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Demolition Lovers

Chapter 5

"No way, man, The Smiths are like the ultimate band," Gerard laughed out.

We had been sat for the past hour discussing music; from our favorite to our least favorite bands, you name it. Turned out we had very similar music tastes which made it easier for the past hour to flow. We'd managed to delve into Gerard's past band and how it consisted of him and his brother and he also sang me a few of the lyrics to one of the songs. His lyrics said something, I don't think Gerard managed to say what years he was in this band but the lyrics screamed "help". I didn't ask about it though; I didn't think it was my place to ask seeing as though we hadn't known each other for so long. I showed Gerard a few of my lyrics too, including the ones I had written earlier in the day. He said I had talent and real potential if I worked at it. I obviously took that as a compliment, who wouldn't? We had also managed to consume several coffees and it turns out Gerard also fuels off the stuff too.

I pulled myself back into the booth chair as Gerard delved into further detail about his favorite band and watched how he talked. Sounds creepy, right? It probably looked it from Gerard's perspective, but being a 'people watcher' I loved watching people get into what they were talking about. You can see the admiration on their face for whatever it may be that they're talking about and you know they're so into it by how their voice speeds up at certain points and how they gesture their hands when they're speaking. You can also see it in their eyes. You can see that light, or the 'spark' as I call it. Almost as if they're eyes are smiling. Which is what Gerard's were doing now. His hazel eyes were smiling as his mouth and hands were telling the story.

I continued to watch him. His fringe kept falling carelessly in his face as he spoke, and his hands were quick to correct the fallen strands of hair and tried their best to tuck them behind his ear. Eventually, he just gave up with his hair as it decided not to stay in place. The only time Gerard stopped talking was when he took a sip of his coffee and then he was talking on again. It was interesting to watch.

"You can clearly hear the emotion in Morrissey's voice," Gerard continued on.

"And that's pretty much why The Smiths are my favorite band," he concluded with a smile to which I had to smile back; his was quite infectious. I didn't even have to ask for him to tell me about them, he just did. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad he did, it was nice to listen to.
"I also really like Morrissey's solo stuff, he's one of my biggest inspirations," he smiled again.
"But promise me you'll check The Smiths out? I'll write you my favorite songs or something," Gerard added in a dorky voice.
"Sure, I'll listen to them, only if you promise to listen to The Smashing Pumpkins" I grinned.
"Hm, sure, I guess it'll be worth it."

"Another coffee?" I asked as I watched Gerard take the last mouthful of his drink before he shook his head.
"No, I'll have to go soon," he replied, to which I frowned slightly forming a small 'o' with my mouth. It had been nice to get to know Gerard in this depth. It would mean I'd want to know him even more but I guess knowing this much would make me feel more comfortable around him in our private tutoring lessons.

"I mean, I've really enjoyed this," he motioned with his hands, "but I've got things back home that I have to do and sort out for tomorrow and whatever. Plus I'm sort of tired," he said with a small smile and a fake yawn to get his point across.
"But I'll see you tomorrow, right? For the tutoring?" Gerard asked and I nodded with a smile.
"We never really did go over our schedule thing," I giggled lightly. The reason why we came here was to go over the schedule but I guess we were side tracked by each others amazing taste in music.
Gerard laughed kindheartedly, " I guess we didn't. Hey, if you give me your number I can ring you later on or something and we can go over the plan I've written down in my book," he shakes his hand with his book in. "I think it's better that you know for tomorrow rather than be all confused when you get to school," he added thoughtfully.
"Sure, uhm, let me write it down," I quickly nodded.
I pulled out a pen from my bag and found a scrap piece of paper, which was supposed to be last weeks homework, in the depths of hell I called my bag and scribbled down my name and number before handing the paper to him.
"Thanks," he smiled and stood up smoothing out his top as he did so.
"I'll call you later then," and I just nodded again.
Gerard waved before waking out, leaving me sat there to watch him walk out of the shop.

So my math tutor turned out to be half decent, as well as having amazing music taste, meaning it'd be a lot easier for me to get on with him which was essential when you're trying to teach a teenage boy math. It helped that he was good looking too, at least if I wasn't focused on math I'd be focused on something else.

After Gerard left, I stayed seated for several minutes. I really didn't want to go home purely because I didn't want to have to talk to my mother but my stomach was telling me otherwise which led me to being stood outside my house kicking myself for giving into simple temptations, in this case food. Damn myself for not bringing more money with me.

My house wasn't far from the coffee shop but it was far enough to drain me of all the remainder of my energy despite the caffeine I had consumed earlier. The streetlamps were glowing orange giving a warm feeling throughout me as I walked home and caused me to think about the time I had just spent with Gerard. I really liked him and I couldn't wait for tomorrow to come around. The only dampener on the subject was the thought of having to face my mom when I got home.

Only one light was on in the house, and that was the living room light meaning I couldn't get past my mom whether I wanted to or not. I can't get through my bedroom window as I hadn't left it unlocked overnight. I mentally braced myself as I opened the front door.

"Is that you Frank Anthony Iero? How dare you disobey me and stay out after school," my mom literally roared at me as she made her way through the house to the front door where I was still stood debating whether or not to run away.

Well here's a half decent day put to an end, my mind spoke.
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