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I Want You Back

Chapter 9: I won’t give up

Marley’s POV

“Here they are. All shiny and new” Cesc mocked as he walked into my house and handed me three hangers consisting of Cristiano’s laundry.
I held in a laugh as I thought back to why exactly Cesc needed to dry clean Cristiano’s outfit.
“What does this do?” Cristiano asked as he picked up a white powder box that was near Cesc’s bag.
“No don’t touch that” Cesc yelled as Cristiano walked towards him threateningly.
“Why? Is only Cesc Fabregas allowed to have fun” he mocked as he shook the box trueing to figure out what it had.
Cesc looked terrified as Cristiano inspected the box so close to the fire.
“Cristiano please I know you don’t like me but right now I need you to listen to me. Put the box back and don’t pick it up again” the Spaniard pleaded but cristinao would not be deterred as he opened up the box and before I knew what had happened the thing exploded in his hands.
The aftermath was a cloud of smoke surrounding him while he was coughing hysterically. It didn’t do any real damage to him but it did leave his clothes looking grey and slightly burnt.
Junior and Cesc stood aside holding in their laughs while I tried and failed to get Cristiano to calm down.
“Can I use your bathroom?” he sneered as he looked between Cesc and Junior. I nodded yes before watching him walk insode to take a shower.
Once he was out of ear shot the three of us burst out laughing at how ridiculous Cristiano looked.
“You know his probably gonna make you pay to dry clean his clothes?” I laughed at Cesc.
He nodded yes.
“Honestly it worth it after seeing that” he said before continuing to laugh.
“You’re thinking back to it aren’t you?” Cesc noted, pulling my out of my day dream from 5 days back.
I nodded a yes before bursting into laughter again. Cesc tried to be mature and not laugh but it didn’t last as he followed me in laughing at Cristiano.
Once we had both settled down I walked upstairs to put Cristiano clothes away so when he came over next he would have them ready.
I took a deep breath before walking down the stairs. I don’t know what it was but over the past couple of weeks I found myself being self-conscious around Cesc. I always wanted to look my best for him and was suddenly very aware of the little things he did.
Like the way he scratches his neck when his nervous or how he rubs his nose before he lies. My favourite habit of his is when he bites his lip before giving me a compliment. Of course lately I had been dreaming of his lips doing something completely different to me but I hadn’t let him know just yet.
Could my developing feelings for Cesc finally mean I’m slowly getting over Cristiano?
“I hope you don’t mind that I decide to finish the food off for you?” Cesc smiled as I walked into the kitchen.
I told him I didn’t mind as I took a seat at the counter as I watched him continue to cook. We made small talk as he did this. Laughing over the things the players where doing at training while also discussing both our families.
As the food finished cooking Cesc dished up and put the plate on the table as we sat opposite each other and ate. For a while we ate in silence before Cesc put down his fork, taking a deep breath and waited for me to look up at me.
When I did he opened his mouth to speak.
“Marley what are we doing?” he asked. I knew what he meant but I played dumb wanting to wait and see if we were both on the same page.
“Oh Cesc don’t be silly. We are having lunch duh”
Cesc gave me a dead pan look as he waited for me to give him a proper answer.
“Fine Cesc… I honestly don’t know what we are doing. All I know is that I like doing it” I admitted as he nodded with a small smile threatening to break out on his face.
“Ok that’s good because I know that I also like whatever is happening between us” he admitted. “But I think just to be clear we should just say exactly what we feel for each other so we can decide where this is going” he suggested and I nodded. “I’ll go first because I know the answer is not as clear cut for you at it is for me”
As he said that I knew Cesc understood my dilemma. Whatever feelings he had for me and what I had for him would always be altered by what I felt for Cristiano.
“Marley I’ve been in love with you since I was 16. And I know what you’re gonna say…’but Cesc you dated Carla and Danielle’ and I did but none of them could ever compare to you. No matter how much I tried to convince myself to move on from you and fall in love with someone else I never could. You were always in the back of my mind. I’ve always wanted you and I’ve always loved you” he admitted as I drew in a deep breath.
“Cesc why…”
“That’s not important all that matters is that we are together now” he said as he moved his hand to hold mine.
I smiled down at our interlocked hands as I prepared to address my feelings towards him.
“Cesc had I known how you felt maybe we could have done this sooner” I explained as he nodded his head. “But things right now are a little complicated because of Cristiano” I admitted as he agreed with me. “And since we are being honest I need to tell you everything I’m feeling. Cesc I am developing feelings for you. I find myself thinking about you before I go to bed and when you come over my heart skips a beat because I’m so excited to be around you” I admitted as Cesc blushed. “But I’m also still in love with Cristiano” his face fell at this. “I know it’s stupid after everything he did but I part of me just refuses to give up on us. I want Junior to have a normal family”
Cesc sighed at my admission as he scratched his neck.
“Marley I understand what you are saying but I think you should be aware that Cristiano may not come back” he noted gently as I agreed.
“I know Cesc. Don’t you think I know that? But I just don’t want to feel like a failure. I gave everything to Cristiano and it still wasn’t good enough. It’s for that reason I’m still hoping that we can back together, so I can stop feeling like a failure” I finally broke down as I cried.
Cesc stood up from his chair, came over to me as he hugged me while I cried.
Once I had calmed down he cupped my face forcing me to look at him.
“Marley you will never be a failure to me. And just so you know just because you still love Cristiano doesn’t mean I’m giving up on you or us. You will be mine Marley and no matter how long it takes I’ll fight for you until you are”
♠ ♠ ♠
To be continued…