Sequel: Folie à Deux

From Under the Cork Tree

Chapter Thirty Seven

"What are you doing here?" I asked him faintly.

My body felt airy and comfortable on the floor.

Pete had smudge eyeliner, a red t-shirt with his bat skull logo and tight black jeans. I memorized his attire because I thought he looked so cute. Still, I was wondering what the hell he wanted.

"Rae told me you were moving," he said as he sat on the floor beside me.

I sat up and combed my fingers through my hair; I noticed how long it was getting. My mind flipped to arranging a hairdressing appointment. Things weren't making much sense to me in that moment.

"Yeah, New York," I mumbled.

He hummed under his breath. We both looked at each other, Pete nibbled on his bottom lip, looking hesitant. I knew he wanted to say something, so urged him, "What? Say what you wanna say."

Pete dropped his head, "I'm sorry...for giving you the cold shoulder."

Finally, it hit me. Like someone dumped a bucket of cold water on my head. I was angry, the first time in months, I was fuming and I was sad.

I looked at Pete, narrowing my eyes and I slapped him across the face. He yelped and fell over, but quickly recovered. I didn't have any words to say to him once he looked at me.

"I deserve that," he murmured.

"You deserve a lot more," I seethed. "No excuse can make up for how you just left me without an explanation."

Dropping his hand, he nodded knowingly, "Yeah...I have no excuse. I got scared."

"Scared? Scared of what?" I blurted.

"Of...of you..." He paused momentarily, "I didn't want to...I didn't," he stopped.

"The excuse doesn't matter," I yawned, "I need to go."

I moved to stand, but Pete grabbed my arm. I looked at him, cocking a brow. He shrugged, "Just stay for a sec."

I didn't care, I was tired and I would possibly fall asleep here. I only wondered what the hell Pete wanted. He left before, so what was keeping him here.

My emotions and thoughts were scattered and confusing.

"I wanna stay with you for a minute," he said.

"Your minute has passed," I stated.

"Okay, I want a half hour of your time, Angel. Can I?" His goofy fucking grin made me agree.

"Since you're beggin'."

Letting my arm go, Pete sat straight up, why I laid back how I was. I looked up at him, watching him lick his bottom lip, wondering where his girlfriend was, so I asked.

Pete scoffed, "She's just a friend. She doesn't like me like that."

I shrugged, "She could."

"Nah...Ash is into pretty boys," he laid down with me now, turning on his side to face me.

"But you are a pretty boy," I kidded with a smile.

Pete laughed and shook his head, "I'm not. I'm some weird...emo asshole."

I hummed mockingly, "Well put."

He nudge my arm with his fist and grinned at me. The perfect Pete Wentz "You shouldn't tell me your secrets, cuz I'll repeat them." smile.

"I like you," he said softly.

"I liked you too," I spoke just as soft as he had, "now I don't really know what I like. I'm kinda numb."

Pete looked at me worriedly, "You're on meds?"

"Prozac," I told him, "I feel okay now."

He only looked at me, his face was suddenly blank. It was like he was shell shocked.

"You okay there, Pete?" I waved my hand in front of his face, capturing his attention.

"Do you hate me for kissing you?" He asked abruptly.

I shook my head, "No. Why?"

He smiled, and in a flash, his lips were on mine. Only this time it lasted longer and Pete had moved to hover above me. We didn't stop, I'm sure our minds were in sync with our bodies; there was nothing but bliss and heart thumping arousal.

We were both lost in the heated kiss, his hands went down to my hips, yanking at the hem of my vignettes dress, touching my sheer white leggings. The heat rolling all over my body, making it's way down south. I wasn't thinking, I was only reacting to my natural need and want.

And so was Pete.

He broke away and pushed my dress up to my hips, knelt between my thighs and ripped my leggings apart from my left thigh. I was more turned on than I could ever believe, I growled under my breath, earning a big fat grin from Pete. He slipped down, kissing my stomach, around my navel and across the top of my leggings.

"I don't want foreplay," I panted, causing him to look up, "I want you."

Pete nodded, moving back to his place above me. He kissed me hard, rolling our bodies over so I was on top of him. Pete pulled his shirt off so fast, I don't even know how he got it between us. I took that opportunity to move and kiss his neck, he did the same, only sucking hard on my shoulder. His skillful and quick hands managed to unbuckle his belt, pop open his fly and zipper.

Pete broke away from my neck, "Hold on to me."

I did as he said, wrapping my arms around his neck. What he did next was so fast I barely had time to know what it was. It was sudden and exhilarating; we both exhaled deeply, feeling one another.

Pete grabbed my hair, gently tugging me back to face him, and then he grabbed my jaw, kissing me fiercely. The fire inside of me was raging, and all I could do to extinguish it was rock my hips back and forth, kissing Pete like he was my only source of life. This was fast and hot, nothing sweet and tender; this was two people getting off; this was a one afternoon stand.

The sex didn't last long, I got off well before him, and after we laid on the floor, me on top of him until I felt the need to move. We panted together, our breathing matching to a T; we were still in sync. Once we were quiet, I looked over at him, seeing his eyes droop tiredly.

"We should go," I offered.

He shook his head, "Nah...I need to lie here for awhile."

Again, there was silence. I stared at the ceiling, wondering what this meant. I didn't feel bad, I felt really good...I actually felt real emotions and I was happy about it.

But, and of course there's always a but, Pete spoke up.

"People will pick at us," he said, "if we're together. They'll say things until we don't mean a thing anymore."

I frowned, looking at him, "What?"

"The press," he didn't look back at me, he stared up, his eyes shutting for a moment every few breaths.

"So?" I muttered childishly.

"You and me won'," he mumbled. "I'm sorry for it. I care about you."

The stitches holding my broken heart together snapped open, I swore I heard them snap. This was the only time I wish I was numb again. I felt everything; the words he spoke nonchalantly struck painfully. The tears came without much effort, and I had a hard time trying not to sniffle. I watched him fall asleep, letting the tears and snot gather heavily before I got up.

With blurry tear filled eyes, I went to the kitchen, taking my leggings off and then going to my purse. I was looking for a pen, but all I had was red lipstick; I returned to Pete, moving his arm from his stomach. I didn't have anything in mind to write, I just wrote "Goodbye Pete, -Bad Luck Girl."

I gathered my things and left, catching a cab to LAX.
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Okay, so what did you think? I'm kinda nervous about what you'll think of me for this, but I wanted to write it this way. Most of this chapter was based off Infinity On High. I have so many ideas for the sequel that I could burst! :D

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