Sequel: Folie à Deux

From Under the Cork Tree

Twenty One

Pete took me home, and had me put on a red blindfold. Apparently, the burgers were a distraction so my parents could finish my surprise. Pete held my hand, while his free one was on my shoulder, "I'll lead you up the stairs, okay?"

I hummed, "Yeah, okay."

Pete counted the steps, telling me we had twenty-three steps to get to my apartment. I walked slowly, guided by Pete, and one of my hands on the black steel railing. I could hear soft, muffled music playing, so something told me there could be a party going on, but I couldn't be sure.

Pete moved to walk ahead of me, still holding my hand, counting the steps until we got to the top. He opened the screen door, and then he leaned in close to me, "Ready?"

"As I'll ever be," I answered plainly.

"Excitement, Angel," he urged, causing me to laugh. "There's a smile!"

I shook my head, "Shut up."

He patted my shoulder, and then opened the door; it squeaked as I had anticipated, and then the music flowed out; I couldn't name the band or the song. I didn't pay much attention to it, I heard Rae and Andy chuckling, "Hey," I waved blindly to them.

"Hi, Angelus," Andy replied.

"Pete, stop touching her!" Rae scolded playfully.

"I'm helping her," he whined.

I smiled again, "Can I take this silly blindfold off?"

"Not yet," my mom said; my head motioned towards my bedroom. "Bring her this way, Pete."

"Hey mom," I held on to Pete so I wouldn't hit anything. "Dad?"

"I'm in the second bedroom!" My dad called.

I touched the walls to find my way; Pete let me go and followed behind me with Rae and Andy, while my mom was leading the way. She took ahold of my hand as we entered my second small, extremely small, bedroom. I had only used it to keep all my makeup equipment, my collection of shoes, and a lot of Beatz's records, clothes and shoes, and other things he wanted me to keep since he was always here.

"Ready?" My mom asked.

I hummed, inhaling, "Yeah--" I stopped, "did you paint my junk room?"

"Yep," my dad said proudly.

I cooed excitedly, "What color?"

"You'll see in just a second. Are you ready?" He teased.

"Yes!" I laughed.

I felt Pete untie the blindfold and slipped it away from my face. I blinked rapidly, letting my eyes adjust to the burst of light coming from the open window. I looked around, still trying to see it all; "You like it?" My dad asked.

The walls were this beautiful blue-green color, and there was a amazing drawing of a purple octopus in the corner of the room. My jaw dropped at the mural, "Oh wow, dad, that's amazing!"

"Rae helped," he said, "you love the ocean, don't ya?"

I nodded, "Yeah."

"Me 'n' Andy put the glowing fish on the ceiling," Pete said, urging me in.

"We painted the crib too," Andy added.

I looked for the crib; it was underneath the window, all set up for my baby to come home. I laughed, feeling touched; tears began to surface, "I'm not due for a long time."

"We wanted to do this since it's going to hectic for the next couple of months."

I cocked a brow, "For who?" I asked.

My mom smiled at me, "Dad was commissioned to paint artwork for his friend out in Italy."

"That's awesome," I grinned at my dad, and shuffled over to hug him. "Congrats!"

"Yeah, and your mother is coming with me."

We parted, and I looked around the room, "This is great," I looked up at the ceiling, seeing the stars, fish, and the little ripples that looked like the surface. "But, uh, I'm gonna be moving to New York--"

My mom put her hand up, pausing me, "We know, but this is the first place you ever bought for us, and you're not getting rid of it."

I smiled and agreed with a nod, "Okay."

My mom hugged me now, "This is our home, yours, Beatz's and the baby's."

"And ours," Pete chimed.

I looked back, waving him, Rae and Andy over, "C'mon, you're all my family!"

Pete grinned widely, then hurried in and hugged my mom and I. Rae and Andy followed suit, laughing as we shared in a group hug.

Rae and I hung out with the guys at their house. It was a one story house with two bedrooms and two bathrooms; the smallest kitchen, and worn out couches that were really comfortable. Joe had disappeared long after me and Rae showed up with Andy and Pete, and Patrick had been sitting on the floor messing with his guitar. I had sat next to him, watching him work until Andy and Pete both got up, relinquishing seats on the couch, which we took as soon as we could.

Patrick and I talked a lot about music and movies; he and I shared an interested in old school R&B and early 60's and 70's music. Our dads had both been into the scene and had passed it down to us, so we basically talked about musicians and albums. Pete had booed us and called us white kids funk; we just ignored him until he got bored and played with his phone.

Patrick had told me about how cool he was with Beatz and that they had a lot in common with drumming. They both shared a passion for drums; "I was originally their drummer," Patrick said, pointing to Pete lazily, "he made me sing."

"Like I put a gun to your head!" Pete grumbled.

"You practically did," Patrick retorted. "Anyway, Beatz has a killer kit, I'm dying to play one with his set up."

Pete snickered, "You wanna play with Beatz's "stuff?""

I rolled my eyes at Pete, laughing, "Quit bein' mean!"

Pete flipped me off, smirking, "Make me!"

I grabbed the worn out throw pillow from under my butt and threw it at Pete. It hit him square in the face, to which he looked up at me in mock horror, "Oh, no you didn't."

That's when Pete shot up and came at me, picking me up and carried me over his shoulder. I groaned and squealed, "Put me down!"

"Apologize!" Pete slapped my ass.

I yanked at the bottom of his hoodie, "Oh, my God, I told you: my ass is off limits!"

He laughed, "I keep forgetting that your ass has been taken off the market!"

"Yeah, that's right," I grunted, "so let me down, Wentz, before I pull your underwear up your ass!"

He slapped my ass again, "I'm not wearin' any."

"Gross! Okay, now put me down, dude!" I yelped and slapped his back.

Pete laughed again, harder this time,
"Okay, okay, Angel!"

He slowly set me down on my feet, and then held my shoulders to balance my stance. Pete smiled at me, "Happy?"

I slugged him in his stomach, but not as hard as he anticipated; he grunted, then looked back at me, "What was that for?"

"For being a jerk," I muttered, shaking my hair back. "I have permission to hit you again for slapping my ass. You're so dead, Wentz."

He grinned cheekily at me, "Oh, calm down, Angel, you know you liked it!"

I rolled my eyes, "Keep thinking that."

I sat back down with Patrick; before we could say a word, Pete came and sat on Patrick's lap. Patrick groaned, trying to shove Pete off while we all laughed, but Pete wrapped his arms around Patrick's neck.

"Yo! Get the hell off me, Wentz!" Patrick yelled; you could see Patrick didn't want to sound too mean.

"No! She's tryna steal you from me!" Pete screeched in a girly tone of voice.

"I knew you guys were fucking," Joe said as he came in from the backyard. "The fan-fiction is real."

"Oh, God, no!" Patrick cried.

Pete attempted to kiss him on the cheek, but Patrick fought him. We were all laughing hard and loud, including Pete, excluding Patrick. Finally, after fable attempts at shoving him off, Patrick finally let Pete plant one on the corner of his mouth. Pete cheered triumphantly, while Patrick squeezed his eyes shut and whined.

"I hate you so fucking much!" Patrick finally pushed him away.

Pete fell on to the floor and laughed, "Ow!"

Patrick quickly shot up, "Shit, I'm sorry!"

Pete grinned at him and then blew a kiss at him, "It's okay, baby, I know it's because you love me."

I was falling over myself laughing at Pete's banter. Patrick had turned red and then left the room, muttering, "Fuckin' dick."

Pete whined mockingly, "Aw, baby! Come back, Patty Cakes!"

"You call me Pat or Patty again, I'll fuckin' end you, Wentz!" Patrick shouted from the bathroom.

Joe, Andy, Rae and myself were in stitches. Rae and me were practically on the floor laughing our heads off. We calmed down enough to witness Pete bowing like it was a performance...I guess it kinda was.

"I always thought you were a shit actor," Rae said, laughing.

"Who said I was acting?"

Pete had decided staying over at my apartment was better than feeling like the odd man out; Joe had passed out, Andy and Rae were off doing their thing, and Patrick was on the phone talking to his girlfriend back home. So, he drove back to my apartment and followed me up; it was around midnight when we got in, my parents were surely asleep, and Cupid was down in their apartment. Pete and I went in, and I was ready to set the couch for him, but he surpassed me and headed towards the balcony.

"I'm gonna have a smoke," he said, "is that okay?"

I hummed, "Yeah, sure. Want me to get the couch ready, or do you just wanna sleep in my bed with me? It's pretty big."

He nodded, "Yeah, thanks."

"I'm gonna shower and then go to sleep," I told him, "make sure you close the French doors."

He chuckled, "Is that what they're called?"

I shrugged, "That's what my mom calls 'em."

Pete stuck a cigarette between his lips before disappearing out onto the patio. I went straight to the bedroom, undressed, grabbed pajamas and towels and then headed to the bathroom.

I didn't take too long, I was tired and my shoulders ached. I simply washed up, then got out, dried off and then dressed before returning to my bedroom. When I entered, I found Pete lying at the end of my bed, on his back, staring at the ceiling.

"How're you feeling?" I found myself asking as I crossed the room and began to shake my hair out.

"Tired," he murmured. "How about you?"

"Tired too. I fun today though," I mentioned as I got to my vanity and began to comb my hair out before tying it up in a bun atop of my head.

"I always play with Patrick like that," he said. "I haven't been though lately...I've been feeling uptight and I missed you."

I went over and climbed in bed, "Why?"

"I had no one to talk to," he rolled onto his side and faced me, "you're my best friend, Angelus, and I mean it."

I didn't know what to say.

"I just...I've been having trouble with girls lately. Wanting the familiar but something new, y'know?"

I nodded, "Yeah."

"The only thing my brain can decipher is that I wanted you around," he sighed and rolled back into his back. "I'm pathetic."

"No you're not," I said softly.

"Yeah I am. I only want what I can't have," he signed again, deeper this time.

"You want me?" I asked cautiously.

"Not sexually," he mumbled, "I'm just--" he stopped himself.

"It's okay, Pete," I managed to say.

Pete was quiet for a minute or so; his eyes were on my comforter, his finger had begun to trace the outlines of the threading. I let the silence continue, he seemed so close to speaking, I didn't want to interrupt him.

"How did you know Beatz was the one?" He asked, as if a child asking their parent this very question about their father.

I shrugged, "I don't know, really..." I trailed. "I think it was after the first month, after we went on two dates and he was off on tour, and I missed him a lot. We talked on the phone every single day," I started to reminisce and then I laughed. "Our phone bills were outrageous, we went over our minutes, especially when I didn't have work and he didn't have a show."

Pete smiled up at me, "I'm glad you have someone like him."

"Why?" I asked him curiously.

"I don't think I could imagine you by yourself, I guess. Until you met me of course," his joking tone returned.

I shoved his shoulder playfully, "Shut the fuck up."

He smiled, "Alright, I'm kiddin'! But seriously, you guys are both lucky...I get warped up in high school like love and it goes to my head."

"You won't be like this forever, Pete."

He nodded, "Yeah, but I'm too impatient."

I tweaked my lips, "You'll just have to be. I'll help steer you in the right direction."

"Great, just what I need, a co-pilot. Ay, Ay Captain Angelus," he saluted me.

I giggled and fell back into my pillows.
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