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Demolition Lovers

Chapter 2

My head was pounding as I awoke in my own bed.

Last night I decided it was best that I went home otherwise my mom would be on my back even more. It took a lot of convincing though, but where else would I have slept? It was about eleven when I decided to move from the spot I sat in after Gerard had left me alone. He seemed a little off, but then again, I didn't know the guy so that could be how he usually he is. I found it a little weird how he actually spoke to me. Maybe he was just giving me friendly advice, I told myself. But I highly doubted that.

When I came home, I decided to climb in through my window. I always left it unlocked as I was scared about the thought of a fire or something stupid in my house, so the window was always unlocked so I could just throw it up and jump out. My mom once shouted at me for leaving it unlocked but then eventually she learned to just put up with it. It's just one of those little weird things everyone seems to have.

The house was quiet, but I expected it to be quiet with it being almost one in the morning by the time I mustered up the courage to come home. A light was on in the house downstairs, but I wasn't too sure if it was just left on for me to come home or if my mom had actually waited up for me to yell at me some more. Turns out it was just a light accidentally being left on.

Now I laid in my room, with the sun peeping in through the crack in my curtains, curled up in a tight ball with the covers wrapped around me tightly. To say the sun was out I was really cold. I looked around to notice that I left the window was opened slightly. My arm wandered over to my bedside table to reach for my phone to register what time it was.


Why was I awake at this time? I never woke up so early, especially on a school day. Something must be terribly wrong with me, especially since I only had about six hours of sleep. However, I quickly pushed it aside as the first real thought that came to mind was coffee. I pretty much thrived off coffee. Well, coffee and cigarettes whenever I could get a hold of any. Being just under the age limit and what I felt like 4ft, I found it hard to actually buy any so I kept to sneaking a few of my moms, and also Jamia's whenever she could get any.

I pushed back the warm comfort of my cover and threw my feet to the floor. The carpet beneath my feet felt soft and fluffy and was very warm to say I hadn't been walking around on it. I found out some fresh clothes; fresh clothes being black skinny jeans, a white tshirt along with a black hoody. Although it looked warm, I wasn't going to be fooled today.

My room was fairly simple. The walls were white with a few posters of my favorite bands scattered around on one wall. On another wall, I had my clothes drawers and a desk next to it. My bed was on the furthest wall along with the window. My room looked clean simply because of the white which was all over my bedroom, however, it was too light for me to like it but my mom insisted on it being a light room. Probably in hope that I'll move along from the 'emo phase' as she calls it.

I wasn't too sure as to where my mom would be now. Either she was in the house or at work, and I'd rather it be the latter. I couldn't be bothered with her petty comments,and more argument starters, all I wanted was to get to school just so I could get home again and most likely sleep the evening away. It usually happened like that. I rarely left the house, and when I did it was to get a coffee. I feel like I rarely see Jamia outside of school which, I guess, is true. She's more of the 'inside-of-school' type of friend, although I rarely object when she decides to make arrangements.

I located my school bag over by my desk and made sure I had near enough the right books I'd need for the day before heading downstairs.

The house sounded quiet and hopefully it would also be empty, and to my happiness, it was; I wouldn't be having to deal with my moms screams before setting off to school. It was almost 8am meaning the school bus would be here shortly. I rummaged through the cupboards expecting to be satisfied by food for a change, but I wasn't. Ever since my dad left I'd been completely put off by food. I'd lost over three stone make me 'extremely underweight' but it didn't bother me, I didn't feel skinny. All I saw in myself was a disgusting, fat boy. My BMI didn't mean anything, doctors had said that they were inaccurate so maybe my doctor just calculated it wrong.

A bottle of Dr Pepper stood out to me as I looked through the fridge and decided that that would do for my breakfast and lunch. For my dinner I'd go to Starbucks for a coffee and, maybe if I felt a little hungry, some form of cookie they usually sold.

I fastened my hoodie up, placed my bag on my back, and made my way out into the cold air which instantly nipped at my nose. I didn't want to be outside for long so I thought it'd be best if I brisk walked to the bus stop. I lived in a nice part of town which was quiet and I guess more secluded than other parts. It was more of a private estate meaning the walk to the bus was longer. It was quite a picturesque area, with trees with bright orange leaves and small dainty flowers growing near the roots. I never got bored of the view, even if it was the same most of the time.

The bus was there waiting for me as I turned the corner, and quickly ran to be sure it wouldn't set off. The warmth of the bus made my nose go a little numb and I was happy to see my usual seat was available. Despite being the most unpopular kid of the school, I think people came to terms with whose seat was whose. Mine was on the left hand side, 5 seats forward from the back. It was closest to the small weird radiator thing that buses usually had so I was warm through the harsher months but I was also directly next to a window which allowed me to cool myself down during the warmer months.

It was unusually quiet today, not many students were on the bus today which I found a little odd but great at the same time. I'm not the most social person and prefer the nice quieter crowds, so hardly no one on the bus was perfect for me.

I sadly watched as the picturesque views turned into daunting buildings and finally into the death camp, wait, I mean school. It was a weird creamy brown shaded building which was three storeys high along with a, I guess you would call, basement which was used for indoor gym class. Then of course we had a field, which used to be green, but now looked like a huge mud pit.

Sighing deeply, I trudged off the bus and was welcomed to loud crowds of screaming and shouting. Urgh. It was only Tuesday and girls still insisted on screaming when they saw each other. Get a grip.

I always found it hard trying to push through the crowd to get to my form room, mostly because I find it hard telling people to move out of the way so I have to squeeze through the smaller gaps. You'd think someone as small as me would be able to fit through the gaps, but trust me, it wasn't easy at all. Even for my height.

My form room was fairly decent. The teacher was also fairly decent. Miss Smith was very understanding and not like the usual teachers who'd pass your troubles off as nothing. She had been there for me since I first started school and I felt like I could trust her with a lot of stuff, which was all new as I rarely trusted people.

"Morning, Frank," Miss Smith greeted me with a smile as I walked through the door, to which I replied with a 'morning'. I sat at my usual desk, which was on the left hand side 3 chairs from the front, and checked my timetable for the day. Most people would be able to say their timetable at ease by now with it being October, but not me. I had English, Music, History, Biology and to finish the day, double math. Math was the lesson I wasn't looking forward to. I was failing it, and I was failing it hard. I hadn't reached the target of an A, which is what I wanted, ever and the highest I had been given was a C. My math teacher mentioned something about a possible tutor but he'd probably just tell me to come back at lunch, which didn't sound at all exciting. Then again, math wasn't exciting.

The room began to fill up as I heard the bell ring, signalling to go to form. I had no one in my form, no one that I could really talk to or get along with. I had Miss Smith, but apparently it'd be deemed as weird if I made conversation with her. However, having no one didn't bother me. I was used to it by now. I had Jamia but even then she wasn't really 'there'. I'd still call her my best friend just because of everything I've told her. Secrets, feelings, what I've done, just everything.

"Frank?" I heard Miss Smith break me from my thoughts.
"Yeah?" I questioned.
"Can I talk with you outside for a moment?"
Now, of course I said yes, but when a teacher wants to talk to you 'outside for a moment' all you can think is 'what have I done wrong?' I was well behaved in class, and I usually completed all my homeworks. So I was beyond confused. However, as I walked out of the classroom I saw an all too familiar face from last night.

"So, your math teacher told me you were having some trouble and I decided to go out of my way to find you a tutor. I'll leave you two alone to sort out a form of timetable and get to know each other and then you can come back in, Frank."

I simply nodded and watched as she returned back into the classroom. I was staring at the man from last night who commented on my posture and went by the name of Gerard. However, he looked a lot different wearing a shirt and tie rather than the black outfit from yesterday. I wondered if he recognised me, after all it was fairly dark. Hopefully he didn't. His eyes stood out to me. Dark brown. I hardly got a chance to look at them properly seeing as though it was fairly dark yesterday, even when we were in the coffee shop.

"So, you're failing math," He stated more than asked, and again I nodded. He didn't formally introduce himself to me. From nowhere, he pulled out a black binded book which I guess was his form of journal or diary he used for his teacher duties. He ran his finger down one of the pages and I noticed how slim yet short they were. Weird.

Gerard, or the teacher, I wasn't sure what I'd have to call him, cleared his throat. "Well, you have math today. So how about you come to my office, which is at the end of the math corridor, during your second lesson and we'll sort out a clear timetable for you. Hopefully you'll have your grade up to whatever it is you wish it to be by your exams, which are very soon, right?"
"Yeah, I think they're around June time, I'm not sure. No one's given me a month yet," I replied, Gerard simply nodded.
"Well, I'll find out for you so we're clear on everything."

I just stood there and nodded. Technically, I kind of knew him, but in reality, who were I kidding. He was a stranger to me. I knew his name nothing more. No wonder I was so quiet standing around him.

"Okay, well I'll see you later," Gerard quickly told me and again, I nodded.
"I'm Mr Way, by the way."
"I'm Frank," I smiled lightly.
"I know," was all Mr Way said before he turned on his heel, probably back to his office and left me in the corridor by myself wondering if he was referring back to our greeting last night or if my form teacher had told him my name beforehand.
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