Status: This is a repost of my other story 'Where Did You Go' I'm just rewriting the chapters

Without You, There is No Me

Say Goodbye

Vic had been sitting outside of his boyfriend's house for about fifteen minutes now, his fingers tapping quickly against the steering wheel. Part of him just wanted to get this over with while the other part was screaming for him to stay put. Today was the day that he finally decided to put an end to his relationship with his boyfriend of six months, Kellin, this had been a long time coming. It wasn't like he had just decided that morning that he and Kellin were done. Of course not, he had a lot of love for the blue eyed male, things had just started to die between them. Vic had been feeling this way for the last month or so, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't figure out how to bring that spark back for them.

Kellin, on the other hand, had been seeming perfectly fine with how things were going between them. In the last few weeks he had been talking about the possibility of them moving in with one another. Vic had been trying to hold it off for as long as possible, that would only make this that much harder on the two of them. Especially considering the face that Vic was sure he had found someone else. No, he wasn't just going to jump one ship for the other, he hadn't even intended for things between Jaime and himself to get as far as they did. It just seemed like there was that connection between them that he and Kellin had been lacking.

With that final thought, Vic had climbed out of the car and was making his way towards Kellin's front door. He wasn't in much of a rush though, his steps were slow and almost reluctant in a way. However, he reached the door sooner than he would have liked to. Reaching his hand up, he hesitantly knocked on the door a few times. There was a part of him that was hoping that Kellin wouldn't be there, but he knew he was. He was in there waiting for Vic, probably with that same bright smile that he always had.

Sure enough, when the door was pulled open there stood Kellin, that smile plastered on his face like always. It used to be a smile that would give Vic butterflies, now it just made his stomach twist in the most unpleasant way.

"Hey babe." Kellin called, quickly stepping forward to kiss Vic, however, Vic managed to step around it and enter the house. This was the first sign to Kellin that something was off with his boyfriend.

"We need to talk, Kellin." This sentence made Kellin's body go rigid, there wasn't a time when Vic called him by his full name. The fact that the sentence it followed was 'We need to talk.' only made it worse for him.

Kellin nodded softly, taking a seat on the couch and nervously playing with his fingers. He never did well in situations like this, he was far too nervous and his anxiety always put him on edge. It was almost torture for him to watch Vic try to find the words to say to tell Kellin about whatever it was that he had on his mind. Taking a deep breath, Vic gazed at Kellin for a moment, knowing what he had to say would hurt him.

"I think we should break up." Vic blurted, feeling like an enormous weight had been lifted from his chest once he had spoke the words. Though, the task was far from over.

"What?" Kellin asked, rising to his feet almost immediately. "You can't be serious Vic, we've been together for the past six months, everything has been fine. Hasn't it?"

"Yeah, things were great before. Now, I've just been feeling like we've lost that spark we used to have, things have just gotten dull for us. I think we've run our course Kellin." Vic wasn't liking that he had to do this, but it wouldn't be fair for wither of them if he kept up a relationship that he wasn't feeling anymore.

"Is there someone else?" Kellin demanded, his hands balling into fist as he stared at the slightly taller male with his blood boiling in his veins.

"Yes, I did meet someone else, but I never cheated on you, Kellin. I swear." He rubbed his forehead, knowing that this seemed pretty bad on his part, but it was the truth, he had been faithful to Kellin throughout their entire relationship.

"Fuck you, Vic," Kellin spat, not believing a word that came out of his mouth, he had been in a similar situation before, there was no way you could find someone new without betraying the one you were with before them. "Just get the fuck out of my house."

Kellin quickly stomped his way towards the door, yanking it open with more force than was probably required of him. His eyes bored at Vic with a powerful and hateful glare, he just wanted him gone from his sights.

"Kellin, can't we just talk about this?" Vic asked, not wanting things to end on such a sour note, especially when it was true that he had never done anything wrong during their relationship. He didn't want Kellin believing he was capable of something so low.

"No, I told you to leave and I mean it. I never want to see you again." His voice grew louder, his tone growing harsher with each word he spoke. Vic had rarely seen this side of Kellin and it was one he hated, so unlike the kind and soft person he was used to.

"Please Kellin, I'm begging you. You have to believe that I never did anything behind your back. Yes, I developed feelings for someone else and that alone should be enough to say that this relationship isn't working. I'm trying to be fair to you too Kellin." Vic made no moments towards the door or Kellin, he remained rooted to his spot, pleading to his now ex-boyfriend to hear him out.

"Those six months were nothing then? I gave you everything Vic, everything and now you're just going to throw it away for what could possibly be nothing? We could have worked everything out, found a way to make it interesting again, but you're just dropping me like I was nothing? Screw you." Kellin retorted, his voice on the verge of yelling at this point. His tiny form was rigid and stiff, making him look far more intimidating than normal.

"I'm not throwing it away, I've been thinking about this a lot and I can't keep pretending I'm happy anymore and you shouldn't want me to have to." Vic argued, starting to lose his temper slightly with Kellin.

"Then guess what, you don't. We're done, over with, you got what you wanted, now just leave." Kellin's vice had returned to its normal level, his eyes shining slightly with what he could only assume were tears.

Vic didn't respond, instead moving out the front door which Kellin promptly slammed behind him. He was haunted with images of Vic with someone else, them sharing in what used to be Kellin and Vic's happiness. It made his heart clench painfully, the tears finally rolling down his cheeks before he rubbed them away harshly. He didn't want to cry over Vic, if vic wanted to move on then Kellin had to as well.

"Dick." He muttered before moving away from his front door, his night had turned sour and he just wanted to curl up in his bed and forget it ever happened, but he knew that would be impossible. There wasn't nothing that encouraged sadness like loneliness and Kellin would be facing both of those tonight.
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So this is basically me rewriting my old one because I didn't like what I was doing with it and the writing was awful.