Don't Waste Your Time on Me

Take a breath and let the rest come easy

God, he's so beautiful. I just want to kiss him again. I miss those damn lips so much. I miss him.

I should probably explain... My names Alex Gaskarth and I'm the lead singer of All Time Low.
Up until about 3 months ago, I was dating my band mate and best friend, Jack Barakat.
We broke up on good terms and we are still the bestest of friends, but, I, being stupid, idiotic and in love, want him back. So bad.

'Hello?' I saw into my phone,
'Hey dude, you better not be masturbating, I'm gonna come over. I've got burritos.' Jack says happily,
'Okay bud.' I chuckle, absentmindedly playing with my hair,
'I'll be over in a bit Lexy.' he says before hanging up.
Okay, you can do this Alex, he's your best friend, just treat him like your best friend, not like you want to kiss him all over.

'Aleeeex! Get your ass here and hug me!' Jack yells when he lets himself into my house, I laugh and rush to the hallway,
'Hey bro. Haven't seen you for like two weeks.' I grin and wrap my arms around his neck, he puts the bag of burritos on the little table near the front door and wraps his arms around my waist, lifting me up and spinning me round, 'Hi.' I chuckle, twisting my legs around his body and resting my forehead on his,
'Hey bro.' he chuckles before setting me back down on my feet, 'you're looking very cute today.' he smiles at me,
'You're only saying that coz I'm wearing your face.' I smirk, I'm wearing one of the old glamour kills shirts with Jack's face on it,
'Well, yeah, there is that, but you do look very cute, I don't know why.' he chuckles and I pull my sleeves even further down over my knuckles and ruffle my hair, 'okay, I know why, you're tired.' he whispers,
'A bit.' i mumble,
'A bit? You obviously haven't slept properly for days. You're doing your little sleeve thing and you keep touching your hair.' He says softly,
'I've just had a lot on my mind.' I sigh and start walking to the lounge,
'Anything you wanna talk about buddy?' he asks, sitting down next to me and handing me my burrito,
'Not really.' I tell him,
'You know you can talk to me about anything, right?' he sighs,
'Not this I can't.' I whisper,
'Okay, that's fine. Your choice.' he whispers back.


'Hey, dude, um, I got asked a question on twitter this morning and it got me thinking...' he says softly,
'What was the question jacky?' I ask,
'If we regret ever going out... Do you regret it?' he whispers,
'No. Do you?' I sigh,
'Not at all. Do you regret anything?' he asks,
'Yes.' I nod,
'What?' he asks, interested,
'Um... Breaking up.' I breathe,
'What?' he gasps,
'Forget it.' I whisper,
'Alex, I-' I cut him off,
'I said forget it Jack!' I snap.

(a few days later)

From Zack: we need to talk x

To Zack: what about bro? x

From Zack: about what you told Jack x

To Zack: fuck, he told you? :/ x

From Zack: yeah, he's kinda freaking out about it Lex... Do you love him still? x

To Zack: more than life itself.

From Zack: fuck man. Okay, I'm gonna sort this alex x

Fuck. He's gonna ruin my life.