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Adopted by Jayy Von Monroe

Picture this; it's the future. You're legal at eighteen, but if you're in an orphanage, you have to be 21 until you can leave. So, when Jayy Von Monroe goes to the orphanage to adopt an older girl, he sees Sydney. She's nineteen, and has been at the orphanage since she was one. When Jayy adopted her, and she meets Dahvie, what'll happen? Will they fall in love? Or will one just be hurt?
  1. Um... Really?
    The adoption
  2. Dahvie Has A Unicorn?... Shouldn't Have Asked...
    Awkward convos between Sydney and Dahv.
  3. School. Yay?
    She has to go to school... Yay? Haha. No, but really, is it a yay or nay? Idk...