All Sweet, and Stuff


"I wanna get my ears pierced." Jack stated out of nowhere.

Alex was sitting cross legged on the youngers bed, their shoulders touching. They had been quiet for about half an hour, Alex just fibbling with his phone, not really too observant of what his boyfriend was doing. He now looked up from his phone and turned his head to the left, he scrunched his eyebrows together and gave Jack a rather confused look.

"You what?" The elder let out.

"Yeah" Jack replied a little distant, focus on the small mirror he was holding infront of his face.

“‘You can’t answer that question with ‘yeah’.”

With a groan Jack turned his head to Alex, with a look on his face that Alex assumed meant something like “you know what i mean you ridiculous dick”, which, of course, made Alex giggle. Jack could only look giggeling Alex in the eyes for about 0.3 seconds before his “you’re being a dick”-mask broke, and a smile broke out on his lips as he turned to his eyes back to the mirror.

"Dick." Jack mumbled, staring into the reflection of the mirror, trying to hide the smile creeping on his lips from Alex as he fixed his fringe with his free hand. Alex of course saw the smile anyways, but choosed not to comment on it and settled with just smirking up at the younger. Jack just continued trying to fight back the smile on his lips and fixing his fringe in the mirror. After a few seconds of the boys silent one-sided staring contest, Alex gave up and let out a laugh as he turned his head back to his phone.

"What where you saying anyways?" He asked, smiling down at his phone.

Still keeping his eyes on his reflection, Jack turned his head slightly to the right, letting his free hand travel up to his earlobe as he inspected his ear thoughtfully, like it suddenly had become very interesting. After Jack still not answering his question after a few seconds, Alex turned his head to Jack and raised an eyebrow.

"I think i wanna get my ears pierced" Jack declared, still inspecting his ear. And once again, Alex scrunched his eyebrows together, frowning slightly.

"But why?" The elder asked in a confused tone. It was not that he nececerally disliked the idea, it was just, a bit odd, and he kind of just wanted to hear the explanation behind it.

"Tom Delonge has his ears pierced." Jack simply said.

Alex let out a groan and rolled his eyes at the him. The youngers obsession with the band member was simply ridiculous according to the elder.

"And i will look totally cute in it." Jack continued.

"You look totally cute anyways." Alex mumbled, blood quickly rushing up to colour his cheeks. This whole boyfriend thing was new to them, and even though the elder honestly thought Jack did look totally cute anyways, it was still weird saying sweet things like that out loud.

"What did you say?" The the raven haired boy excitingly said.

"Nothing." The elder lied.

"You called me cute." Jack stated with a ridiculously cute smirk playing on his lips.

"Oh my god Jack," Alex started as he buried is flaming red face between Jacks neck and shoulder. "i’m not good at being all sweet like that." He murmured into his skin.

"Lexiiiiiii," Jack exclaimed, dragging out the ‘I’. "You’re like ultra sweet." When Alex didn’t react, Jack started dragging his fingers through the elders hair. "Stop being embarrassed" he mumbled. Alex glanced up at him from under his bangs. "You can’t just ‘stop’ being embarrassed like that" Alex mumbled, his eyes locked with Jacks.

"Why would that even embarrass you?" The younger asked, "You’ve been my best friend since like forever. Nothing should embarrass you infront of me."

Alex sat up straight. “But like…” he started as he swung his right leg over Jack’s so that he now was straddling his thighs. He placed his arms around Jacks neck. “it’s different now, it’s different when you love someone like that”

"Love someone like what?" Jack teased.

"You know…" Alex begun. "Like i love you, and stuff" he mumbled and looked down, as he felt that revealing blush creeping up to cover his cheeks.

"And how do you love me, and stuff?" Jack said, with smirk playing on his lips.

The elder looked up, and Jack could see the smile he tried to fight back. “You’re a dick. You know what i mean.” Alex said as he let his hands play with the black locks of Jacks hair in his neck.

"Oh, are you sure? Cuz i’m not entirely sure i - " But before Jack could finish, he was shut up by his own squeak as Alex attacked his sides with painfull tickling. They fell back on the bed, Alex still straddling Jack as he continued moving his fingers all over his body.

"Okay okay, i do understand." Jack wailed between laughs. "For fucks sake, fucking stop Alex, i love you too just stop". His high pitched voice made Alex smile grow even wider, as he bent down and pinned Jacks arms above his head.

"Quit being a dick when i’m trying to be sweet then" He mumbled, just inches away from the youngers lips. Jack looked up at his boyfriend, breathing heavily after the intense tickling fight. “Love you” he smiled, and then Alex couldn’t help but smile back, and he closed the distance between their lips.
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Hi cutestuff.

Sorry for the grammar/spelling mistakes, english is not my first language and i wrote this at like 3am, so yeah, i suck.

Now this can go three ways. I think it would be fun to write a full story out of this, if i write a full story, it will either be a pretty normal cute/fluffy/smutty/drama high school AU, or, a bit more sad tragedy (no character death tho) high school AU which i have an idea for.

Or i just end it here, like a oneshot. So yes, tell me what you want me to make out of this! And comments would be very appreciated. Tell me how to improve my writing and such.

Oh, and this is the first thing i've uploaded (except for the like 300 characters once), so don't be too harsh.