Sequel: Flying High
Status: Finished! I hope everyone enjoys this story! Look for the sequel STARTING OVER

You Never Know

Nicole is a sweet southern girl with a passion for hockey. Find out what happens when she is drafted into the NHL and meets a certain guy.

Disclaimer! This story is completely fictional and will not run with real world events, player rosters or people. I do not own the pens or any of the players just the fictional characters are mine. This is my first story so let me know what you think! All comments are welcomed! If you have any questions please ask! Just keep it clean!

The rating is PG-13 for language and some controversial topics that do come up later in the story. They are not meant to offend anyone and I try my best to be respectful to those who have faced the written topic.


I really feel like I should clear up a couple of things.

First when I wrote about Max I pictured him closer to 23 or 24 years old that way the age difference is closer to Nicole's.

This in turn puts the other guys at a younger age, but like the disclaimer says my story is completely made up so the characters I choose may not be the ones around at this time in real life and the events that happen are not real world events (I.e. If a let them win back to back Stanley cups for example)

Lastly all comments, recommendations and suggestions are gladly excepted.
If you have an idea for something that could possibly happen in the next chapter I will happily take it into consideration.

Thanks for reading!
  1. 1. There's no way to know
  2. Time With the Boys
    Nic gets to get to know the team and so do they
  3. 3. On My Way Home
  4. 4. First Practice
    Nic's first practice with the Pens
  5. 5. After
    After lunch
  6. Morning practice and the first game
    Nic impresses more then just her team and meets a certain Russian
  7. Chirp
    Nic gets recognized and meets a few more Caps
  8. Come out
    Nic goes partying with the boys
  9. New morning, new day
    Uh ooh
  10. 10. Argument settled
    Nic searches for Her captain
  11. 11. Getting ready
    Nic gets ready for the first date!
  12. 12. Dog park hang out
    The morning after
  13. 13. Air-O-Plane
    Flight plan
  14. 14. All Fun and Games
  15. 15. Canes Game
    So sorry for the wait....writers block
  16. 16. Hospital
  17. 17. New Morning
    confrontation, apology DUN DUN DUN
  18. 18. Way to Damn Hot
    Florida 'nuf said
  19. 19. Girl Time
  20. 20. Practice or Play
  21. 21. Problem is an Understatement
    Max's POV
  22. 22. What?
  23. 23. Watching Her Leave
    tears are shed
  24. Don't Leave Me
    Sidney's POV mosty
  25. 25. Feelings
    show me the feels
  26. 26. Time to Talk
    Heart break all around
  27. 27. War of Heart and Mind
  28. 28. Lead the Way, Captain
    Date night
  29. 29. The Heart Wants What the Heart Wants
    intro to several more players
  30. 30. Surprises
  31. 31. Pain
  32. 32. Telling
    Sidney and Max find out. how will they react?
  33. 33. Precious Gem
    Nicole gets examined and Sidney seeks advice
  34. 34. Drowning Sorrows
    Max drops some serious news on Nicole
  35. 35. Flower Power
    a lighter chapter than the last one
  36. 36. Developed Crush
    Hawks game and a new Crush
  37. 37. Three Little Words
  38. 38. All I'm Asking
    Nicole meets Cara's new beau
  39. 39. Love ‘em and leave ‘em
    Things get messy
  40. 40. What Do You Want
  41. 41. How Could You
    Telling Sidney (Some Explicit Language)
  42. 42. The Point of No Return
  43. 43. Epilogue