Don't Waste Your Time on Me

From the get go I knew this was hard to hold

(a few days later)

Me and Jack are sat on my couch, him on my laptop while I flick through the tv channels, 'come here babe.' he say suddenly and pulls me into his side, I smile, seeing he has the webcam open, I rest my head on his shoulder and smile for a picture, I watch as he tweets it,

@JackAllTimeLow: me and my boy are back together. Missed him x

'Jack... Can I ask you something?' I whisper,
'Of course you can darling.' he says, turning to look at me,
'Did you only want to get back together because you felt sorry for me?' I ask and he shakes his head,
'No babe, Id been thinking about it before you told me, it felr wrong not being with you. This feels right.' he says, slightly too quickly,
'Are you lying to me?' I sigh,
'No Alex. Honestly, I did not do this because I felt sorry for you. I did this because I love you. You mean the world to me Alexander.' he whispers,
'Okay. I'm sorry. I love you.' I say quickly and kiss his cheek, he sighs and puts a hand on my neck, lifting my head up and kissing me softly. I smile when he pulls away and rest my head on his chest, he strokes my hair and kisses my head softly, he then shuts the laptop and puts it on the coffee table before wrapping his arms around me and bringing his legs up onto the couch, I curl into him, bringing my legs up and wrapping my arms around his torso, 'as bad as it sounds, I think I missed your cuddles the most.' I whisper,
'It doesn't sound bad baby. I know you used my cuddles and hugs as a sort of safety blanket. Something that would always be there and that you can fall back on.' he sighs,
'But they weren't always there.' I breathe,
'I know, and I'm so sorry.' he whispers, holding me tight against him.


I wake up in Jacks arms and glance at the clock. I should probably make some dinner. I uncurl myself from jacks grip and manage to stand up without waking. Now, what the fuck can I make?

'Jacky, dinners ready baby.' I say gently, nudging jacks knee with my own, he looks up and smiles sleepily,
'Hey baby.' he chuckles,
'Hey. Sit up.' I smile and he sits up slowly and yawns, I hand him his plate of pizza and he smiles,
'Thanks darling.' he whispers as I sit next to him,
'Youre welcome.' I chuckle.
♠ ♠ ♠
I'm really sorry if this has mistakes. I really don't have the effor to proof read it because it's 2:36am in the uk. Insomnia sucks balls. Love you all xokyra