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I Want You Back

Chapter 5: Say hello to the new me

“OH. MY. GOSH” Gerard gasped as I walked down the stairs.
I smiled at his reaction because I knew that I was making the kind of statement I wanted. In my tight red dress and stiletto heels, I knew that one way or another all eyes would be on me.
“You uhm… you look amazing Marley” Cesc breathed as he held my coat for me.
The three of us were preparing to go to a gala dinner that the Spanish Football Federation had organised to support some charity. Normally I wouldn’t go to such things but because I wanted Cristiano back I knew that I needed to step out of my shell to get his attention.
And with a friend like Cesc willing to take me to so many celebrity events I knew that Cristiano would have no choice but to notice me.
“Thanks Cesc and thank you so much for the invitation” I smiled at him as we walked to the car.
Gerard would be driving as me and Cesc sat in the back seat.
“So Marley are we trying to impress anyone special?” Gerard teased as he looked at Cesc and wiggled his eyebrows.
Cesc turned red at the teasing while I held in a laugh.
“No not really. I just wanted to dress up for once. It’s not every day when you get to hobnob with Spain’s rich and famous” I lied as I looked out the window.
There was only one man I was looking to hobnob with and he wasn’t even Spanish.
Cristiano’s POV
I smiled as people walked up to me and Irina to compliment us about what a good couple we made.
This was why I had to leave Marley. Having her on my arm didn’t boost my ego the way Irina did. With her on my arm it would always be guaranteed that all eyes would be on me. And when you are as good looking and rich as me you needed a partner like that on your arm.
“Babe…” Irina purred as she placed her hand on my thigh.
I smirked at her flirting before my attention was pulled away by gasps all over the room.
I turned to look at who everyone was staring at as I saw a blonde woman wearing a red dress walk into the room.
She was on the arm of Cesc Fabregas and from that smile on her face I knew who it was.
“Marley? What is she doing here?” I questioned as I watched her take a seat at a reserved table.