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I Want You Back

Chapter 7: Making my move

Cesc POV

I ran after Junior in the garden as I waited for Marley to pack the final few boxes of her things before moving to her new place.
She had decided to move out of Carles’ house after he had announced that he and Vanessa were expected a baby. She didn’t want to be an extra burden for her brother so she found her own place that wasn’t too far from her new job as well as junior’s day care.
“Cesc the ball fell in the water” Junior cried as I looked to where he was pointing too.
I let out a sigh as I realised that the ball falling into the pool meant that our football game was over.
“Sorry buddy that means no more football for us today. Maybe we should go back inside?” I bargained as he shrugged before running back inside.
Marley was making her way downstairs as we walked in.
“The ball fall into the pool?” she questioned as I nodded. “Oh well that’s a shame but that means you can move my boxes” she smiled as I laughed.
“That depends on how many boxes you have”
“7 isn’t that many” she laughed as she lead me upstairs to where the boxes lay.
We continued to joke around as I helped her move boxes and soon she was ready to leave.
“Aren’t you gonna call Carles and tell him that you’ve left?” I asked as she buckled junior in the car.
“Nope. He told me to keep the key and just lock up when I leave” she said before getting in the car and preparing us to drive to her house.
As we drove I felt nervous because I had planned a little surprise at Marley’s new home.
After the charity dinner in Madrid I had realised that I needed to be more aggressive in my pursuit of her. Cristiano was right, right now she saw me as nothing more than I friend but I needed to do something big to show her what I good partner I would be for her.
“Oh were here” I announced as the car rolled up into the drive way.
She got out of the car ready to unbuckle Junior but I stopped her.
“Why don’t you go inside and I’ll take Junior” I offered as she smiled.
“Thanks Cesc” she said before walking up the driveway to open the door to her new home.
Marley POV
I gasped as I took the scenery that stood in the living room of my new home.
The boxes were around a candle lit table. On two of the plates was pasta while in the third was cheerios cereal with milk in a glass.
“You did this?” I whispered as Cesc and Junior walked into the house.
Cesc gave a shy nod before putting Junior down, who immediately began running around.
“I can’t be… thinly you” I cried before pulling him into a hug” he wrapped his arms around me as we stood like that for a while.
As we pulled we both exchanged awkward looks before he suggested that we sit down.
“Junior can join us once he calms down” he laughed as we watched the 3 year old run around like a mad man in his new home. “So are you happy?” he questioned as I silently asked about what. “Both the house and this?” he said referring to the meal he had set up.
“Yes. Everything is perfect” I smiled back at him and it really was.
It was funny how in the preceding days after the charity dinner I had spent time thinking how to get Cristiano’s attention when Cesc was right in front of me, trying to garner mine.
My feelings however shouldn’t get clouded. I really did like having Cesc around me but I still wanted Cristiano. He was the love of my life and the one I wanted to be with. He may act like an ass sometimes but I know he loves him so he just needs a little push in the right direction to see that I’m the one for him.
“So are you looking forward to your new job?” Cesc asked dragging me out of my thoughts.
I fake sighed as I thought about my answer.
“I don’t know hey. The thought of being around 25 naked men including my brother creeps me out” I joked.
“Well you’re the team doctor now so you better get used to seeing your closest friends in the nude” Cesc teased as I crinkled my nose. As I laughed over the issue I decided to have a bit of fun.
“If I ask nicely can I see you in your birthday suit?” I teased as he stopped laughing.
He coughed as he tried to answer.
“Uhm…I…if you want to” he whispered as he blushed.
I suddenly felt hot at his comment but stayed calm as I took a sip of my water.
“Be careful Mr. Fabregas if you continue to flirt with me I might just hold you to that” I smirked as I bit down on my lip.
“Well I do like to be held and especially by you” he teased as I gulped.
When did Cesc become so flirty and since when did my palms start to sweat when he complimented me?
♠ ♠ ♠
[to be continued…]