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Demolition Lovers

Chapter 6

Last night had been worse than usual.

I went home with the intention of eating but I was locked away in my own bedroom by my mom. She hadn't let me get a drink or anything to eat and I was feeling useless as ever. I couldn't get out of the door unless I tried running at it and there was clearly no use in even attempting that. My small build and height wouldn't get me very far, plus I'd probably be force to pay for breaking down the door, and breaking down the door for a drink seemed a little excessive. I was tired and hungry and I was just so drained I couldn't be bothered with the hassle of fighting against my mom. Fighting showed that she could potentially have won whatever this was.

I was weak. I felt fragile and I had to go the entire night with no food or drink and eventually I passed out from exhaustion.

The exhaustion took over me sending me into a state of what felt like lucid dreaming. My sleep felt heavy and my dreams were more intense than usual. They just seemed more... real.

I dreamt about mine and Gerard's conversation at the coffee shop, everything was the same. Everything Gerard said, had been what he said in the coffee shop whilst we were in conversation in my reality. The way he spoke. The way he sounded. The way he spoke about The Smiths, about Morrissey, about his least favorite bands was the same. His hand gestures were the same, how he smiled was the same. The only difference that made me fully aware of the fact I was dreaming was of the fact that he took me back to his place. He said we'd just go back and have some coffee at his place, even though we were sat in a coffee shop. He mentioned how he had wanted me to listen to The Smiths so I assumed that's what we would potentially be doing. How wrong was I?

A gold number '4' stood proudly on the dark, wooden door making people aware of which house this was. Something about the '4' made me remember it, and I wasn't sure whether it was because of the contrast or something else, either way the image of the door had become imprinted in my memory. Even though it was only a dream, it was memory, right?

The building was new. You could tell by the brickwork, not that I noticed brickwork that much. And it seemed like an awfully large house for a teacher bearing in mind that their pay isn't exactly 'grand' which is exactly what this house said. Several large trees surrounded the driveway and there was something which I liked about that. Maybe it was the way they suggested dominance and protection, I wasn't too sure.

However, there was something about this house that I liked very much. I wasn't sure if it was the way it looked, or the way it made me felt. I just knew that I wanted to come back here again and again, even if it was just a dream.

Gerard unlocked the door and walked inside and I followed suit. As soon as the door was shut behind us, Gerard pushed me back against the door and kissed me deeply, his tongue gliding along my lip, his hands holding firmly on my cheeks, my back hitting the door along with my head producing a slight crack. It hurt but I was soon occupied with a form of 'remedy' through Gerards mouth. I was caught completely off guard, I should probably expected something to have happened but wow, this was more than what I had imagined. Stunned, I was unsure of how to respond at first, but then came back to my dream-reality and kissed him back, parting my lips slightly for Gerard to gain access to my mouth and my hands resting on his hips. His right hand worked his way up my face and into my hair, pulling lightly causing me to moan against his lips. I pulled him closer to my body.

I could feel Gerard becoming hot and sweaty against me, pushing himself closer towards me and working his hand down from my cheek, hovering down my side before resting under my thigh. His other hand followed suit to my other thigh and lifted me back up against the door resulting in my head cracking against the door and a slight hiss escaping my mouth at the sudden contact. It appeared Gerard was either careless or wanted it rough. Whilst up against the door, I wrapped my legs around his waist, my arms clinging around his neck, my lips attached to his own.

The rough making out seemed to go on for a while, which I didn't mind, before Gerard began to retract from the door and make his way through his house. I didn't notice much except that it was dark. I guess I wasn't really looking for anything, I was too preoccupied. With it being so dark I was surprised we didn't trip over anything.

Gerard found his way to the couch before pushing us both down into it, my head hitting between the arm rest and back pillows. Gerard sat up from me, light from the streetlamp outside coming through the slit in the curtains to bring light to his face. I saw his lips form a smile whilst his eyes were smirking and full of lust. I bit down on my bottom lip and groaned as I watched Gerard push his hand slowly up my shirt, his hand spreading wide allowing his hand to touch as much of me as he possibly could. Using his other hand he started to push my shirt up and eventually over my head leaving my upper half exposed forcing Gerard to grin and leaving me feel very out there.

"You're so beautiful," Gerard whispered. Gerard connected his lips to my neck again, sucking at my sweet spot and I melted against his touch. I was starting to get worked up and I could my jeans becoming uncomfortably tight as he grinded down on my hips causing me to gasp. My hands quickly darted to Gerard's hips as he did so. I wanted more of him.

My fingers fumbled with Gerard's belt and it took a while to undo it but eventually I was pulling it from around his waist and dropping in on the floor besides us. I wasted no time in unbuttoning his jeans and began to push my hand down between the fabric of his boxers and his smooth skin. I grabbed him earning a hiss from Gerard. He buried his head into my neck as I stroked his length, biting down on me as he started to feel more and more sensitive.

It didn't take long for Gerard to come. He came in his boxers and over my hand, his head buried even further into my neck as he thrusted in my hand to carry out the wave if pleasure. I pulled my hand up to my mouth before licking each finger clean, Gerard's eyes still dark with lust as I did so.

Gerard soon recovered from his orgasm and soon his lips met my stomach. His tongue glided perfectly around my torso making me squirm in frustration. He'd stop to suck in certain areas before licking the mark he had just made. Gerard managed to cover every inch of my body which was bare before I felt tugging at my jeans and noticed Gerard had started to unzip them, his mouths focus still on my stomach.

Once Gerard had finished undoing my jeans I lifted up my hips as he started to pull them off - along with my boxers. I was completely exposed yet I didn't mind. I thrusted my hips up. I was so frustrated and probably looked so needy but I didn't care. He'd teased me for what felt like ages and I needed the release.

I felt warmth against the tip of my cock and looked down wide eyed at Gerard who smirked devilishly at me before wrapping his tight mouth around me. I threw my head back into the couch pillows and moaned out as I felt Gerard humming around my growing member. The vibrations from his mouth were working wonders on me. My hands worked their way down to Gerard's hair, pulling him further down my length as I thrusted into his mouth and he just seemed to take it, or he didn't have a gag reflex, both were hot. I felt Gerard pull back from around me and focused on the tip, swirling his tongue over the slit where pre-cum had started to leak. His hand started working on the lower area. His hand pumped up and down my shaft quickly as his tongue was working it's way tortuously slow.

"Mhm Gee, quit teasi-" I managed to sigh out before another wave of pleasure washed over me. I was close. I could feel the warm feeling within my stomach.
"Gee, I'm close," I moaned again. Gerard looked up at me with innocent eyes as he still licked over me.
"Come for me, Frankie, I want you to come," Gerard whispered as he pulled back, his hot breath ghosting over my tip. "I want to taste you," he whispered again. I ground as he put my length back into his mouth, his head bobbing up and down quickly this time, the pleasure mounting in my stomach. Gerard began to hum again, which pushed me over the edge.
"Gee, ah, Gee, I'm coming," I screamed.

A loud bang on my bedroom door awoke me from my dream.
"Shut up, Frank, it sounds like you're dying," I heard the harsh sounding voice of my mom. I found it quite funny as she actually seemed to come shout at me for what could have been my death.

I quickly glanced over at my bedroom clock.
Why the hell was my mom awake at this ungodly hour? was all I thought before I looked down to see the problem I had forming in my jeans down below. I hadn't changed before going to bed, but I wish I had now; problems like this were never good in tight jeans. I haven't even known him a day, I thought to myself as my mind raced through the dream I had just had. However, even though I had only know him for a few short hours, that didn't stop me from unbuttoning my jeans and sliding my jeans down slightly to gain access to my hard cock. I wrapped my hand around it lightly and started pumping myself slowly. I knew I wouldn't last long, especially after the dream I had just had.

My mind raced to how I had felt Gerard's mouth wrapped around me, to how he had kissed every inch of my neck and stomach. I pumped harder whilst thrusting against myself at the thought. I ran my thumb against the slit making me buck up into the air. Knowing that this was my tutor, someone I knew I shouldn't be thinking of like this only made it that much more intense and more hot for me. My grip tightened as that all too familiar feeling pooled in my stomach and my toes curled as I came in my hand, turning my face into my pillow to stop myself from moaning too loudly knowing it would gain more suspicion from my mom.

As I came down from the incredible high I remembered that I wouldn't be able to leave my room to get cleaned up. I removed my jeans and boxers with not much haste, along with my shirt which I used to clean myself up, before throwing them over onto the floor. I pulled my cover over me, wrapping them tightly around my body, feeling more alone than ever, wishing they could've been someones arms that I could have fallen asleep in.
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