “But shame for you because the girl you love is not in love with you. She’s crazy about me. And I mean I understand why, I am young rich and good looking”
“And you? Are you even in love with her?” I finally snapped after his taunting. He only shrugged in response and I felt like punching him. “You know you are something. You have everything you could ever want including her heart and you know it. Why don’t you just tell her that she will never be good enough for you instead of being evasive and acting like there’s a possibility of you two getting back together?”
“Because there still might be a possibility. Me and her do have a child together and I would never want to close the door on me and her being a family. I just need something else for now. And she can’t give it to me at this very moment” he admitted with a smirk as I looked around.
“One day you’ll wake up and realise what an amazing woman you let go” I said before taking a deep breath. “And when you do it’ll be too late because she will be mine” I promised before walking into the lounge and mingling with my disappointed teammates.
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It’s boring but I need you guys to get an idea of where this story is heading.