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I Want You Back

Chapter 8: I don’t like competition

Marley’s POV
I walked around the house fixing things and singing rather loudly, smiling stupidly over the text that Cesc had sent.
Over the two weeks that we had started hanging out more regularly things between us had been really good. He had taken my mind of Cristiano but more importantly he had made me see that I was more than just Cristiano Ronaldo’s baby mama and ex-girlfriend.
The fact that I and he were now working closer, with my job at the club, was also very helpful in making us get closer. And me seeing him topless every once in a while didn’t hurt.
Cristiano had been fairly invisible in my life. Only sending me random messages asking how Junior was but nothing ever asking about me.
“Mommy someone’s at the door” Junior yelled from upstairs as I walked around the living room.
Normally I would have yelled at him for ordering me around but considering how he was packing for his ‘outdoor camp’ with Cesc tonight I let it go and walked up to the door.
“Wha…hey Cristiano” I squeaked at I took in the man standing in front of me.
He flashed a pearly white smile at me before asking to come in. I moved out of the way as I prepared to ask him what the hell he wanted especially considering he hadn’t been interested in his son over the past fortnight.
“Look before you say anything” he began as I opened my mouth to berate him. “I know I haven’t exactly been the best dad to Junior or been very helpful in helping you parent him but I thought I’d just drop by and surprise you guys to see if we could hang out?” he asked optimistically.
“I…we made plans” I breathed out.
“I thought as much but maybe you could change them…for Junior” he said, knowing very well I wouldn’t say no if it involved our son.
“Fine I’ll get him” I grumbled before walking upstairs to get the three-year old.
Cristiano’s POV
I listened to the footsteps upstairs as I waited for Junior and Marley to come down. My visit was not only a surprise to her but to me as well after someone tipped me off that Cesc, Junior and Marley had been getting close over the past few weeks.
I needed to show face in Barcelona to let the Barca boy know he wouldn’t be taking my family away from me without a fight.
You may ask me why I care so much about who Marley sees especially when you consider that I broke up with her. The answer is… I don’t know. I knew at the time when we broke up that I didn’t want to be with her and that’s exactly why I cheated. But as time has gone on I realise how much I miss her and want her back but for some reason I can’t bring myself to break things off with Irina and make things work between Marley and I.
Maybe there was a part of me that liked the glamorous life that came with a model girlfriend but there was also a bigger part of me that wanted to have a stable life with a homely girl who doted on me and wasn’t about the fame.
“Daddy” Junior squealed as he ran to me and gave me a hug.
I couldn’t hold back the smile that took over my face when the boy smiled at me.
“Are you here to take us back home?” he asked hopefully as Marley and I exchanged glances.
I bent down so I was eyelevel with the boy in order to explain to him what was happening.
“Uhm no buddy. Mommy and daddy are living a part for little while but today I decided to visit you guys because I missed you” I admitted as he nodded happily.
“Coool. Can we play cars while you’re here” he asked before running off without waiting for my answer.
I opened my mouth to say something to Marley but was disrupted by the ringing of the doorbell.
“I’ll get that” she said before turning and walking away to answer.
While she was away Junior came back with a bag of all his toys which he laid on the floor for us to play with. I sat down with him as he began explaining to me what all his cars did. I had to laugh at his concentrated expression because he looked so happy talking about these objects.
We sat around for almost fifteen minutes playing with the toys before Marley came back and this time she wasn’t alone.
I feel the anger grow in me as I took in the appearance of the man who just walked in.
“Fabregas” I sneered as I watched him. Junior turned to see who I was talking to before standing up and running into the midfielders arms.
I watched as the two of them joked around and laughed before clearing my throat to get their attention.
“What are you doing here? Marley, Junior and I are having family time” I stated, putting extra emphasis on the family.
Cesc opened his mouth to answer but Junior’s voice was heard first.
“Me and uncle Cesc are gonna camp outside, Right uncle Cesc?” Junior asked as he tugged on his arm.
Cesc nodded his head enthusiastically before telling the boy to etch his things from upstairs in order to start their camp.
“You’re not taking him anywhere” I snapped once Junior was out of earshot.
Marley and Cesc looked at me confused before he spoke.
“Oh look who’s decided to be a father now” Cesc yelled as he walked closer to me. “Junior hasn’t seen you in how long and now you want him to change his plans because Cristiano Ronaldo wants to hang out with him” he spat as he stood toe-to-toe with me.
Marley cut in between us as she tried to calm the tension.
“Cesc plase” she begged as she ordered him to sit down, something that caused me to smile.
However my reaction was quickly changed when she turned to me.
“He’s right you know. You can’t just show up unannounced as expect Junior to just go with whatever you want. He’s been looking forward to this camping trip all week and I’m not about to disappoint him. You do that enough for the both of us” she snapped as I scratched my neck in disappointment.
“It’s just…”
“It’s nothing Cristiano. Cesc and Junior are having their camping trip and if you want to you can join them but I refuse to let you change his plans for you”
I groaned at the thought of going away with Cesc and Junior, something that I voiced to Marley who looked back confuse.
“Who said anything about you two going anywhere?” she asked confused
“You did”
“I never said such a thing. The two of them are having a camping trip out in the backyard” she announced as I looked on embarrassed.
“Oh I just thought…”
“No you didn’t think. That’s your problem” Cesc snapped as he stood up.
Junior walked into the room and walked up to him to so they could leave.
I clenched my jaw at how comforatable they looked.
“Hey buddy guess what?” I called to Junior, forcing his attention back to me. “Daddy is gonna join you and uncle Cesc on your camping trip” I announced as he jumped in excitement.
Marley looked on in shock while Cesc looked stunned.
He quickly recovered as he collected his and Junior’s bag and started walking out to the backyard. He let Junior walk a little ahead of him as he stayed behind to speak something to me.
“I hope you are ready to fight for your family Ronaldo because I’m not walking away from them without a fight”
♠ ♠ ♠
To be continued…