The Body Remembers

A game where no one wins.

Twenty- four go in and one comes out.

Twenty- three children dead and one survivor. Not a winner but a survivor. No one wins The Hunger Games, they only survive.

Twenty- four children are thrown into a whole new world, a world filled with tricks and deception. Deceptions created by the game makers. To win you kill, you hide, you slaughter, all in hopes of surviving. If you’re lucky you make alliances and kill in a pack. If you have even one iota of intelligence you avoid the bloodshed altogether and wait it out.

That’s what I told Lilith and Anthias last year, Denali and Tai the year before that and Kai right before my games.
But it wasn’t enough; one by one I watched each of them die before my eyes.

No one good ever wins the games.

I’m not good, not now. Maybe I was before but never now because the body always remembers what the mind tries to forget.
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Just the prologue! Chapter one should be done tonight!
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