I'm Just Fine

Flynn Tempest loves art and once considered it a career path. He dreamed of one day going to an art school and drawing for the rest of his life. Things don't turn out as planned and he changes his career path to Psychology. He still loves painting but now more of a hobby and a stress reliever. Although he was friendly he only had four real friends in his life: Rico, Trinity, Scorch, and Tyr. The four of them were inseparable until the summer of his freshman year of high school when he was diagnosed with Schizophrenia. His parents whisked him away to an institute for kids like him. Six years later he is partnered up with non other than Tyr for a Psychology project. Will they be able to rekindle their friendship or has to many years passed for that to happen?

Tyr Morgenson absolutely adores sports. He loves the adrenaline pumping through his veins and the serotonin high he gets; you could call him an adrenaline junkie. However he wasn't your typical jock because he liked people almost as much as he liked sports. On the first day of school he met the friendly yet shy Flynn and they instantly became friends. While Tyr played sports, Flynn would watch and draw. Afterwards they would hang out and enjoy each others company. They thought nothing would separate them until the summer of freshman year and Flynn disappeared. They didn't stay in touch and six years later Tyr is surprised to find out his partner for psych was Flynn. Would they be able to reforge their friendship or have they changed too much to even hope of being friends again?

~This is possibly a slash and will have bullying in it due to Flynn being a little different. Also, there will be characters with other disorders such as anorexia, OCD, anger issues, etc. Nothing should be too graphic but if it does, I'll warn. Just be aware. Please be patient, this is my last semester and I'm busy. Cheers!~