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I Want You Back

Chapter 6: Is that jealousy?

Cesc’s POV

I couldn’t stop smiling as Marley and I continued to mingle with the other players and their partners during the charity dinner. She had been the perfect partner so far. Not only did she look sexy as hell but as people kept asking me about my move to Barcelona she spoke of how good I was doing; on and off the pitch. The compliments she was giving me made my pride swell up and with the way Cristiano was looking at us I knew he had noticed how she had turned into the centre of attention.
“Cesc so how about me, you Marley and Sara set up a double date?” Iker asked as he rubbed his fiancé’s pregnant belly.
“Well if Marley is ok with it. I have no problem” I smiled knowing exactly what Iker was doing.
“I don’t mind. But promise me will do it in Madrid. I don’t want my brother bothering us in Barcelona. The last boy to take me out while I lived there was chased down the street with a baseball bat” she joked as we all laughed.
As we calmed down we noticed a figure standing by the table.
“Oh please don’t stop on my account” Cristiano snapped as he eyed Marley. She kept silent as she stretched out her hand to take her glass of wine. She sipped on it before looking up at him.
“Can we help you?”
“We need to talk NOW” he demanded before walking away from the table.
“You don’t have to go if you don’t want to” I offered Marley as she debated whether to stay or leave.
“I know but I should go. Knowing him it’s probably about Junior” she smiled before standing up and excusing myself.
Somehow I couldn’t shake the idea that tonight Cristiano didn’t have thoughts of his son going through his mind. I feared that maybe he was finding Marley just as irresistible as I had been the whole night.
Marley’s POV
I tried hard to hold in my smirk as I met Cristiano on the patio of the hotel.
“You summoned my lord” I taunted as he turned to look at me.
He quickly walked to the door before closing them. Before I could even ask him what he was doing he walked up to me and pulled me close to attach our lips.
I had no idea how to respond but as he placed his hand to cup my face I relaxed as gave into him willingly. As his tongue slipped into my mouth I pulled back. Not quite ready to give into him this easily.
“What the hell was that?” I snapped as I pulled away from his embrace.
“Oh Marley don’t act dumb. You know what it was. You wanted it just as much as I did” he smirked before walking closer to me.
This time I moved out of the way, much to his frustration.
“Why are you playing hard to get. We both know the reason you came out tonight was to make me jealous” he laughed as I shook my head in denial.
“Actually I came out tonight because I wanted to be with Cesc. He has been such a great sort of comfort ever since I moved home” I shrugged as anger flashed through his face.
“You’re joking right? You can’t honestly be into that wimp. Look at him… he has nothing on me” Cristiano rambled and I knew I had got him where I wanted him.
“Don’t tell me you’re jealous?” I smirked as he laughed.
“Of him? Never. I just hope you see what a good thing you walked out on when you are in bed with him tonight” he continued to laugh.
“Do you honestly think if it was that good I would have left?” I challenged as Cristiano looked back in shock. Before he could say anything back I turned around and opened the doors to leave.
“Have a good night Cristiano. I know I will” I smiled before walking down the stairs in search of Cesc.
As I walked to him I couldn’t help but feel triumphant. It was only a matter of time before I had Cristiano back and my family was together again.
Cristiano’s POV
I am not jealous.
I kept on repeating this to myself as I kept a close eye on Cesc and Marley. They were currently laughing with Carlo Ancelotti.
Since when did she crack jokes? She was never this outgoing on social when we were together. And goodness knows she never danced with me. No matter how many times I begged her too.
“Cristiano I want to go home” Irina yawned to me.
“The party isn’t over” is snapped as I watched her apply her lipstick.
“It is for me. I’m bored and I don’t understand what half the people here are saying” she admitted. I knew that this would happen considering she didn’t speak Spanish and we were conversing in English.
I thought over whether we should leave before turning to Irina.
“Why don’t you get our coats while I say my good byes?” I offered. I left before she could even answer as I made a beeline to the one person I wanted to make sure saw me leave with my model girlfriend.
“I just came over to say goodbye” I interrupted the group in the midst of their laughter.
“Oh leaving so soon?” Carlo noticed as Marley busied herself with Cesc.
“Yeah. We have early training tomorrow and I’m still trying to impress the boss” I joked as everyone looked bored.
“I’d be more impressed if you were hanging around your teammates rather than sitting in a corner with your girlfriend all night” Carlo moaned as I cringed. Mingling with my teammates was never my strong point and that’s why I never classed some of them as friends despite us spending so many days together. “You guys spend all year exchanging harsh words to each other and when you have a chance to hang out in a friendly atmosphere you don’t take it. I just don’t understand?” he continued to moan. “Why can’t you be more like Cesc? Him and his lady have been the life and soul of the party” he commented and I snapped.
“She’s not his lady and I’d rather die than ever try to be like him” I yelled as everyone turned to look at me.
I sighed at the scene I had caused before turning around and walking away.
There is nothing that Cesc has that I could possibly want. I thought as I took Irina’s hand and walked towards our car.
I gave one last look to the window where the guest where standing as I saw a smiling Marley.
He has her and maybe just maybe I may want her.