Orpheus & Eurydice


Joss had instructed Cassiopeia to stock the shelves in the early morning of her shift. She was the only one scheduled for the first part of the day and usually no one came in at 10 in the morning to Earth Lore on a Monday.

She is humming to herself at the register, rearranging some opal rings on a display when it hits her. Her head whips up and looks at the man who just walked him.

“Wow, you have a lot of negative energy surrounding you. I need to light some sage.” She doesn’t wait for his response, just skitters out from behind the counter and walks over to where the incense is. She grabs a bundle, pulls a lighter from her skirt pocket and lights it. She walks back over to the man, who is now giving her a weird look, and walks in a full circle around him.

“Uh, what are you –”

“Hush, you’re ruining the vibe of the shop. You’ll make it stink all day and if I don’t do this and I’ll lose customers.” She gives an extra shake just for good measure and goes and puts it back on the shelf in a bowl.

She turns back towards the stranger and finally offers him a smile. Well, tries to, he’s now glaring at her with his arms crossed.

“Do you need help finding anything? Is this your first time at Earth Lore?” If it’s even possible, he starts glaring even more and Cassiopeia’s smile starts to fall.

“I – do you not prefer the smell of sage? I can light some sandalwood instead if that’ll make you feel more comfortable. It also helps get ride of the negative energy.”

“Will you just stop talking?” He blurts out, finally speaking. Cassiopeia blinks and takes the hint, nodding her head and going into the back room to collect for boxes to restock.

It takes her a while to find the lavender incense and brings out a box of that along with some incense holders that just came in last night. She reminds herself to take a look at them because she’s been meaning to get a new one soon.

She walks through the curtain of beads and sees that the man is still standing where she left him and he’s now staring at her.

She doesn’t offer him a second glance and walks over to where the sage is burning to start stocking the shelves. She sets the boxes on the ground and sits next to them, preparing herself to organize all the new incense.

Cassiopeia hears shuffling behind her and looks up to see the man towering above her.

She gives him a small smile but starts to focus on her task. He clears his voice and she looks back up at him, her brows furrowed.

“I do actually need help finding something. And advice. Advice on buying something.” He has a very nice voice, she thinks. She gets up off the floor and brushes her skirt and holds out her hand.

“Cassiopeia, I’m here to help.” The stranger still has a weird look on his face but slides his hand, his very large hand, into Cassiopeia’s and they shake hands.

“Jon,” he grunts out.

“What can I help you find, Jon?” If Cassiopeia’s being honest with herself, a couple of months ago, a person like Jon would have her feeling her intimidated and stuttering to find the right words. Working at Earth Lore, she experiences many types of personalities and she’s seen them all, unfortunately.

“I was wondering if you guys had anything for good luck? I – I’m kind of in a dry spell.”

Cassiopeia raises her eyebrow.

“Sexually? Cinnamon and lavender are always good to burn –”

“No! No, not sexually. I, um, I play professional hockey and I’m in sort of a slump.” Cassiopeia can see the flush creeping up Jon’s neck and he’s not initiating eye contact like he was earlier. Nothing is wrong with being open about sex, she thinks.

“So, you need motivation? Are you stressed? What’s your astrological sign?” Cassiopeia runs through all the things in the store that could help out Jon in her head. She knows he probably won’t want any incense, with his response to the sage, so she racks her brain for anything else.

“Motivation, sure. I guess I’m stressed? And I, uh, don’t know my sign.” He looks bashful and Cassiopeia narrows her eyes at him.

“You should be ashamed, knowing your astrological sign is very important and can help you in everyday situations. When is your birthday?”

“April 29th”

“Taurus, fits you too. Okay, I think I know what will help.”

Cassiopeia walks across the store over to the crystals and gems and points to a box full of turquoise stones.

“You have to pick on out. These are Chrysocolla, they correspond to your sign and help reduce your stress and give you a great inner strength. It will restore your confidence and motivation and also gives wisdom when worn.”

Cassiopeia is just sprouting off random facts about the stone while she watches Jon intently studying the little stones in the box. He seems to be taking a great amount of time in choosing his stone and Cassiopeia smiles at him.

She steps closer as he finally picks one he seems doable. He turns to her with questioning eyes.

“So, how do I use it?”

“Oh, you lay it on your skin on the afflicted area. So either here,” she touches his forehead and watches how his eyes cross watching her movements. “Or here,” she touches his Adam’s apple and feels when he swallows.

“Your two chakras that are conflicted. Sahasrana, which is your understanding and will and Visuddha, which is your power. Use as often as you need.” Cassiopeia smiles at him and he actually smiles back.

“So, is that it?” He nods and she waves her hand for him to follow her to the register. She rings him up and offers him one of their reward cards where he can collect punches to earn free incense. He surprisingly gets one and before Cassiopeia knows it, he’s gone and out of the store.
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Hi! Okay, I have most of this written, it'll be about 10 chapters long and probably not more than 15k so not that long but lemme know how you like it!