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From the Shadows of the Dark Unknown

Ava has always just done things for herself, never cared what others thought and never cared about males. She has the one job that people would look down her but it's the one passion she has now.
What will she do when she meets the opposite to her?

Chris has always cared about the people around him - his fans. He travels 80% of the year and never has time for any kind of love. What happens when some of Chris' friends go out on a boys night and head off to the strippers? What will happen next after a beautiful dancing on a pole catches his eye?

Read to soon see.

*Authors note*
I do not own any characters except for the original characters, do not steal.
  1. Chapter 1
    *Ava's POV*
  2. Chapter 2
    *Chris' POV*
  3. Chapter 3
    Ava's POV
  4. A/N